Open a business license in Dubai
Open a business license in Dubai

Opening a business license in Dubai, Dubai’s economy attracted many foreigners and investors, as Dubai’s economy made it one of the richest Arab countries that existed after the discovery of oil. Initially, the economy of Dubai was based on trade, extracting pearls from the sea and selling them, but then a completely different oil was discovered, which caused a major change in the economy of the whole country and led to many results, as the UAE is the focus of attention of many People moved and everything the world wanted to create investment projects to earn a lot of money because it contains all the factors of success in a distinguished location and environment. Therefore, investing in Dubai has become everyone’s idea, but it is not easy to get someone to do it, but we have to study it, as there are many requirements that every investor must start with. Every company, one of the most important, must obtain a business license to allow the start of any activity.


Open a business license in Dubai


Start investing in Dubai

Due to Dubai’s excellent location that made it the center of everyone’s attention, the presence of a modern transportation network linking it to everyone, the presence of security and security in Dubai and the state of political stability, all of this was one of the most important factors that encouraged many people to move to Dubai to invest with it. However, to start a business in Dubai, you must obtain a business license in order to work with that product and pursue the profession you want. There are many other requirements, such as having a company that helps run the business and serves as the official headquarters for your company. It is difficult for people to do it on their own, especially foreigners, because they do not know the characteristics of the country, the locations of things and the parties involved. Because our company is interested in encouraging investment in Dubai, it helps all investors to obtain commercial licenses that come from a business. Our company is one of the first companies to start companies that support entrepreneurs.


Open a business license in Dubai

Opening a business license in Dubai may require many requirements. It is not easy, things that need some money go to many competent authorities, pay fees and complete procedures, which takes a lot of time and effort for a person to get it. Types of commercial licenses that every investor needs, whether in Dubai or in free trade zones, as our company has sufficient experience to complete all commercial licensing procedures and help people obtain them easily and conveniently, saving time and effort. For its clients, our company is the first aid for companies of this type that will initiate and complete all the requirements of each company. Therefore, he has great experience in this field. If you are a new investor and want to open a business license, do not hesitate to use our company because it is the best company. They can help you obtain a trading license in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.


Company establishment services in Dubai

Our company works to provide many services to all categories, especially investors and businessmen, as the company does:

  • Establishing and opening companies for various businesses to help its clients start their own commercial activities and working to equip these companies with all the requirements and needs that they should have. They are established through specialists and experienced people that allow the investor to own the company ready to start work.
  • The company has many ready-made companies that it offers for rent.
  • Our company establishes and equips offices, and there are also offices for rent.
  • Our company helps you obtaina business license for the business you are starting.
  • The company’s work team employs many economists who help people determine the success of their project and prepare a feasibility study for them.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

In order to start an investment project in Dubai, there are several procedures that must be implemented by the competent authorities in Dubai. The most important of which is having a company and a main office for this activity and registering a commercial license through which the activity you want to work with is determined, but it is not easy to obtain the license because it requires a lot of effort and pays a lot of fees. Before starting to extract the commercial license, the investor tries to know the cost of extraction, because calculating costs is one of the most important factors for the success of project planning, but with our company it is how our company helps you complete the registration of the commercial license at the lowest cost. If you want to obtain a business license for your own project, you can use our company, which is the best company to start a business and serve entrepreneurs.


Investing in Dubai

Investing in Dubai is one of the things that many entrepreneurs have done in recent times. Investing in Dubai has become a huge benefit for investors, as Dubai’s economy has been relying on oil in recent times rather than selling marine products made from pearls and fish. This has led to an increase in Dubai’s economy and made the United Arab Emirates one of the richest Arab countries, prompting many to turn to it to invest money in it. In our company, it helps you invest your money in Dubai by helping you start the business and complete all procedures required by the relevant authorities. So if you are one of those who want to start investing in the United Arab Emirates, especially Dubai, do not hesitate to use our company, as it is the best company that helps investors and serves entrepreneurs.


Establishing a company in Dubai

Starting a Business in Dubai Starting a business requires many procedures that are not easy for an investor to do. It requires more time and effort and requires extensive knowledge of the location of the competent authorities, ways to complete the procedures and extract the necessary documents to start the business, and the requirements and procedures necessary before starting the company to determine the activity in which you wish to work. Consult several economists before starting this activity to know the extent of their success. It is also necessary to determine the trade name that distinguishes the company from other companies involved in the same activity. Your activity is one of the most important things that you need to finish to start your business after completing everything is the process of extracting a business license. You cannot carry out any activity in Dubai before obtaining the commercial license for your activity, and in our company we will help you obtain the commercial license with ease and at the lowest cost. This is due to our extensive experience in establishing companies and obtaining business licenses.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

All Dubai investors are constantly wondering about the cost of investing in Dubai and the costs of business license education. Knowing the costs is one of the important first steps you need to know before starting anything. We at our company assure you that our team can depend on the cost of everything. To help you figure this out, our company team will help you in every way to start a new business in Dubai and fully estimate the required prices with estimated prices. It also facilitates the process of establishing a company and obtaining a business license. Saves you a lot of effort and time. In our company we strive to serve you.


Types of business licenses in Dubai There are many business licenses in Dubai, including: 


Trade License: It is a license that allows companies to carry out many commercial activities, specifying the activities carried out by the company in the license and the trade license for individuals who can import.

The export, distribution, sale and storage of most goods are specified in the trade license. Work permit: This permit is one of the types of commercial licenses and one of the unique government services.

This option is an option for locally licensed companies to move their headquarters to the free zone, or for companies based in the free zone.

Through the Ministry of Economic Development in Dubai. General Business License: This license allows those who possess it to carry out many business activities for which there are no restrictions. A person with this license can import, export, sell and distribute products.

Professional License: This is one of the licenses that allows the provision of some important services either in the free zone or in another specific area in the United Arab Emirates.

Services approved by professional licensing include consulting services, implementation programs, training, general consulting, restaurant repair, and implementation. Employee services license for organizing events: This license is one of the most important licenses used in organizing events, meetings, and many major conferences.


It also allows various exhibitions to be held and also allows many companies, some entertainment events and all special items to be available under this license. Due to the many types of licenses issued by Dubai and the lack of access to people of this type and importance, our company supports many experts and specialists to help you obtain the appropriate business license for your business, all at the lowest price and in the shortest possible time.



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