Business License in Dubai Free Zone There are many areas in Dubai where the economy is thriving and various business activities are successful and reaping the greatest profits. There are some areas in Dubai called free zones. These areas feature many benefits that do not exist in any other area, including tax exemption from customs tariff rates and the possibility of foreign-owned companies. This is in addition to many other benefits that make everyone turn to free trade zones to invest in them and enjoy opening new business activities, because this helps increase profits for the people who invest their money in them, but any company that starts a new or commercial activity, which is a license where it is established and must Extract it before starting the activity.


Commercial license in Dubai Free Zone


The cost of issuing a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone

In order to start an investment project in Dubai, several procedures imposed by the competent authorities in Dubai must be implemented and available, the most important of which is the presence of a company and a head office for this activity and the registration of the commercial license through which the activity, in which you wish to operate is well known, but it is not easy to do the extraction Business licensing, because it takes a lot of effort, pays a lot of fees, cancels documents and receives signatures from many different places. Therefore, before starting to extract a commercial license, the investor tries to find out the cost of extraction and finalize all requirements, because calculating costs is one of the most important factors. Successful planning for any project, but our company helps you obtain the necessary business license for your business and new activities easily and conveniently. Our company has been working on obtaining commercial licenses for a long time, and therefore it is one of the largest and best companies that can help you. So when you start a business and want to extract your business license. Everything you need to use our company to start businesses and serve entrepreneurs.


Various commercial activities in free zones

There are many services and activities available in the free zones that anyone can do. About 2,100 different economic activities are available. Activities are divided into many groups, including commercial activities, industrial activities, tourism and professional activities.

If you are one of those interested in the activity of one of these groups, it will help you to conduct a feasibility study of the various activities of professional economists. The company also helps you set up a business and obtain the right business licenses for your business. You must call the company number and request the services you want.


Commercial license in Dubai Free Zone

Obtaining commercial licenses in free zones requires many procedures and the issuance of documents by the competent authorities. Our company works to help all investors do just that. It has recently activated the economy in Dubai and made everyone turn to it to invest their money in it and carry out many activities. This requires many procedures and documents and helps you complete all procedures as quickly as possible.


Company services for establishing a company in Dubai

Our company is distinguished by its ability to provide many different services that investors constantly need, which are important and necessary to start any new commercial activity in Dubai, as the company works to serve businessmen, and among the services that the company provides:

1.Work on establishing companies and equipping them with all the necessary and appropriate equipment for your activity.

2. Preparing and establishing companies and offering them for rent.

3. Preparing offices and renting them.

4. Work on issuing all types of commercial licenses.

5. Complete all requirements for establishing companies in free zones

If you want to establish a company and obtain a commercial license, all you have to do is contact our company, as it is the best company that works to establish companies and obtain commercial licenses at the lowest prices and with the best quality.


Commercial licenses in Dubai

There is a huge number of individuals who are constantly looking for profitable business projects in order to increase and improve their profits and financial income, and the Emirate of Dubai is always here to be their first choice because it is a very effective city in achieving these hopes to the fullest, given that it has a number of factors that help in this. Such as its strategic location globally, which makes it a flexible point that helps complete business operations there easily.

Dubai enjoys a moderate and pleasant climate, which makes entrepreneurs strongly desire to establish their projects there. It is a city of safety and security and enjoys political calm, which makes many people not feel anxious when they want to go there. Finally, it includes modern networks of means of transportation to facilitate transportation operations, whether within it or between it and the city. Other countries.

This is what made us decide to look at the types of commercial licenses and learn that commercial licenses in Dubai, especially in the free zone, include five basic types, such as:

  • General licence

It is a type of commercial license that allows its owner to practice his own commercial activity through a number of loose groups.

  • Commercial license

It is a type of commercial license that allows its owners the ability to carry out a number of specific commercial activities. This is available with all companies except sales, distribution, import and export companies.

  • Professional license

It is a type of commercial license that allows its owners to provide some of the services all mentioned in the license, and it is also based on the necessary local permits and licenses.

  • Business operating permit license

It is the type of commercial license or business operating permit that is the ideal option for companies that wish to operate within the free zone or obtain a lease contract.

  • Event organizing license

It is the type of commercial license for organizing events, meetings, exhibitions and conferences.

