Establishing a company in Jebel Ali

Establishing a company in Jebel Ali, as it is one of the free zones in the city of Dubai, is considered one of the good places for business clients and investors because it is easy to obtain initial approvals, procedures and declarations for establishing a company in Jebel Ali.

It is also characterized by the low costs of establishing a company in the free zone and the possibility for the customer to establish the company without seeking the help of a local or foreign sponsor who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, as well as all the solutions for establishing a business. When establishing a company in Jebel Ali, the following must be taken into account:

  • Choose the appropriate location for the company.
  • An authorized trade name not previously used for the company is also chosen.
  • Also choose the entity and legal form of the company, depending on the type of activity that the client wants to carry out in his company.
  • Finally, follow all procedures and take all necessary permits to carry out work within the project in a proper manner.


Advantages of establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zones, Dubai

What is a free zone in Dubai and what are the benefits of starting a business or establishing a company in the Dubai free zone? Simply put, free zones in Dubai are economic zones launched by the government and offer:

  • Corporate and personal tax exemptions, customs benefits and other incentives for foreign investors
  • Dispose of the full profits without any decrease
  • Complete individual ownership
  • There are no restrictions on cash transactions
  • Complete exemption from import and export tax
  • These special rules and regulations have been set by the government to establish such free zones in Dubai.

In addition to everything mentioned, it must be noted that opening a business in non-free zones requires the presence of a national sponsor who owns 51% of the business activity, and although this law was amended in 2018, many investors prefer to establish a company in the Dubai Free Zone because The tax benefits mentioned above.

Establishing a company in Jebel Ali


Costs of establishing a company in Jebel Ali

The costs of establishing a company in Jebel Ali are calculated by conducting a study for any specific project. Depending on the activity or field that you have chosen, the value of investment costs in Jebel Ali is determined and also according to the extent of expansion in the field, as the costs differ whether they are small projects for shops or something else. Likewise, if the investment idea is to establish a factory or company, you can also invest in small amounts in Dubai by contributing to already established companies. The costs of establishing a company in Jebel Ali are:

  • Pay the fees for renting the area or location of the company to be established.
  • Paying commercial activity fees to the relevant institutions.
  • Payment of trade name and commercial registration fees.
  • Paying all bank dues for the stages of conducting commercial activity in its free zones.
  • Determine the value of profits and conduct a complete feasibility study in order to reach the best results after paying taxes and state dues.
  • Pay the price of the commercial license in Dubai or the value of the instant license in Dubai if the investment location in Dubai is in one of the free zones such as Jebel Ali Free Zone.
  • You must adhere to everything approved by the UAE legal authority and strictly apply all fees that may be imposed.


Steps to invest in Jebel Ali

You must study many steps to invest in Jebel Ali in order to be able to achieve successful investment in Dubai, as the commercial market in Dubai is a difficult market due to the large number of competitors in it. Here are some steps to invest in Jebel Ali:

  • Market movement study:

This consists of knowing what the market needs in terms of the area in which the project will be located and the extent of its suitability to the needs of the market, studying the extent of the project’s potential for more than one field, knowing the consumer group for the services or products that will be provided to them, and studying the advertising and marketing system for the product in a way that achieves the highest profit for the company.

  • Domain selection:

It is to renew in which field you want to invest your money, and here you seek to determine the activity that is compatible with the capital that you specify, and whether you invest your money in commercial, industrial, professional finance, or the real estate field, as the real estate field in Dubai is characterized as one of the most important targeted investments.

  • Conduct a feasibility study:

It is a plan that consists of conducting a feasibility study for the project, determining the required capital in a large and accurate manner, as well as making a reserve for it, and making profit forecasts using a modern and advanced study. These are also suitable as investment steps in Jebel Ali in terms of application, given that it is a distinctive commercial area.


