Cost of a business license in Dubai

The cost of a trade license in Dubai is one of the most important costs included in the costs of establishing companies and investment projects in the Emirate of Dubai. The trade license is considered a service provided by government agencies in Dubai as an official document approved to officially practice economic activity in Dubai.
One of the additional services that the investor obtains with the commercial license is the possibility of issuing an incorporation contract or a service agent contract in accordance with the legal form of the company or project as stated in the initial approval.In this article we discuss the cost Commercial license in DubaiIn addition to the steps for obtaining a commercial licence.


Cost of a business license in Dubai


Cost of a trade license in Dubai

The cost of a commercial license in Dubai includes several expenses and fees for obtaining a commercial license. Here are the fees necessary to obtain a commercial license as follows:

  • 600 AED for commercial license registration fees in Dubai.
  • 10 AED for Knowledge Dirham fee in Dubai.
  • 10 AED for the Innovation Dirham fee in Dubai.
  • 350 AED for brand name advertisements in Dubai.
  • 50 AED for a service request form in Dubai.
  • From 1000 to 3000 UAE dirhams, fees for foreign trade names.
  • 15,000 UAE dirhams for general trade activity fees.
  • AED 15,000 for investment activities fees.
  • 25,000 AED for business center fees.
  • 10,000 AED fees for construction contracting activities in Dubai.
  • 1070 dealer license fees in addition to 300 AED Dubai Chamber fees.
  • 1070 AED for the starting licence.
  • The fees for incorporation contracts or service agent contracts are as follows:
  • 300 UAE dirhams for the signature of each party to the instrument to authenticate the signatures of the instrument, which does not exceed 100,000 UAE dirhams.
  • 0.5% of the value of the instrument, with a maximum of 15,000 UAE dirhams, for authenticating signatures on an instrument that exceeds 100,000 UAE dirhams.
  • 500 AED for postponing the completion of the transaction after registration, according to the customer’s request.
  • 500 AED signature fee for one of the parties to the document at another service center.
  • AED 100 fee for all parties to electronically sign the document.


Types of business licenses in Dubai

There are many types of commercial licenses in Dubai, including several types of economic activities that local and foreign investors operate in the Emirate of Dubai in accordance with the regulations and laws that regulate the progress of the investment process as follows:

Commercial license: This type of commercial license requires the presence of an incorporation contract and a workplace lease contract, through which an incorporation contract can be obtained electronically. The time for issuing a commercial license in Dubai is about 10 minutes. Instant license:The instant license is issued in just one step, in 5 minutes. It can be issued for activities that do not require external approvals. It also provides an optional articles of incorporation and a default location for the year. The first is to obtain membership in the Chamber of Commerce.Issuing an instant license takes about 5 minutes, for the following legal forms:

  • A limited liability company.
  • One person company
  • Individual Foundation.
  • Civil works company.

Dealer license: A merchant license is an individual establishment license through which a business activity can be carried out from home. The fees are estimated at approximately 1,070 UAE dirhams in addition to 300 UAE dirhams Chamber of Commerce membership fees, issuing a license. Trader takes about 5 minutes.


Steps to obtain a commercial license in Dubai

Determining the nature of the activity
Obtaining a commercial license in Dubai includes determining the first and most important steps, which is determining the nature of the economic activity that will be carried out, through which the type of commercial license is determined, as well as the cost of the commercial license in Dubai. The fees for each type of license vary according to the nature of the license activity.Examples of economic activities in Dubai include the following:

  • Commercial activities.
  • Industrial activities.
  • Service activities.
  • Tourism activities.


Reserving the trade name
The customer applies to the competent government authority to obtain an official document pertaining to the trade name that expresses the company or project in Dubai. The trade name is considered the official form that is used in official contracts. For the company and marketing the company’s products and services.A trade name must be chosen in accordance with the conditions and rules set by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai:

  • The trade name must not be translated, but rather the same name must be written in both languages.
  • The use of icons and symbols in the trade name is not permitted, but rather the use of letters and numbers is permitted.
  • The trade name must contain the first and last name of the company owner or one of the partners and not the family surname.
  • The trade name must not contain the word God, the name of a government body or country, or be similar to the trade name of another company.
  • A company’s trade name can contain a registered trademark or an Arabized name.
  • The primary activity is added to the trade name, but the trade name cannot be the primary activity.
  • The trade name must not contain inappropriate expressions or not in accordance with public taste.
  • If the trade name includes special features, an additional fee of 1,000 to 2,000 AED must be paid in addition to the cost of the trade license in Dubai.


Determining the legal form
One of the most important steps in obtaining a commercial license in Dubai is determining the legal form that governs the ways of dealing with the company through government agencies in Dubai. The legal forms include DubaiNext:

  • Solidarity Company.
  • Simple recommendation company.
  • A limited liability company.
  • Public contribution.
  • Special contribution.
  • Commercial representation office.
  • Civil works company.
  • A branch of a local company.
  • A branch of a Gulf company.
  • Branch of a foreign company.
  • Branch of a free zone company.
  • Individual Foundation.
  • holding company.

Obtaining initial approval
Initial approval is one of the necessary steps that the customer applies to obtain from the competent authorities in Dubai in order to be able to obtain approval to practice work legally before obtaining the commercial license.Through the initial approval in Dubai, the legal form, type of economic activity, and trade name are determined and can be obtained before or after reserving the trade name, for the following:

  • Obtaining a commercial site lease contract.
  • Obtaining the approval of other government agencies such as: the Health Authority, the Roads and Transport Authority, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority).

Costs for obtaining initial approval:

The special costs for obtaining initial approval are considered part of the cost of a trade license in Dubai and cost the following:

  • AED 100 fee for obtaining or amending initial approval.
  • 10 UAE Dirham Knowledge Dirham fee.
  • 10 AED Innovation Dirham fee.

Requirements for obtaining initial approval:

  • Requires unified number or ID number.
  • A decision by the Board of Directors or partners.

Choosing a workplace
To obtain a commercial license to establish projects in Dubai, a workplace must be chosen appropriate to the nature of the scope of the project or company, and a lease contract must be authenticated by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority in Dubai.

  • Municipality Department in Dubai.
  • The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • executive board.
  • The Ministry of Economy.
  • Dubai Health Authority.
  • Supreme Petroleum Council.
  • Ministry of Interior.
  • Ministry of Justice.

Receiving the commercial license
The last step is to receive the commercial license, which qualifies you to start work officially, after paying the cost of the commercial license inDubai The cost of a commercial license in Dubai varies from one license to another according to the type of activity.



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