The commercial license in Dubai can be renewed automatically, or by sending a text message containing the license number to 6969, or by another method that combines the two steps to renew the commercial license in Dubai, UAE into one step.


Automatic renewal of trade license

The Deputy Executive Director of the Commercial Licensing and Registration Sector in Dubai stated that the automatic renewal of commercial licenses is considered one of the Dubai Economy initiatives for the sustainability of commercial companies with the aim of reducing the customer’s journey to renew the Dubai commercial license to reach his goal, indicating that the initiative was based on automatically renewing Dubai commercial licenses, This is done by sending the payment authorization via text message to the license holder, or to the facility manager, registered in the system with Dubai Economy, before the expiry of the commercial license, in order to avoid receiving a fine for delaying the renewal of the Dubai commercial license.


He also explained that, through this initiative, the investor can also renew the Dubai commercial license in just two steps by sending a text message containing the license number to be renewed to the number 6969, where the payment authorization is sent in a text message, if the lease contract for the license location is valid, and from this it is possible The customer can pay the fees at any of the manual or electronic payment ports, through the link provided in the text message.


One step

This is done by sending a text message to the customer, containing the payment authorization in the event that the company’s lease contract (license website) is valid when the Dubai trade license renewal date comes, and after that the license holder pays directly through the multiple approved payment outlets in Dubai, which the customer prefers. This leads to enhancing Dubai Economy’s implementation of its obligations by making it easier for its customers, providing an environment for them, and helping investors grow and develop.


Instant business license

Dubai Economy has introduced the instant trade license, which can be obtained in just one step without the need for the company’s contract of incorporation and its own website, for the first year only, provided that the location is determined and the company’s contract of incorporation is attached upon renewal of the trade license. The type of company must be limited liability, one-person company, sole proprietorship, or civil business company.


The entity responsible for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

Although the Department of Economic Development is the only entity responsible for licensing economic establishments within the Emirate of Dubai, it must be known that some economic activities are subject to other local and federal entities that work to regulate the practice of these activities within conditions and controls determined by the laws and legislation of these entities.

Accordingly, some economic activities require obtaining approvals from the authorities regulating the activity, including: Land transport activities, Roads and Transport Authority, petroleum and petroleum activities, His Highness the Ruler’s Court, law and legal consulting activities, His Highness the Ruler’s Court, communications activities, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and contracting and engineering consulting activities, Dubai Municipality.


How to obtain a commercial license in Dubai

Despite the many types of commercial licenses in Dubai, the procedures for obtaining them are the same:

  • Determine the company’s commercial or economic activity
  • Determine its legal form and the parties or partners
  • Determine and reserve the trade name
  • Submitting an initial approval certificate
  • Preparing the articles of incorporation and service agent agreement
  • Choosing a location for the company and documenting the lease contract
  • Obtaining approvals from the authorities organizing the activity
  • Receiving the commercial license.


Requirements for providing a commercial license issuance service

  • Submit the payment receipt for the initial approval and show the documents that were previously submitted for the service request
  • Bring a copy of the lease contract certificate authenticated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • Bring the articles of incorporation, provided that it is authenticated and certified according to the principles of the Companies Law of all types
  • It may be necessary to obtain approval from other government agencies for the activity.
  • Bring proof of the existence of a contract appointing a service agent

What is worth mentioning here is that the instant license and dealer license do not require an establishment contract for the first year.


Costs related to carrying out the company’s activity in the UAE market:

  • The fees for practicing any type of investment activities in the UAE market are calculated depending on whether the company is according to the local law system, or the law system of free zones in Dubai. If it is according to the first system, the fees are 5% of the value of the company’s lease contract, but if it is according to the other system, the fees are 7.5% of the value of the company’s lease contract.
  • If the company’s headquarters is owned and not rented, fees are calculated by forming a specialized committee by the UAE government.
  • If the investor is a permanent resident in the UAE, the residency fee is 5% of the value of his housing lease contract.
  • There are other fees called waste fees, which are determined by the Waste Committee in the Emirates.


Steps to obtain a commercial license in Dubai

Determine the economic activity of the facility

Identifying the activity is the first step in the process of issuing a commercial license. Through the activity, the parties associated with this activity and the permitted legal forms of work are determined. There are more than 2,100 economic activities available in the Emirate of Dubai, and these activities are divided into different groups into commercial activities, industrial activities, professional activities, and tourism activities.

