Commercial registration in Dubai

Creating a commercial register in Dubai is a legal procedure that must be carried out through the responsible authorities in Dubai in order to obtain an official document that allows starting work in Dubai legally.
It requires work Commercial registration in Dubai Some legal procedures and steps, attaching legal papers and documents, as well as paying the costs of obtaining the commercial register, then renewing the commercial register on an annual basis to ensure business continuity. Creating a commercial register in Dubai is a mandatory legal procedure for anyone who wants to establish a business in Dubai. The investor must obtain a commercial license and then a commercial register.

Once all the required documents are attached and delivered to the competent government authorities in Dubai, the commercial register will be received and the investor will have the right to establish businesses legally in Dubai.
Making a commercial register in Dubai includes several procedures that will We will discuss them in this article, and we will also discuss the fees for making a commercial registry in Dubai, in addition to the advantages of making a commercial registry in Dubai.


Commercial registration in Dubai

Advantages of creating a commercial registry in Dubai

Working A commercial registry in Dubai brings many benefits to support investors in expanding their businesses and establishing investment projects in Dubai. Here are the advantages included in making a registry Commercial in Dubai:

  • Creating a commercial registry in Dubai guarantees protection for the company’s trade name, as no one else can use the company’s trade name, and the company’s trade name in the free zone becomes distinctive.
  • Creating a commercial register in Dubai allows the investor to work in e-commerce and also add approved and legal payment methods to the online store.
  • Creating a commercial register in Dubai for the company provides customers with the ability to access the online store and all the company’s pages in a flexible manner and through one place.
  • Creating a commercial register in Dubai allows you to participate in seminars and exhibitions held in the United Arab Emirates easily and legally, and to attend various conferences in Dubai.
  • Creating a commercial register in Dubai places the company under the supervision of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, which expands the circle of customer trust in the company.


Costs of creating a commercial register in Dubai

In the following lines we will discuss the costs of making a commercial registry in Dubai, so that the costs of making a commercial registry are paid. In Dubai at the beginning of obtaining the register and then paying the costs annually for renewal.Here are the costs of creating a commercial register in DubaiAnd annual renewal costs:

  • About 100 UAE dirhams is the registration fee in the commercial registry.
  • Approximately 50 AED registration renewal fees annually.
  • 10 UAE dirhams fee for obtaining an extract from the registration page in the commercial registry.


Penalty for non-payment of commercial registration fees

The commercial registration in Dubai is renewed annually and the registration fees are paid on the specified dates to ensure that the commercial business process in Dubai continues in a legal and sound manner.If the commercial registration fees are not paid on the specified renewal date A fine of approximately 200 UAE dirhams will be imposed, and in the event of an excessive delay in paying fees, the value of the fine will increase.

Types of business licenses in Dubai

Making a commercial register in Dubai requires obtaining acommercial license first and paying the license fees. Therefore, it is important to shed light on the types of commercial licenses in Dubai, and you must choose The type of commercial license suitable for the company’s activity that will be established in Dubai, as follows:

  • General trade license

A general trade license in Dubai allows you to establish many types of business activities without having to face problems or problems while working.

  • Professional license

The professional license provides its holder to practice a specific number of types of service activities if the necessary licenses and permits are obtained to work in Dubai.

  • Commercial license

The commercial license is one of the important licenses issued in Dubai, which specializes in practicing activities related to import, export, sale and distribution.

  • Industrial license

The industrial license grants a permit to industrial activities that work in production, manufacturing and various manufacturing industries, gas, water and mining.

  • Tourist licence

The Dubai tourism license grants the necessary licenses for companies to operate in the field of tourism, guiding and hospitality in Dubai.

  • Business operating permit

By obtaining a business operating permit in order to obtain a lease contract for a company in Dubai.

  • Event organizing license

An event organizing license allows conferences, parties and major events to be held in Dubai.


Costs of obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

Obtaining a commercial license in Dubai requires a set of fees to obtain the service, and the costs of the commercial license vary according to the type of region and economic activity in Dubai. Here are the costs of obtaining a commercial license in Dubai:

  • 600 dirhams fees for registering a commercial license.
  • 10 dirhams for knowledge dirham fee in Dubai.
  • 10 dirhams for innovation dirham fee in Dubai.
  • 350 dirhams for brand name advertisements in Dubai.
  • 50 dirhams for the service request form in Dubai.
  • From 1,000 to 3,000 dirhams for foreign trade name fees.
  • 15,000 dirhams for general trade activity fees.
  • 15,000 dirhams for investment activities fees.
  • AED 25,000 for business center fees.
  • 10,000 dirhams for construction contracting activities in Dubai.
  • 1070 dealer license amount plus 300 dirhams Dubai Chamber fees.
  • 1070 dirhams for the starting licence.
  • The fees for incorporation contracts or service agent contracts are as follows:
  • 300 dirhams for the signature of each party to the instrument to authenticate the signatures of the instrument, which does not exceed 100,000 dirhams.
  • 0.5% of the value of the instrument, with a maximum of 15,000 dirhams, for authenticating signatures on an instrument exceeding 100,000 dirhams.
  • 500 dirhams for postponing the completion of the transaction after registration, according to the customer’s request.
  • 500 dirhams fee for one party to sign the document at another service center.
  • 100 dirhams fee for all parties of the company to sign electronically on the document.


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