Cost of a business license in Dubai

To know the cost of a commercial license in Dubai, it is necessary to specify the type of license, the nationality of the partners, etc., and in general, these are the fees for commercial licenses in Dubai.

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Cost of a business license in Dubai

The cost of a business license in Dubai is something that everyone who plans to start a business in Dubai needs to know, because the authorities concerned with economic development in Dubai have imposed many requirements on those who are thinking about establishing businesses. A new business in Dubai, and one of the most important requirements is for the investor to obtain a commercial license to start his business, but the process of obtaining a commercial license is not easy, but it involves more steps, as you need to go to a competent government agency before starting to obtain a commercial license. At the expense of obtaining the license.

Commercial license fees generally vary in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai, based on the type of business activity started by the investor, and you can find the fees that are estimated to be payable to obtain the commercial license.


Types of business activities in Dubai

There are many commercial activities in Dubai, which number up to 2,100 economic activities, but this number is divided into a number of groups such as:

  • Professional activities.
  • Commercial activities.
  • Tourism activities.
  • Industrial activities.

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Cost of a business license in Dubai

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What is the Dubai instant license:

The UAE always seeks to provide all means of comfort for the investor to reside and invest in Dubai, and the Dubai instant license is considered one of the most important facilities provided by the UAE to encourage investment there.

The Dubai Instant License summarizes all the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals in one step, by issuing only one exchange permit, which considers the costs of establishing a company. In the UAE for Gulf nationals, the cost of issuing an instant license in Dubai is three thousand UAE dirhams.

However, there is a condition when obtaining the Dubai instant license, which is that the investor should know that it is issued only once, which is the first year when establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, and when renewing the Dubai trade license, all papers and documents related to the company must be submitted, in order to obtain the trade license.


Types of business licenses in Dubai

The types of commercial licenses in Dubai are diverse, and each type has specific fees for each company. These fees are calculated according to the commercial activity in which you want to work. Given the utmost importance of this matter, we have chosen it to talk about it in detail in this article. In order to achieve maximum benefit from it, you must read the following article with great attention. .

The most prominent types of commercial licenses in Dubai are as follows:

1. General trade license

The general trade license is the license responsible for allowing the practice of a huge number of diverse commercial activities without any restrictions.

  1. Commercial license

A commercial license is a license that allows its customers to carry out a specific number of commercial activities such as selling, importing, exporting, distribution, etc.

3. Professional business license

A professional commercial license is a license responsible for defining a group of activities and allowing them to be practiced. It is not permitted to practice any type of commercial activity other than that specified, and these activities are subject to the necessary local permits and licenses.

4. Business operating license

A business operating license or business operating permit is for companies that require a lease contract or require operating in a free zone.

5. License related to organizing events

An event organizing license is a license that allows its owner to hold and organize large parties, conferences, and exhibitions.

If you need to own one of the types of commercial licenses in Dubai of the types mentioned here, you can obtain it with our company without having to make a lot of effort and in the shortest possible time, as the company always strives to provide you with the best services to the fullest extent.

Types of business licenses in Dubai

The types of licenses in Dubai are different from each other, and of course the costs differ from one type to another, as there are five types of licenses, which are:

  1. General Trade License:

It gives you the ability to practice many different types of business activities without any barriers.

  1. Event organizing license:

This license enables its owner to organize meetings, parties, conferences, large exhibitions, and much more.

  1. Business operating permit:

This permit is for companies that wish to obtain lease contracts or own some businesses in the free zone.

  1. Professional license:

It is a license whose purpose is to limit the number of activities. You cannot practice other activities and must be subject to the necessary local licenses and permits.

  1. Commercial license:

It is a license that allows its holder to carry out specified commercial activities, including import, export, distribution, sale, etc.


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