The type of license is related to the type of activity. If the activity of the license is professional, then the type of license is professional. However, if the license contains more than one type of activity, the largest activity is taken. The industrial activity is considered the largest, followed by commercial and then professional. Industrial, commercial and professional activities can be combined provided that the activities are homogeneous, or a permit is issued for the activity to be added. Example: If commercial and professional activities are combined in one license, then the type of license is commercial because the commercial activity is the largest activity (this does not apply to tourism activities).


Determine the legal form and parties

The legal form of an economic establishment in Dubai is directly linked to the chosen economic activities, and the investor must verify the economic activities and their compliance with the legal forms.


Determine and reserve the trade name

It is the name that distinguishes one license from another so that the customer does not fall under suspicion. The trade name must also be linked to the type of license or what it indicates.

After completing the trade name reservation, a payment authorization and a transaction number for opening a trade license in Dubai will be issued, which should be used as a reference when making payment. Service fees can be paid through electronic services, or paid in cash, by credit card, or by check at some payment outlets in the service provision centers, or through approved banks, or funds can be transferred from the bank account.


How to obtain a commercial license in Dubai:

In order to obtain and obtain a commercial license, you must go through several stages when establishing the relevant commercial activity or when establishing a commercial company in Dubai. These are also steps related to establishing companies in Dubai in general, establishing commercial companies in Jebel Ali, or establishing companies in the free zone. These steps are to determine the nature of the activity. The company, then determining the legal form of the company, then registering the trade name, then obtaining initial approval, then concluding the contract and choosing a location for the business carried out by the company, then approval from the authorities concerned with the activity of the facility, then finally obtaining the license. We will explain these steps in detail:

First: Determine the nature of the company’s activity:

Determining the activity of the company to be established is considered one of the most important conditions for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai. One of the most important procedures imposed by the UAE law for establishing companies in Dubai is determining the activity of the company desired to be established. This facilitates the procedures. We also then determine who are the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms. With it.


Second: Determine the legal form of the company:

The legal form of the new company to be established is also one of the conditions for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai and this form depends on the nationality of its owners, and the type of company in which It is established in Dubai and they are as follows:

  • Solidarity companies.
  • Limited liability companies.
  • Public joint stock companies.
  • Private joint stock companies.
  • Civil works companies.


Third: Registering the trade name:

The trade name in Establishing a company in Dubai is what distinguishes a commercial license from another. The name is also related to the form and activity of the company, and this is achieved in several ways. Important conditions are stipulated and implemented by the Department of Economic Development, the body for registering commercial activities and establishing investment companies in Dubai, provided that the trade name does not contain inappropriate words, that it does not violate public taste and the regulations and laws of the country, and that the company name reflects the commercial activity accurately and clearly.


Fourth: Obtaining initial approval:

The fourth step in obtaining the commercial license comes as it is an essential step for establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners after determining the activity, legal form, and registering its trade name. You must obtain initial approval for your economic activity from the company in order for us to obtain some procedures for establishing a company in the Emirates for foreigners to obtain the license, and you must follow up in order to obtain the approval of the authorities related to the activity.


Fifth: Prepare the articles of incorporation and choose a location for your business

Concluding or preparing the contract designated for establishing a company in Jebel Ali in Dubai for foreigners or the free zone, bring the contract of incorporation in agreement between you and the competent authorities. You must also choose a distinguished location to establish a company in Jebel Ali or establish a company in the Emirates for Saudis. To carry out your business, all established companies must obtain a license. It must have an existing physical address in the UAE, and this headquarters must meet the requirements and land allocation regulations previously.


Sixth: Obtaining approvals from the authorities concerned with the facility’s activity

Finally, some activities and projects require obtaining additional approvals from the competent authorities regulating those projects and activities, such as approval from the Ministry of Economy, competent approval from the Interior, competent approval from Justice, or from Civil Defense if the activity, for example, is related to firefighting activities and selling fire equipment, etc.


Seventh: Obtaining the license

After completing all the previous steps to prepare and establishing a Dubai company for foreigners you can receive a license for the activity for which you want to establish a company, whether it is a commercial, professional or Industrial activity after attaching some of the required documents, as well as the economic development steps and paying the commercial license fees for establishing a company in the Emirates, and then registering in the Chamber of Commerce as a member.


