Establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Establishing a company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone is now possible for any person in Dubai, regardless of his financial ability and capital budget, to establish any of the many types of commercial activities available: due to the different living conditions and their many requirements, as well as the different types of investment and its required needs between one emirate and another.


Establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone


Establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

In the recent period, we have noticed the population increase in the number of births and the frequent visits to the Emirates, which therefore requires the need for various services necessary for matters of living and life.

  • The Jebel Ali area has a distinctive geographical location, and it is one of the free zones located in the city of Dubai.
  • It has a complete ecosystem that suits all industrial and commercial businesses.
  • The Jebel Ali area has several warehouses for storing and displaying goods at reasonable prices compared to other areas.
  • The shareholder is not required to be present in person in the UAE to begin establishing and establishing an investment company himself.


Advantages of establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

The Jebel Ali Free Zone is one of the free zones located in Dubai. It may help inestablishing a company in the Jebel Ali Free Zonebecause it has many advantages, including: :

  • It is granted complete exemption from taxes, whether income tax or corporate tax.
  • Tax exemption on both import and export.
  • Allowing full foreign ownership.
  • Providing many ways of facilitating and facilitating office rental conditions.
  • The documents required to create a new company are not many and complex.
  • Providing a large number of available commercial activities.
  • Providing the possibility of providing warehouses for storage.
  • No restrictions on currency.


Conditions for establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Despite all the facilities provided by the Jebel Ali region for establishing companies, there are some important conditions for establishing a company, and among those conditions we mention the following:

  • Number of shareholders: The company can be established in the Jebel Ali area with one shareholder. The company’s capital can be divided into approximately 300 dirhams, with the value of each share being one dirham, and there is no minimum capital.
  • Management: The person who takes over the management of the company is the director, and seven directors are chosen who are located anywhere in the world.
  • As for the General Manager, he must be present within the United Arab Emirates, in order to be in daily contact with all authorities.
  • In order toestablish a company in the Jebel Ali Free Zoneit is necessary to bring documents such as a complete application form for licensing and registration.
  • Bring a certified copy of a valid passport, preferably a color copy, whether it is a shareholder, general manager, or company secretary, with the application form.
  • If the shareholder is a company, he must bring a notarized copy of the certificate of incorporation to the notary.
  • Legal documents must be brought if the company is foreign.
  • Two copies of the company’s articles of association and articles of association must be present.


Establishing a company in Dubai

After all documents are submitted, the authorities in the Jebel Ali region must approve the initial name, which takes approximately ten days.

  • In terms of licenses, the value of issuing a commercial license may reach ten thousand dirhams, in addition to the annual renewal fees.
  • You must bring two copies of the company’s articles of incorporation and articles of association in the Jebel Ali area, the name of the company, the signature of all shareholders, and an explanation of their names and addresses.
  • After the documents are submitted, the authorities must approve the initial name.
  • In terms of licenses, the industrial license is for industrial activities.
  • Trading, trading, import and export license.
  • Logistics license for logistics services.
  • Education license for educational, social, training, and other advisory services.


Establish your company in the UAE

Every company must have its own registered office, so the Jebel Ali region authorities offer several options, starting from a Smart Desk facility to large offices in the Business Park.

  • After completing the establishment of a company in the Jebel Ali area and issuing licenses, the shareholder can apply for a residence permit in Dubai, valid for three years.
  • In order for the passport to be stamped, one must travel to the United Arab Emirates, undergo a medical test, and remain in the country for at least two weeks.
  • You can visit the UAE at least once every six months in order to maintain residency.


Costs of establishing a company in the free zone

The costs of establishing the company in the free zone in Jebel Ali are limited to some expenses, which are:

  • The costs of the location of the office or the place where the business is established, whether rented or purchased.
  • Costs of obtaining a business license.
  • Costs of furniture, office decorations, and the company responsible for your business.
  • Costs of obtaining work permits for all sponsored employees and obtaining visas available in the name of the new company.
  • The cost of the company’s legal form, whether it is industrial, commercial, or professional.
  • Costs for obtainingDubai commercial license.


Steps to establish a company in Jebel Ali

Followed Dubai Recently, it is building strategic plans in order to achieve a sustainable economy away from its dependence on oil and petroleum reserves.

  • It opened up the fields of real estate investment, trade, and construction, and allowed non-oil companies to contribute to the economy.
  • It provided all facilities in order to achieve the desired goal.
  • Choose the name assigned to the company that is appropriate to the nature of the work.
  • Study the market for that activity.
  • Determine the company’s headquarters, whether rent or purchase.
  • The investor account is one of the conditions for establishing a company.
  • Receive a commercial license and work therein.


Saudi investment in Dubai

Investment in the Gulf is considered one of the most important investments in countries of the world, especially in the UAE, as it provides facilities to investors. Among the conditions for establishing a company are the following:

  • Taking all the necessary steps to establish the company in the Gulf.
  • Company documents and papers can also be submitted.
  • Pay the commercial license fees within thirty days, starting from the date on which the payment authorization was issued.
  • A membership application is submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and registration.
  • Provides all information about the company’s capital in the commercial registry.
  • The validity of the commercial license begins from the day of issuance of payment vouchers and issuance of the license.
  • Receive the commercial license and create the company’s commercial register.


Dubai Business

The Jebel Ali Free Zone is considered one of the most important free zones in the Emirates, and the conditions for establishing a company may differ from the conditions for establishing a company. These conditions include the following:

  • Receive a form for conducting business showing all company data, such as the company name and type of activity.
  • Submit a copy of the passport of the company owner, employees and secretary.
  • And also among the conditions for establishing a company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone filling out the company incorporation form for the same zone.
  • Clarifying all company data, such as postal address, phone number, and company address.
  • There are some activities that the Gulf states have approved and allow foreign investors to practice, such as:
  • All activities related to owning stock exchange shares or shares of UAE companies.
  • Business management activities for institutions and companies.
  • Activities related to owning real estate and land in the Emirates.
  • All aviation work.
  • Media related business.

Companies established in free zones are subject to specific laws and regulations that govern each authority or body of a specific free zone. We have clarified the conditions for establishing a company in the Jebel Ali Free Zone And also the cost and requirements for this in the article.



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