Establishing a company in Dubai

Business establishment in Dubai has increased steadily with the increase in Dubai’s economy and the process of business establishment has also increased in the economy. This is due to the discovery of oil in the United Arab Emirates and its complete dependence on the economy, which led to it becoming one of the richest Arab countries in the world, and in which many individuals and businessmen around the world wish to carry out various activities, but according to the country – Laws No one can undertake new activities unless there is a company or office that needs to be established in it. Therefore, every company must start and we are here to help you establish the best companies for your area in the best locations and at the lowest cost, so do not hesitate to contact us to get the services you want.

Dubai is considered the heart of the Middle East and connects the continent of Asia, Europe and Asia together, and facilitates the movement of goods through the giant ports located in free zones such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone. This distinguished location has made Dubai a prime destination for entrepreneurs due to its contribution to increasing the volume of business, whether commercial, industrial, or other investments.

It is also distinguished by its technological infrastructure that always keeps pace with the requirements of establishing companies in Dubai in this decade. It is characterized by the necessity of relying on advanced and smart communications to complete and accelerate business growth in Dubai. Dubai ranked eighth according to the Global Financial Centers Index, making it one of the top 10 global centers that attract entrepreneurship and rapid growth.

Dubai is also considered among the top 10 financial centers according to the Global Financial Centers Index, where the Dubai International Financial Center ranks eighth. However, this is not the only advantage. The United Arab Emirates has been able to confront the global challenges that greatly affect oil prices between rises and falls, and this was through a set of economic policies that enabled the gradual elimination of dependence on oil sources and the diversification of sources of income, which is the matter. Which added an element of sustainability to long-term economic growth.


Establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for establishing a Dubai company

Below we will present these three stages and the costs of each stage.

1- Initial approval:-

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • Choose a trade name.
  • Determine the type of business activity.
  • Fill out the form.


2- Establishment of the company:-

After obtaining the initial approval, it is necessary to work on establishing the company, and in order for the investor to be able to establish his new company, he is required to provide the following documents and requirements:

  • Signing the services contract.
  • Signing the articles of incorporation.
  • Signing the articles of incorporation.
  • Fill out the acknowledgment form.
  • Authorization letter.
  • A commercial agency certified by the UAE embassy.
  • A copy of the passport (valid for 6 months).
  • Authorization card.
  • Company information form.
  • Signature Model.
  • Sign form  “4”.


3- Obtaining a residence permit:-

Certainly, the investor must obtain a legal residence permit in order to be able to manage a new activity or company in Dubai, and in order to be able to obtain a residence permit, he is required to provide the following documents:

  • 3 photographs.
  • A copy of the passport (valid for 6 months).
  • Signing the residency visa application.
  • A copy of the commercial register.
  • Sign the pledge letter.
  • Sign the acknowledgment letter.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Defining the steps for establishing a company helps many investors achieve their goals for the investments and companies they establish, and also helps them establish companies quickly to save them time in getting to know the companies.

In light of the difficult economic conditions that the whole world is going through, it is important to establish a company in Dubai, which represents the most important Arab region that attracts local and foreign investment, as it is the country of oil and the future for many investors.

The government in the Emirates worked to provide all facilities for investors to establish companies with various objectives, in order to achieve profits for investors.

In addition to eliminating the problem of unemployment and youth employment, with the expansion of the size of the economy and its growth in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular.

Therefore, many resort to establishing new companies with large investments, and there are those who rely on re-establishing companies that already existed.

Which helps to provide more facilities, develop them better, and achieve the highest economic growth and profits for investors of all kinds.

Every project owner must follow a set of steps before starting to establish a company in Dubai, in order to achieve the benefit of all for the investor, the country and consumers in general. These steps are first: –

