Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis

Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis or the United Arab Emirates can only be done through a registered agent, starting with determining the type of activity you want to practice and carrying out the necessary economic feasibility studies that help support the selection of the appropriate project and choosing the appropriate trade name for it, in addition to helping you obtain permits. We aim to help you prepare all the documents required to complete the establishment of your investment project, in addition to helping you facilitate residency procedures for you and your family in the UAE.


All you have to do is set a time to meet with our experts at Al Ghaf Golden Company or contact us through our website to discuss the details of the activity of the company you wish to establish and submit all the required personal documents to them, and then we will, on your behalf, complete all the steps with the various government agencies in order to obtain a license. Doing business in Dubai in the shortest possible time.

Also learn about the range of distinguished services that we provide to you in order to invest in the Emirates, from studying the feasibility of projects in Dubai and helping you finance your project through investors dealing with us.


Establishing companies in Dubai

When you want to establish a company in Dubai, you must follow a set of necessary procedures imposed by the laws in Dubai, as the economic development in Dubai imposes a set of procedures in order for the company to be established, the facility officially registered, and business to be carried out.

It is one of the most important necessary procedures imposed by the laws and procedures for establishing companies in Dubai, which will organize the flow of all procedures and facilitate them according to each desired activity, and will then determine the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms.

1. Determine the nature of the company’s activity:

It is one of the most important necessary procedures imposed by the laws and procedures for establishing companies in Dubai, which will organize the flow of all procedures and facilitate them according to each desired activity, and will then determine the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms. There are more than 2,000 economic activities available to practice in the UAE, and economic activities are classified into three main types:

Commercial : includes wholesale and retail trade, construction, transportation, storage and communications, financial brokerage, real estate and leasing.

Vocational : These are activities that depend on mental and physical effort to practice and include agriculture, fishing, education, health and social work, and community, social and personal service activities.

Industrial : It includes manufacturing industries, mining and quarrying, electricity, gas and water.

It also includes tourist activities. In the event that you wish to choose an activity that is not included among the available activities and you have a complete description of this activity, our experts at Al Ghaf Golden Company will provide you with full support so that you can choose the activity that you desire and complete the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai.

2. Determine the legal form of the company

Choosing the legal form of the company within the Emirates depends on the nationality of its owners and the type of company you plan to establish in Dubai and is graded according to the following:

  • Solidarity Company: A joint-liability company can only carry out commercial and industrial activities
  • Limited Liability Companies: Any industrial, commercial or professional activity, with the exception of legal activities, auditing, and any other type of consulting activities, excluding financial consulting activity, provided that approval is obtained from the authorities regulating this activity.
  • Public Joint Stock Company: Public joint stock companies can practice commercial, industrial and professional activities.
  • Private Joint Stock Company: A private joint stock company can practice any commercial or industrial activity.
  • Civil Business Company: Civil business partners engage in professional activities only.
  • A branch of a Gulf company, or a branch of a local company: A branch of a Gulf or local company can carry out all the activities listed in the license for the original company.
  • Branch of a foreign company: Branches of foreign companies can practice professional activities, commercial representative office activity, indirect commercial activities and contracting.
  • Branch of a free zone company: A branch of a free zone company can practice commercial, industrial and professional activities as long as the activity of the parent company is licensed within the Emirates.
  • Sole proprietorship: An enterprise can engage in commercial, industrial, and professional activities.

3. Trade name registration

This is what distinguishes one license from another. It is also linked to the form and activity of the company and is met by several important conditions imposed by the Department of Economic Development on the trade name before it approves it:

The trade name should not contain inappropriate words, should not violate public taste, and the company name should accurately reflect the commercial activity, and the company name should accurately reflect the commercial activity. How to renew a trade license in Dubai

4. Obtain initial approval

After determining the activity, legal form, and registering the trade name, you must obtain initial approval for your economic activity, which qualifies you to proceed in order to obtain approval from the authorities related to the activity.

Here, our experts will assign all the legal and paperwork related to your company before the government agencies to us, and our staff will do what is necessary on your behalf by completing all the steps with the various government agencies from our side and through the work team that is connected with the competent government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai with its long experience and permanent dealings with them.

5. Preparing the articles of association and a service agent agreement

6. Choose a location for your business

You must choose a location to operate your business. All companies must have an existing physical address located in the United Arab Emirates, and meet the specified requirements and land allocation regulations by the municipality. You can add other licenses in the same location as your existing license, along with important basics to consider.

7. Obtaining approvals from the authorities concerned with the facility’s activity

Some activities require additional approvals from their regulators

Including the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Justice, approval from the Civil Defense if the activity, for example, is related to the activities of selling firefighting equipment, etc. You will not need additional approvals for activities that fall within the scope of the Department of Economic Development’s specialization, and you can also obtain assistance from the Department of Economic Development regarding additional entities related to your economic activity.

8. Obtaining the license

After completing all the required steps, you can receive an activity license after attaching the required documents, including the steps mentioned, submitting them to the Department of Economic Development, and paying the commercial license fees. After that, register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and you will need to join the Chamber of Commerce membership in the relevant emirate, before you can start your economic activity.

We do all of this through our experts at Al Ghaf Golden Company , in three easy steps, without any complications, and we are committed to you until your company is established.

Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis


Costs of establishing a company in Dubai:

  1. The cost of the commercial license “ The cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone ” (license to practice business).
  2. The cost of the location of the company or office where you want to do your business (the annual rent for the office or the cost of purchasing a new office).
  3. Costs related to office furniture and decoration.
  4. The cost of work permits and visas required for employees sponsored under your company name.
  5. Open a bank account in the name of the company and deposit the minimum capital required according to your type of business.

The legal form of the company also plays a fundamental role in whether the cost of establishment increases or decreases. For example, the costs of establishing industrial companies are higher than in commercial and professional companies.

The commercial license in Dubai is the most important document you need, and of course we help you obtain the commercial license in the easiest way possible. The most important initial steps are knowing all the costs for establishing companies.

If you are planning to establish a commercial company in Dubai, you must determine the options in order to be able to determine the cost, such as is the company large or small, how many employees, and what place do you want to establish the company in?

Therefore, you must know the required fees, because there are new commercial licenses that you must obtain for a fee and fees, in addition to obtaining visas for the company’s employees. There are costs to sponsor employees and provide them with the necessary visas and papers in order to be allowed to reside in the UAE.

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