Establishing a company in Jebel Ali

Establishing a company in Jebel Ali, which is considered a free zone, is one of the goals most sought by many Arab and international countries, due to the great facilities this region provides to investors in it to establish their companies, as well as the services that have been designed next to the project sites, which helps customers meet all their needs. These areas are characterized by their design on paved roads for the possibility of establishing a company there, such as establishing a company in Jebel Ali.

The cost of establishing a company in the Jebel Ali region and in the free zones in Amman is not high, but it is also profitable for customers due to the ease of procedures in these areas, as they do not have restrictions or impose 100% taxes on customers’ income.

It is also consideredEstablishing a company in free zones such as Jebel Ali represents significant economic development and growth in the United Arab Emirates due to the ease of laws that regulate and manage Business activities within these zones, which made the establishment of these companies in the free zones a major reason for significant development and growth in the UAE’s economy in relation to the Arab and international countries of the world, as the free zone is considered a separate entity not governed by any laws or restrictions on Emirati business because there are no customs duties, which facilitates The investor must establish a company in it.


Why start your business and company in Jebel Ali Dubai?

Whatever your budget and financial ability, you can start an activity, trade, or provide services in the Emirates, due to the differences in living conditions and requirements, its expenses, and the differences in the costs of establishing companies between each emirate and among the types of companies available.

It is noticeable in the Emirates, especially Dubai, the high human density and the constant influx of people, whether they are capitalists, investors, or skilled workers, which has led to many needs for different projects and increased demand for products and services, so it is the best place where you can start your trade or industry or provide your services to users. And the audience is there. Dubai Government supports entrepreneurs and investors and facilitates all services and needs to start a business or activity in Dubai.

How to become an entrepreneur in Dubai Dubai’s status as an emerging market makes it an ideal place to invest. With the constant influx of new residents from every corner of the world, new markets are always opening up. The Dubai government supports entrepreneurs through the Mohammed bin Rashid Young Business Leaders Authority and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation. Both institutions seek to motivate young Arab leaders to become an integral part of their region’s economy.

The first step to starting to invest in your company is to develop an executable business plan that defines the company’s goals and explains to investors and future clients the reasons why they should work with you. The government also provides strong support to Emirati entrepreneurs, and there are many grants available for people with a strong business plan.


For example, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Authority provided strong support to Emirati entrepreneurs and others by launching the “Tajer Dubai” program or the Entrepreneurial Development Program to identify young and emerging entrepreneurs who are citizens of the United Arab Emirates and develop their promising ideas.

There are many methods for obtaining financing for new businesses, including business loans from financial institutions and business grants from the Dubai government. Attracting venture capital is the initial funding option and is often a vital part of many investors’ businesses. Another manifestation of growth in Dubai and the Arab world is the rise of social entrepreneurs who establish companies not only to make a profit but also to meet a community need or to protect the environment.


Free zones in the United Arab Emirates

These free zones (also known as free trade zones) strive in a way that supports and promotes global trading companies; This is done by providing 100% ownership to foreign investors, and making administrative procedures very easy.

Once you establish and operate your company in the UAE, you – as the owner of the company – can apply for a residence visa in the UAE and hire employees as well. You can also submit applications for residence visas for those you refer, such as your family members, for example.

The UAE has more than 50 free zones covering all major commercial sectors. Whether your company’s sector is industrial, commercial, consulting, educational, health, technology, or other, these free zones in the UAE are considered ideal locations to establish your leading company.

Dubai is considered the business capital of the UAE, and includes free zones that were specifically established to serve a wide range of commercial sectors. In its quest to follow the vision of the Emirate of Dubai, other emirates have also developed interest in their own free zones, through which they always offer flexible prices to compete in the Emirati market.

If one of the free zones for limited liability companies provides a flexible structure for companies and individuals alike, and a very easy plan can be provided to establish and operate companies within just a few days, but this process can be completed remotely, and foreign investors are not required to come to the UAE in person. To establish a new company.



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