Types of business licenses in Dubai

A person wishing to open any business or carry out any commercial activity is subject to a set of requirements, the most important of which is obtaining a commercial license, but this process is not an easy matter, as it requires many procedures and going to a number of government agencies concerned with this. Learn with us about the types of commercial licenses in Dubaiand their prices.

Commercial licenses vary in Dubai, and the fees for each of them vary depending on the activity that is being started. There are five types of commercial licenses that can be used within the free zones:

  • General trade license in Dubai:

It allows the practice of many different commercial activities without any restrictions.

  • Event organizing license:

This license enables its holder to organize meetings, parties, conferences and large exhibitions.

  • Business operating permit:

This permit is for companies that wish to obtain a lease contract or want to operate in the free zone.

  • Professional license:

It is a license that specifies the number of activities that are not permitted to be practiced otherwise, and is subject to the necessary local licenses and permits.

  • Commercial license:

It is a license that allows its holder to carry out commercial activities, including import, export, distribution, sale, etc. If the business is outside these sections, the applicant must go to the Activities Classification Section at the Department of Economic Development, making sure that a clear description of the activity is available.


Trade license fees in Dubai

Some companies, like ours, help you obtain or renew a Dubai commercial license at the lowest cost and in the shortest time, because the company is distinguished by its excellent experience and extensive relationship. You can complete all the steps to obtain a business license at a low cost if you are willing to enter and without any effort on your part.

You will send a message to our company team or call their number and get all the services you want with the highest efficiency, lowest cost and fastest time. You will send a message to our company team or call their number and get all the services you want with the highest efficiency, lowest cost and fastest time.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

The Dubai Government aims to facilitate the process of licensing companies in Dubai, as this process has recently become faster and easier than ever before, in line with the vision of the Dubai Department of Economic Development to help company owners launch and expand their businesses without the need for lengthy processes and procedures.

When a client desires to establish an economic facility, whether an institution or a company, in the Emirate of Dubai, he must register with the Department of Economic Development, which is concerned with registering and licensing institutions and companies in the emirate. Dubai also includes two interfaces for licensing companies, one of which is the Department of Economic Development; It is the only destination for registering establishments and companies within Dubai on the one hand, and more than 20 free zones on the other hand, both of which provide different benefits to owners of economic establishments according to the type of economic establishment and its activities.


What is the Dubai instant license:

The UAE always seeks to provide all means of comfort for the investor to reside and invest in Dubai, and the Dubai instant license is considered one of the most important facilities provided by the UAE to encourage investment there.

The Dubai instant license summarizes all the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals in one step, by issuing only one exchange permit, which considers the costs of establishing a company in the Emirates for Gulf nationals. The cost of issuing the Dubai instant license is three thousand UAE dirhams.

But there is a condition when obtaining the Dubai instant license, which is that the investor should know that it is issued only once, which is the first year when establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners When renewing the Dubai trade license, all papers and documents related to the company must be submitted in order to obtain the trade license.


Types of business licenses in Dubai

  • Commercial licenses:

It is a commercial license for companies that deal in general trade or specialized commercial activity

  • Industrial licenses:

It is an industrial license to establish industrial activity and companies operating in production and manufacturing

  • Professional licenses:

The professional license covers professions, services, craftsmen and specialists

  • Tourist licenses:

These are companies that operate in services related to tourism and hospitality within the United Arab Emirates.


Dubai’s economic activity has grown and flourished, which has attracted many people to resort to Dubai to establish commercial activities there and invest money in it. Many commercial projects have begun to be established in Dubai, as Dubai is characterized by an excellent strategic location, quiet structure, more stability, and many means of luxury. It is one of the countries where there is security and safety, which has made it the subject of everyone’s attention, and everyone is thinking about being there and investing money in it, whether in establishing large or small projects.


This is because the economy in Dubai is thriving, which helps the success of many commercial activities, but starting any project in the Emirates may require a lot of money in addition to that It is necessary to establish a company in the Emirates for Saudis and obtain a commercial license that gives you the opportunity to start your own business. All of this requires some money, and our company works to provide assistance by helping you obtain the commercial license for your activity at the lowest possible cost.


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