Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis

If the client desires Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis you must open a commercial register. If you wish to start creating and establishing a company In areas within Dubai, you should know well that for each step there are required documents and papers, in addition to the fees prescribed for each step you take. Starting companies in Dubai has become faster and easier than ever before.


Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis


Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis

In order to establish a company or institution, the necessary steps must be followed to complete the establishment process completely.

  • Determine the nature of the activity: This is the first step at the beginning of the process of establishing the company and determining the type of activity to be practiced in Dubai, and thus it will determine the parties associated with the activity and the legal structure.
  • Economic activities are divided into three main types: commercial, professional, and industrial.
  • Commercial: includes retail and wholesale trade, communications, transportation and storage, construction, leasing, real estate and financial brokerage.
  • Vocational: These are all activities that depend on the mind and body together in tasks, and include fishing, agriculture, health, work, education, and social work.
  • Industrial: It includes everything that includes manufacturing industries, such as mining, quarries, water, gas, and electricity.
  • It also includes tourist activities, but if it chooses an activity that is not included among the existing activities, experts may provide full technical support to choose the activity and complete the necessary procedures.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Determining the activity depends on the type of company, and in order to establish a company in Dubai for Saudis the client must complete these steps:

  • Determine the type of economic activity of the company.
  • Determine the legal form, as well as the partnership’s percentage of the allocated capital, and the percentage of profit and loss for the partners.
  • Reserve the trade name after choosing it by reserving a new trade name. Choosing an automatic trade name. A specific number may be used to reserve it as a trade name.
  • Submit a certificate for initial approval.
  • Memorandum of Association and Service Agent Agreement.
  • Determine the company’s location and document the lease contract, providing a certificate of initial approval for the numerous service centers, the lease contract and documents required by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • After obtaining the notarized lease contract, it is subsequently submitted to the Department of Economic Development in order to complete the rest of the procedures for issuing the commercial license, and it must be valid.
  • Approval of the authorities regulating the activity so that the client can familiarize himself with the list of economic activities, and the approval of any other government authorities is not required.
  • Finally, he is able to receive the business license.


Opening a commercial register for Saudis in Dubai

After performing the establishment steps, the client can receive the license for the activity and open a commercial register for Saudis in Dubai after completing the following:

  • Attach all documents and papers required for each process and submit them to the department concerned with economic development.
  • Pay all prescribed fees for the commercial license within 30 days from the date of issuance of the payment authorization. However, if the fees for the commercial license are not paid within 6 months, the transaction will be cancelled.
  • Registering with the Chamber of Commerce as a member, you need to join the Chamber’s membership in the actual Emirates before starting its economic activity.
  • While applying you will be required to obtain official commercial license approval.
  • Paying fees and issuing a payment permit. A single permit may be issued that includes initial approval fees, then reserving the trade name and the fees prescribed for issuing the license.
  • It should be noted that the fee prescribed for the process of establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis is the same and fixed, amounting to 300 dirhams.
  • After submitting the commercial license application, care must be taken to complete the rest of the documents required from the client.


Residence and investment in Dubai

Regarding residency in Dubai and investment, one must know how to reside in Dubai and whether that residency affects investment and the methods of choosing it.

  • It is necessary to choose the investment to be established, as it may have a strong relationship with residency.
  • The multiplicity of activities and events for the industry and trade movement in Dubai is a major factor in success.
  • As the working climate itself contributes to investing money and profit.
  • Dubai may be considered one of the best countries for investment and also living in.
  • What is meant by residency and investment here is real estate residency, meaning that the state allows foreigners to reside on its lands and buy real estate there.
  • Working and investing in it may be subject to many specific rules and principles.


Rules and foundations of real estate investment in Dubai

Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis is subject to many conditions, including:

  • The value of the property to be invested in Dubai is not less than one million UAE dirhams.
  • The property must be complete and established.
  • Providing a suitable monthly income through this investment of not less than ten thousand UAE dirhams.
  • Application is through an application to obtain the visa with approval after paying the full price of the property to the property owner himself.
  • In the case of purchasing the property through a loan or mortgage through a mortgage or loan.
  • The applicant must be residing in Dubai and in good health.
  • He must undergo and pass a medical examination, and this step must be repeated every time the residency is renewed again.
  • The investor submits a request to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs and must attach a copy of the passport that he owns.
  • The ownership contract for the property is presented provided that it is in the name of the applicant.
  • Pay all prescribed visa fees.
  • After approval of the application, the applicant is granted residency for two years, renewable again if he so desires or in the event that there is an obstacle to residing and investing in Dubai.


Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis

If the investor wishes to obtain a visa to practice investment in Dubai, he must pay all the prescribed fees, which are:

  • The cost of the location of the office or facility in which the business is to be operated, such as the annual rent for the headquarters and the cost of purchasing a new office.
  • Costs of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone, which is a license to practice commercial work.
  • Costs related to office decoration and furniture.
  • Open a private bank account in the name of the company and deposit a minimum amount of available capital according to the type of business activity.
  • The legal structure of the company also plays a fundamental role in the process of increasing and decreasing the cost of incorporation, as it may be higher in establishing industrial companies than in professional and commercial companies.
  • A trade license in Dubai is the necessary and most important document.
  • It also helps in obtaining a commercial license in an easy way.


Initial steps for the cost of establishing a company in Dubai

If you are planning to establish and establish a commercial company in Dubai you must specify some important points, which are:

  • The size or smallness of the company determines the necessary cost.
  • The location where the company is to be established.
  • There are commercial licenses that you can obtain for a set fee.
  • And visas for the company’s employees, as there are costs required to sponsor employees and obtain the important visas and documents required to allow them to reside there.

After the process of receiving the special license for the purpose of establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis is completed and the investor finishes determining the name of the company and the prescribed capital and the completion of the legal procedures, the All related matters have been completed, so he can practice his business activity with ease and safety.



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