Dubai Commercial Registry

Everyone is now moving towards establishing a business in the Emirate of Dubai, but he must first register the Dubai Commercial Registry and a commercial license so that he can own Company in Dubai. And starting a lot of business and activities within Dubai because it is one of the countries that many investors seek to invest in, due to the prosperity of industry and trade there and the rise of the economy there.

In addition to its distinguished location, modern transportation, and security stability, Dubai has many features that attract many businessmen to invest in it. Despite this, owning a company or establishing a business in Dubai requires special conditions set by the Economic Development Authority. In Dubai, including the necessity of obtaining acommercial licenseand registering the commercial registry.


The Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector at the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Dubai provides many services to investors and those wishing to engage in economic activity in Dubai, including the procedures, steps and complete information you need to conduct the activity, and the legal rules that suit each category. Below we review for you the conditions and requirements related to commercial, industrial and professional licenses that will help you practice commercial activity in the Emirate of Dubai:


Dubai Commercial Registry


The most important requirements for opening a commercial register in Dubai

  • Obtain initial approval

This is considered the first step in issuing a commercial license in Dubai, as it allows the customer to complete all procedures in other government departments by requesting electronically through the Dubai Economy website, the smart application, or visiting Dubai’s outsourcing centers.

  • Obtain a trade name

After the step of obtaining initial approval, you can reserve the trade name available for the trade license through the website or visit the Economic Service Center in Dubai, or you can also reserve the trade name before initial approval.

  • Obtaining a commercial license

After obtaining initial approval and reserving the trade name, the customer can submit an application for a trade license through the website or visit the economic service centers in Dubai.

  • License renewal

This is done via text messages and writing the license number in it, and the Department of Economic Development will respond to you with a payment authorization for the renewal, or through its website. In order for all legal procedures and forms to be completed, the following documents are required:


Documents for initial approval of all legal terms

  • Print the commercial registration and licensing form available in Dubai Economic Centres.
  • A copy of the identity of the license or passport holders.
  • A copy of the residence permit or visit visa for non-GCC citizens.
  • No-objection statement from the sponsor for non-citizens.
  • Policy of the company.
  • Economic feasibility study of the project.
  • A decision from the parent company’s board to open a branch in Dubai.
  • Authorization statement of the responsible director.
  • A copy of the parent company’s commercial registration certificate.
  • A copy of the parent company’s articles of incorporation.
  • A copy of the parent license.


Documents for issuing licenses in all their legal forms

  • Receipt of initial approvals and all previously submitted documents.
  • A copy of the lease contract authentication permit issued by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.
  • Articles of incorporation according to the principles of companies of all types.
  • A statement of approval from government agencies to practice the activity.
  • A contract appointing a service agent or agent for the company according to the assets owned by resident companies and institutions.

Places through which you can provide the service of opening the commercial register in Dubai

  • EqtisadiahDubai website.
  • Smart application.
  • Text messages for renewal service.
  • Happiness Lounge in the main building of the Dubai Economy.
  • Service centers approved by Dubai Economy.



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