Establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners

Establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners : Welcome to the Gateway of Opportunities! Explore our comprehensive Guide to Establishing a Company in Dubai for Foreigners. Dubai’s strategic allure as a global business hub beckons entrepreneurs worldwide. Connected by a seamless transportation network, the city sets the stage for success. Fueled by oil wealth, the UAE stands tall among the world’s economic giants, making Dubai an attractive investment destination. In this guide, we navigate the essential steps every foreign entrepreneur must master before diving into the vibrant business landscape of Dubai. Learn the intricacies of opening a company in Dubai and discover how to open a company in Dubai for a successful venture in this dynamic city.


Establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners


Methods Establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners are very easy and simple for any investor who is not a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, whether he is from an Arab country or not, and provides… The federal government services for establishing companies, whether via the Internet or traditional methods, in order to facilitate investors.

Methods Establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners are divided into two methods: the first is via the Internet according to the websites launched by the Union Government to facilitate the path for investors, while the second method is the regular one. Through a series of organized steps.


Cost of starting a business in Dubai for foreigners

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The mission of the Emirates Investment Authority for foreigners

The mission of the Emirates Investment Authority for foreigners, as the Emirates is considered one of the best countries in the world for investment, whether investment in Dubai is local or foreign, and the Emirates encourages investment in it, and the presence of free zones in it is a helpful factor in attracting investment in Dubai.

Foreigners seek to invest in Dubai by establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, and the mission of the Emirates Investment Authority for Foreigners is considered one of the most important bodies concerned with encouraging foreign investment in the Emirates.


Definition of Dubai Investment Authority:

Dubai Investment Authority is a government entity affiliated with the UAE government, and has assets estimated at approximately $800 million. These are preliminary estimates of these assets, but no The real value of these assets has not been officially announced yet.

The Dubai Investment Authority was established in 1976, and was established by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the founder of the modern Emirates. The goal of establishing the Investment Authority was to exploit the state’s funds in a safer way.

Before the establishment of the Investment Authority, the government was working in gold, petroleum and mining investments in general, but recently the UAE government began adopting strategic plans for investment after mining or oil, and therefore the Investment Authority was established, but in the beginning the purpose of establishing the Investment Authority was not understood.


Achievements achieved by the Dubai Investment Authority:

The Investment Authority has achieved many achievements in the field of investment in Dubai, including the following:

  1. In 2007, the Investment Authority signed a protocol of agreement with the American Citigroup, one of the most important banks in the United States of America, and seven and a half million dollars were invested through this agreement.

From this agreement, the Investment Authority receives an investment of 4.9% of the total value of the bank, and this investment is considered one of the most important Emirati investments at this time. But the opposite happened, as the bank violated the terms of the agreement with the Investment Authority, which was to convert the Authority’s ownership bonds for a percentage of the bank’s value into shares, after which the Emirates Investment Authority requested huge financial compensation for the damage incurred by it from violating the terms of the agreement.

  1. Real estate investment is considered one of the most important investments in Dubai, and the Dubai Investment Authority concluded a contract with Emaar to create its largest residential complex in 2010.


Procedures to encourage investment by the Emirates Investment Authority:

The Emirates Investment Authority works to provide all means of comfort and security for the investor, whether local or foreign, and also facilitates the conditions for establishing a company in Dubai, and provides special facilities for establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners.


Among the facilities provided by the Emirates Investment Authority are the following:

  1. Facilitating the conditions for establishing a company in Dubai in terms of the required papers, special facilities for obtaining commercial licenses, and special facilities for bringing facilities to the company.
  2. Providing security and protection for the investor in terms of residence and investment, such as providing commercial shopping centers, and also providing corporate places, whether for ownership or rent, and providing protection and security for these places.
  3. Creating good infrastructure for easy living and investing in the Emirates.
  4. Upholding the principles of respect for others and brotherhood among all those living in the Emirates, as there are many nationalities in the Emirates, the government is working hard to achieve social justice among them in order to live safely.


Steps to establish a company in the UAE:

There are some procedures regarding the conditions for establishing a company in Dubai, which are:

  1. The type of activity of the company must be determined, whether it is a professional activity, a commercial activity, or an industrial activity, and the UAE provides many areas of investment.
  2. The company name must be chosen consistent with the type of activity being practiced in Dubai.
  3. Choose a suitable place for the company to be its headquarters, and all facilities must be included in it, including water, electricity, and means of communications such as telephone and Internet. It can be rented or owned, and a lease or ownership contract for the company must be obtained.
  4. Documenting the lease or ownership contract for the company’s headquarters in the government agencies designated for this purpose.
  5. Obtaining initial approval to invest in Dubai.
  6. Submit all required papers and documents to the UAE authorities to obtain a commercial license to start investing in Dubai.
  7. Receiving the commercial license and starting activity in the Emirates


These are some of the conditions for establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, but we spoke before that the UAE provides all facilities for establishing companies there to encourage investment in them, and among these facilities is an immediate license. The instant license is obtained without going through all the previous steps, and it is done in one step, with one payment permission, after which the commercial license is extracted and the investment activity in Dubai begins. But there is a condition for this license, which is that it must be in the first year of the company in Dubai, and upon renewal, all the company’s papers must be submitted to the competent authorities in the Emirates.

There are other additional conditions for establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, as the conditions for establishing a company in Dubai are consistent with the conditions for establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, but the UAE government has specified some activities that the foreign investor is allowed to work in, and some of which he is not allowed to do.


Activities permitted to be practiced in the UAE for foreign investors:

  1. All activities related to business management, whether companies or providing consultations.
  2. All businesses related to owning real estate or lands.
  3. All activities related to speculation in the stock market, owning shares, and selling them.


Activities that are not permitted to be carried out in the UAE when establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners

  1. All investments in airline companies, whether by owning an airline, managing its business, or owning shares in the stock exchange of these companies.
  2. All media investments, such as owning visual, audio, or print media agencies, or even managing activity for these agencies, or owning shares of these agencies on the stock exchange.
  3. All mining investments, such as petroleum, precious stones, or gold.


Saudi investment in the UAE:

Saudi investment in the Emirates is considered one of the most important foreign investments there, and therefore the Emirates provides all facilities for establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis.

The Saudi investor also always seeks to find a place for himself in the Emirati market and benefit from investments in it, and also in the free zones in the Emirates.


Among the steps for establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis are the following:

  1. Submit all the papers and documents required to establish a company in Dubai in accordance with the previous steps, and submit them to the competent authority in the Emirates, which is the Department of Economic Development, which has a special section for establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis.
  2. When applying for a commercial license, the relevant fees must be paid within thirty days of issuing the payment permit. If payment is not made within six months of issuing the payment permit, the commercial license application is considered invalid.
  3. The company must be registered with the UAE Chamber of Commerce and obtain membership therein.
  4. Submit all information regarding the company’s capital in full in the company’s commercial registry.
  5. There is one payment permit for all procedures related to obtaining a commercial license, which is three thousand dirhams.
  6. The validity of the commercial license begins from the day the payment authorization is issued.
  7. Receiving the commercial license and opening a commercial register for the company to establish a company in Dubai for Saudis.

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