  • Determine the company’s goal and activity. The investor must determine the activity of the company on which it is established, other than a real estate or food company and other activities that the market needs in the Emirates, especially Dubai.In order to ensure The success of the company he establishes, and that it has clients and fulfills the desire of consumers in Dubai, thus achieving the investor’s goal of obtaining benefits and profits from the company.
  • Conduct a study of the market and its needs. The investor must conduct a study of the market and the customers who will deal with the company, to identify the most important things they want from the company.This is to provide the best service that the consumer needs, in addition to excellence. In terms of what the service provides over other competing companies, in order to be able to survive and achieve their profit goals.As well as identifying the customs and traditions of customers, in order to determine what they desire and what they refuse to deal with in companies.
  • Getting to know the laws and procedures. The company owner must know the laws of the country and the necessary licenses to establish a company, and learn about the procedures that must be followed, and what is prohibited as well.This is to prevent exposure to any problems after establishing the company. This is to ensure its success and not be exposed to any future losses.
  • Submit an application for the company you want to establish online, as the state has provided many facilities that have helped investors establish a company by submitting an application form online.This is to reserve the company name and obtain Approving it while adhering to all conditions that apply to its establishment. The application will be approved within a week of its submission.
  • Paying licensing fees and signing legal documents, in order to ensure that the investor establishes the company he wishes to establish, which helps in starting implementation and work in the company.By obtaining an approval license to practice the activity he desires. , in a way that benefits the investor, helps employ youth, and increases economic growth in Dubai.


Guidance on establishing a company in Dubai

There is a set of advice and warnings provided to all investors before starting to establish a company in Dubai, which must be paid attention to in order to achieve the desired goals of the companies that will be established.

  • The free zone encourages foreign investors to invest in Dubai by facilitating the application process to establish a company, without the need to seek help from a partner from the Emirates, which requires obtaining large ownership.However, the free zone has saved investors. Foreigners from this problem, to return the capital to its owner, with the possibility of signing a document proving that you are the owner of the company instead of the local partner to guarantee your right to it instead of him obtaining the largest share of ownership.
  • The necessity of adhering to the rules and laws that govern the Emirates, and dealing with ethics and respecting customs and traditions in Dubai.This is to obtain Arab clients and also employees for the company, in order to achieve good relations that help your company succeed and continue for the longest period. Possible in the country.
  • Dubai offers many distinct possibilities for investment owners and those who wish to establish companies.This is through the availability of oil, which made Dubai one of the most important places to establish a company after the rise in oil prices, which made Dubai is the place to which many investors around the world aspire to obtain places to establish distinguished and successful companies.


Costs of setting up a company in Dubai

Establishing a company in Dubai is one of the processes that requires a lot of money due to the documents and other documents required. Anyone who wants to own a business can research the costs associated with starting a business, because this is one of the most important steps to understanding the costs, and in our company we work to help our clients understand the cost of starting a business in Dubai.


Establishing a company in Dubai

Many people try to start a business in Dubai, as Dubai is one of the largest business cities and has many benefits that have attracted many people to it. Dubai enjoys a distinguished location, high economic efficiency, and the availability of many human and natural resources. Modern means of transportation have a strong communications network that has led many people to move to Dubai to invest money in it and work on various business projects to achieve the highest possible profit rate. In our company, we work to help our clients create and establish the best companies on the best sites at the lowest prices.

Setting up a business in Dubai requires many important steps without which a person cannot own a business and start a new business in Dubai. One of the necessary steps to own a company in Dubai

It is the work to choose the trade name and register it because the trade name is the most important step. It serves to distinguish companies from those operating in the same region, and there are several conditions under which a trade name is chosen.

  •  Choose a suitable and qualified place to establish the company.
  • Registration of a business license, which allows people to perform various activities.
  • Pay the fees imposed by the Government Economic Development Authority.


Our company is working to finalize all the necessary papers to set up a business and meet all requirements as soon as possible. Our company is one of the largest companies that has been working for decades to create companies and documents. With this work as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost, do not hesitate to contact us on the company numbers to receive our diverse and distinguished services.


The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

It takes a lot of money to start a company, because creating complaints is labor-intensive and requires a place to start the company. This is in addition to the internal formation of the company and all this requires a lot of money. In our company, it helps you determine costs. We start calculating all the things with you to take this money into consideration when starting a business.

Dubai stands out for its excellent location and good infrastructure, as well as its moderate environment and stable political situation, which has made everyone look forward to building business there. Setting up a business in Dubai is one of the things that requires a lot of money to achieve the desired goal. However, if you seek help from our company, you can benefit from all services, including setting up and equipping the company, and everything is done at the lowest possible price. So don’t hesitate at the lowest possible prices. Contact us to receive our services.


To complete these steps, a person needs more time, effort and money to start a business. Therefore, it is preferable to hire a specialized company committed to creating companies. This is what our company does that helps its clients set up businesses and complete and document all documents. In addition to obtaining the business license necessary to start an activity, the company provides all of these services at the lowest possible prices.


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