Dubai commercial register

Dubai Commercial Registration

Everyone wants to own a business in Dubai and is working to start many companies and private activities, as Dubai has become one of the most attractive countries to attract entrepreneurs and investors. This is due to its high economy and thriving trade and industry, as well as its excellent location, modern transportation network and stability.
The security available in it and many other features attracted everyone, but owning a company or company in Dubai requires many steps, as the Dubai Economic Development Authority gives some conditions, Including the need to obtain a business license and business registration, we present the costs of registering a commercial registry and ways to obtain it.


Dubai commercial register

Economy in the Emirates

Nowadays, the UAE’s economy is very different from that. Dubai’s economy has long been based on fish trade, marine pearl extraction, sale, industry, agriculture, sale of some goods, etc., until oil was discovered in the UAE and it became one of the most important discoveries that caused a breakthrough. The economy has managed to live its entire life in all cities. Many industries have emerged, such as extracting and selling natural gas, starting businesses, real estate, etc., making the UAE one of the richest Arab countries, which has helped attract many investors and traders to the UAE. In the UAE, this requires private company ownership and company ownership in Dubai, it is necessary to obtain a business license and work on registering the commercial registry.


Opening a commercial register in Dubai

After starting a business, it is necessary to open a commercial register to carry out the desired activity safely. The steps to open a commercial registry in Dubai are:

  • Send all company papers and documents to the required company, as decided by the Dubai Economic Development Authority.
  • Pay the trading license fee, and in the event of non-payment, transactions will be cancelled.
  • Register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Obtain an official business license.
  • Enter the capital value in the business register document.
  • The date of issuance of the commercial register is calculated from the date of payment.


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Dubai commercial register

Today, the commercial registry in the UAE is an integral part of the commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development. In the past, all merchants conducting business in the country were required to obtain a commercial register from the Ministry of Commerce, as the commercial register includes all data and details about the merchant’s transactions and the names of the suppliers and companies with which he deals, but now it has become a commercial license or a license to conduct business.

This is the only legal document that includes all the data required to register companies in the Emirates, and the Chamber of Commerce certificate has become a document added to the commercial license, which serves as a commercial record.

Our work team will provide all support to you and your partners during all steps of establishing and registering the company, starting from determining the type of activity and providing the necessary economic feasibility studies to support the selection of the appropriate project, then choosing the trade name and obtaining security approval, all the way to preparing all the documents required to complete the commercial registry procedures and establishing Company in Dubai.

All you have to do is set a time to meet with our experts to discuss the details of the activity of the company you would like to establish and submit all the required personal documents to them. Then, on your behalf, we will complete all the steps with the various government bodies in order to obtain a business license, which includes the commercial registry in Dubai, in the shortest time. maybe.

The period required to obtain a business license is closely related to the type of activity or activities you wish to practice, in addition to the legal form of the company. There are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one governmental or federal entity, but the Dubai government always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled services and facilities from In order to make Dubai the ideal destination for establishing companies and doing business.


Commercial license in Dubai

In the recent period, economic activity has become prosperous in the Emirates, which has led to many people resorting to investing money in the Emirates, especially in Dubai, as Dubai enjoys a distinguished strategic location, security stability, and stability in all political situations, which has made the opportunity for the success of investment projects there very great for establishing any commercial projects. It is necessary to obtain a commercial license, as it is the most important step, and it is not possible to start any activity without obtaining it. Dubai trade license.


Establishing a business license in Dubai

There are many steps necessary to create a commercial license, including:

  • Determine the type of activity you will start with
  • Resorting to the Commercial Licensing Department, as it is present in most governorates, and knowing what is required in order to obtain a commercial license.
  • Renting the place where the project will be built and obtaining the number for renting the place.
  • Obtaining a certificate proving that the person is not working in any government institution is done by the General Insurance Corporation.
  • Obtaining the appropriate commercial license for work from the General Department of Licensing.
  • Work on documenting this license from the competent authorities.


Economy in Dubai

The economy in Dubai has recently become completely dependent on the presence of oil, which has made Dubai one of the countries that most attracts investors, as the presence of oil has led to an increase in its economy and a rise in the standard of living, making it a target for everyone. Dubai is distinguished by the fact that it is suitable for any commercial project and helps in its success in every way. Ease due to the increase in the number of foreigners and investors, its distinguished location, and the presence of all the elements of success in it, including a modern transportation network, a strong communications network, stability in the security situation, and so on.

If you are one of those wishing to start any project or business in Dubai, all you have to do is contact our company and the company will assist you in all the necessary steps that you must take. The company always seeks to serve its customers, help them, and save them time and effort.


Establishing a company in Dubai

The processof establishing companies in Dubai has become one of the most widespread things, as in order for any person to invest money or start any project in Dubai, he must He owns a company, and the process of establishing companies requires taking many important steps, which are decided by the Dubai Economic Development Authority. Among the necessary and necessary steps for companies to be established in Dubai are:

  1. Determine the trade name, as it is the name that distinguishes any company from another, and it is preferable that it expresses the activity carried out by the company and that it is not specified.
  2. Determine the place of establishment of the company and document the papers proving ownership of the place.
  3. Equipping and preparing the company with all the necessary equipment to start the activity.
  4. Registering and obtaining a commercial license because it is not possible to start any activity in Dubai without obtaining a commercial license.

In our company, we work to help our customers complete all procedures from the competent authorities, and we obtain the necessary commercial licenses. We also establish and prepare companies, all in order to help our customers. Our company is considered the best company for establishing companies and helping businessmen, so do not hesitate to seek our help.


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