Establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai

Establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

Investment in general is one of the economic activities that some people undertake recently, out of a desire to achieve profits, and one of the best forms of investment is establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone due to the many advantages it offers to the investor due to its distinguished economic location, in addition to the presence of free zones that are relatively cheap compared to other investment areas.


Establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai


Types of free zones in Dubai

Dubai has now become the first destination for every investor and businessman who wants to start his own investment project, but there are some areas that are distinct from others, including the free zones in Dubai, which are areas considered fertile soil for investors of all types and locations, and among those areas are the following:

  • Dubai Airport Free Zone is one of the first free zones known as an excellent interface for establishing any investment project.
  • Dubai Internet City is one of the largest ICT complexes in the Middle East, so it is a unique location.
  • If you want to establish a company in the free zone in Dubai Dubai Design District is one of the Your special areas.
  • Dubai International Academic City is also considered one of the free zones located within Dubai.
  • Dubai Media is a city that is considered one of the most important sources of media, as it is considered a fertile environment for professional stimulation, in addition to the meeting of different nationalities.
  • Dubai Studio City is one of the cultural cities that supports investment projects, especially in the field of creative and artistic work.
  • The Dubai Multi Commodities Center, in addition to the Gold and Diamond Park are also free zones.
  • Knowledge Park in Dubai, Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority are among the most famous free zones.


Steps to establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai

If you want to establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai  you must take into account some steps and legal points specified by the government in Dubai, and among these steps are: The points are as follows:

  • You must specify the type of activity to obtain a business license for each activity separately.
  • Develop a plan for the capital requirements available for the project.
  • Choosing a trade name, taking into account the necessary conditions in choosing the name.
  • Submit an application to obtain a commercial license appropriate for the company’s activity.
  • You must choose the place where you want to create your project.
  • Obtaining initial approval, which requires an application form filled out with all the data that must be available.
  • A sample business plan must be submitted, adding some other documents, including a copy of the commercial license, a colored copy of the passports of the company’s shareholders and the manager, a signature form for all shareholders, accurate financial reports on the company’s finances, a letter of no objection from the sponsor, a title deed, and a letter of intent.
  • The next step is to officially register the facility, which requires a registration application that contains all the data, in addition to a board of directors decision to appoint a manager for the company, a legal power of attorney authorizing the manager, the articles of incorporation, a manager signature form, a personal photo of the manager, and information about the shareholder’s capital.


Types of activities and businesses in the free zone

When establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone it is necessary to specify that the company’s activity belongs to any type of activities and businesses located in the various free zones, and among those Types include:

  • The type of license varies depending on the activity practiced, and the activities you can engage in include advertising or content production.
  • Animation, film production or corporate print production.
  • Digital content production is also one of the available fields, in addition to the content of educational materials.
  • Game development or graphic design are both things you can do in Dubai.
  • Music production, recording or music video production.
  • Performing artistic and theatrical performances, in addition to photography and videography.
  • Producing content for radio as well as script writing and software development.
  • Writing and distributing songs, as well as television production, are one of the activities available within the free zone.
  • Other business activities include a branding agency, events activity, or exhibitions and conferences.
  • Marketing communications is another activity for which you can obtain a license.
  • Printing and Broadcasting One of the activities is as welcome as publishing a book, magazine or newspaper, whether you want to broadcast from a television or radio station.


Cost of a business license in the free zone

In order to be able establish a company in the Dubai Free Zone  you must first obtain a commercial license that allows you to practice your activity, and fees vary from One activity to another, the cost of each license separately is as follows:

  • The fee for obtaining a commercial or industrial license is 600 UAE dirhams for the first time, and 500 dirhams for the second time.
  • To obtain initial approval to conduct business, it is 100 dirhams.
  • Choosing a company name and registering it you need to pay 210 AED.
  • When establishing a foreign company in the UAE, one of the conditions is to have a partner of Emirati nationality, and the fee for having a partner costs 500 UAE dirhams.
  • The fee for obtaining and printing a commercial license is 50 dirhams.
  • The commercial license in the free zone varies depending on whether the license is for a company or institution. If it is for a company, the value is 15 thousand dirhams, but if it is for an institution, the fee is 10 thousand dirhams.


Benefits of establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai

If you are looking for a suitable area to establish your project, the advantagesof establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone may make the free zone the first destination. For you, among those positives are the following:

  • Full ownership of the company without the need for a local sponsor is one of the most important benefits you get while investing in Dubai.
  • Ease of establishment procedures, in addition to lower costs and fees compared to other countries.
  • There are all the flexible solutions that are applicable in the fields of business establishment.
  • You can benefit from the excellent location by using support or warranty services.
  • The free zone is considered one of the most important vital areas in Dubai, so the success of your project will definitely increase.


The cheapest free zone in the Emirates

Investors and businessmen who want to Establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai  are keen to search for the cheapest free zone available to conduct their commercial activities, and one of the cheapest areas Free includes:

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis

Dubai Silicon Oasis is one of the cheapest free zones that offers you many advantages, including that it is considered one of the giant areas for telecommunications companies, in addition to the presence of many law firms and consulting agencies, in addition to tax exemption on import, export, and corporate taxes.


  • Jebel Ali Free Zone

This zone is considered one of the largest free zones in the world, and one of the advantages it offers is that it provides 6 types of commercial licenses, so commercial activities are diverse.


  • Dubai Healthcare City

It is one of the first free medical zones in the world. This zone includes a large group of sectors that provide distinguished health care, pharmacy education clinics, in addition to institutes for teaching the trade of medical equipment. Therefore, this zone is considered one of the most important investment areas and is considered fertile ground for medical fields in general.


Given the advantages that the United Arab Emirates provides to investors, whether foreign or national, there are many questions, such as the steps for establishing a company or the costs that must be paid. After knowing the answers to all of these questions, you will find that the free zone is one of the most important investment areas and is your first destination. .



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