Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone is one of the inspiring investments for investors, as the city of Dubai has become, over the course of decades, a home for various investments and project sizes, and Dubai containing dozens of free zones has led to a significant increase in the growth of the investment process and its activity to receive all nationalities of investors and entrepreneurs who wish to benefit from the advantages. The huge free zones in Dubai offer, in this article we discuss the important free zones in Dubai that support the establishment of a company in the Dubai Free Zone in a manner suitable for different sizes of companies and capital.


Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

The city of Dubai includes more than 20 free zones. Each zone has its own advantages that suit specific types of economic activities and attract specific categories of investors. Therefore, the first step in establishing a business in the free zones in Dubai is to determine the type of economic activity so that the investor can determine the most suitable free zone and be able to… Benefit from these advantages that bring successful investment returns and huge profits for his work.

Types of free zones in Dubai

There are two types of free zones in Dubai and they are suitable for establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone and there is no difference between the two types except the number of shareholders and the legal status In addition to the different laws that govern each free zone in Dubai, which requires careful consideration and choosing which free zone suits the company, the types of companies include the following:

  • Free zone limited liability company.
  • Free zone establishment.


The most famous free zones in Dubai:

  • Al Raha area in Jebel Ali.
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone.
  • Dubai Multi Commodities Centre.
  • Dubai Design District.
  • Dubai Healthcare City.
  •  Dubai Media City.
  • Dubai International Academic City.
  • Dubai Internet city.
  • Dubai International Financial Centre.
  • Knowledge Park in Dubai.
  • Gold and Diamond Complex.
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis.
  • Dubai Production City.
  • Dubai South.
  • Dubai Studio City.


The most famous free zones for establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

The free zone was established to support entrepreneurs and investors and provide all the services necessary to establish a company in the Dubai Free Zone in a successful investment manner, starting from the excellent strategic location in the heart of Dubai to the enormous investment opportunities and a luxurious life characterized by luxury. Here are the advantages of establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone:

  • The distinguished strategic location in the heart of Dubai and only 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport.
  • The free zone is characterized by luxury and elegance, as it is located near the Meydan Hotel and overlooks the Meydan International Racecourse, which hosts the Dubai World Cup, the horse track, and the Meydan Golf Course.
  • A suitable investment opportunity for establishing companies and businesses at a cost starting from 12,500 UAE dirhams. It supports thousands of commercial activities to establish emerging businesses as limited liability companies and provides all services to provide an ideal work environment.
  • Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone provides investors with access to the networking community to stimulate the innovation and growth process within those companies and investment projects.


Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone- You are on the cusp of globalization thanks to the luxurious life and global services around you that give your brand credibility to deal with societal groups. High-end, which provides a significant competitive advantage for your company.

Establishing a company in the Dubai Airport Free Zone

Establishing a company in the Dubai Airport Free Zone is an investment opportunity in one of the most vital areas for international trade in the city of Dubai, where the zone was established in 1996.The Dubai Airport Free Zone supports thousands of companies and dozens of diverse sectors and provides… An organized work environment that contains all basic services and facilities with a strong and advanced infrastructure. The Dubai Airport Free Zone offers the following advantages:

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone is characterized by its excellent strategic location close to Dubai International Airport.
  • Dubai Airport Free Zone is the ideal free zone for market penetration in the Middle East.
  • Tax exemption on companies and individual income.
  • Full foreign ownership without the need for an Emirati partner.
  • Freedom to recover capital and profits.

If you are considering an investment move, establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone (Dubai Airport) is the ideal choice for an innovative work environment that provides all the needs of companies of different sizes and nationalities.

Establishing a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Do you want to invest in a free zone suitable for your business activity and close to an international port? Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone (Jebel Ali) is an ideal investment opportunity because the Jebel Ali Free Zone is located 30 square meters from the center of Dubai and contains the Jebel Ali International Port and the largest aluminum factories in the Middle East. The largest economic zones in the Middle East that meet the requirements to serve global markets, the Jebel Ali Free Zone provides the following advantages:

  • Tax exemption for companies and individuals.
  • Customs exemption on imports.
  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • Ease and speed of completing the procedures for establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone.
  • The right to recover profits and capital.
  • The costs of establishing companies are relatively low.
  • It contains Jebel Ali Port, which is one of the largest seaports in the world.
  • Gil Ali Port is connected to more than 180 shipping lines and 140 ports around the world.
  • It includes approximately 65 ports and marine stations distributed on all continents.


Establishing a company in the Dubai South Free Zone

Dubai South is one of the most famous free zones in Dubai. Dubai South was previously called “World Center.” This area is considered a suitable investment environment for commercial and industrial activities thanks to its proximity to Jebel Ali Port and Al Maktoum International Airport.

  • Complete tax exemption on both corporate and income tax.
  • Establishment procedures do not require the investor to come to Dubai South in person.
  • Allowing full foreign ownership.
  • Ease of legal procedures and required documents.
  • Flexibility in renting offices and warehouses.
  • It supports many business activities.
  • Tax exemption on import and export.
  • There are no restrictions on currency.
  • Establishment costs are relatively low compared to other regions.


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