Determine the type of activity

Defining the activity is the first step to obtaining a business license. Through the activity, the parties associated with this activity and the legal forms allowed are identified.

The legal entity for free zone establishments in the country takes one of the following two types:

Free Zone Limited Liability Company
Free Zone Corporation
The difference between the two types lies in the number of shareholders and the nature of the shareholder, whether a natural or legal person. Not all free zones are obligated to register these two types of establishments.

Therefore, we advise the investor to refer to the authority concerned with managing each free zone individually to inquire about the legal structure available for the type of activity to be practiced.

DMCC allows the establishment of a limited liability company, which takes the form of a subsidiary company wholly affiliated with a local or foreign company.

Branches of establishments in free zones

Existing local and foreign companies may establish branches in other free zones.

capital requirements

Capital requirements in free zones in the country vary according to the region and the activity.

For example, there is no minimum share capital for twofour54 Abu Dhabi.

In Kizad, the minimum paid-up capital for setting up a limited liability company is AED 150,000.

You can establish a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) in the Dubai Airport Free Zone with a minimum of one thousand AED for the required capital.

Find out about DMCC business setup packages.

In order for the company to obtain a general trading license, it must provide a minimum share capital of: one million UAE dirhams.

As for in, the investor can establish a free zone establishment with a share capital of 150,000 dirhams.

Choose a business name

When deciding the type of legal entity for your business, you should also consider choosing an appropriate business name for the business.

In most cases, you should refer to the relevant Free Zone Authority or Department of Economic Development to see the authorized trade names and whether the name you intend was previously registered by a company.

According to the twofour54 website, the name “Abu Dhabi” or “UAE” cannot be used to designate a limited liability company or a branch of a company. The zone will inform the customer if the name you intend to use has already been registered in the media zone, and you can check for yourself with the Department of Economic Development.

The region can also provide an assessment of whether the name you intend to use is valid.

You can view the DMCC trade name selection rules (link in English only)

On the other hand, the Departments of Economic Development require certain conditions for approval of a trade name, including:

It should not be contrary to public order and morals
It must be followed by what indicates the legal entity of the company such as: (LLC, S.A.P., S.A.O., FZE, FZE).
Must not be registered or used for the same or similar type of activity
It must comply with the nature of the activity and the required legal form
It should not include sectarian or sectarian names, the names of the ruling authority, or the names and logos of local, Arab and international bodies, institutions and organizations.
It should not be identical or similar to a local or international trademark registered with the Ministry of Economy
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Apply for a business license

The type of license you are seeking depends on the core activity of your business.

Types of practical activities that can be practiced in the free zones

In the twofour54 media zone, an investor can engage in the following activities:

Content Production
Corporate Film Production
Corporate Publications
Digital content production (such as CGI or 3D)
Content of educational materials
Film Production
game development
graphic design
Mobile content (such as content for interactive media services on mobile devices)
Music production and recording
Music videos (video clips)
Electronic content production (eg websites, e-books, tourist guides, etc.)
Artistic performances and theater
Photography and videography
Production of print content (eg magazines, newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, guides, brochures, etc.)
Radio content production
writing texts
Software development (eg applications)
Writing and distributing songs
TV production
Web design and development (e.g. websites, search engine, forum, website production, e-library)
Other business activities

Brand Agency
Information services (such as marketing research related to media)
Marketing Communications
Organizing media content (such as digital archiving)
Post-production (eg film, television, editing or synthesis services)
Professional association (such as a non-profit association)
Public relations
Regulating rights
Training (in the field of media)
printing and broadcasting

Publish a book
publish a magazine
publish a newspaper
Broadcasting a terrestrial or satellite TV station
Broadcast a terrestrial or satellite radio station
If you intend to do any of the above activities, you must request a separate publishing license.

In the DMCC, you can choose from 600 businesses spread across 20 sectors, such as energy, commodities, gold, diamonds, technology, construction, fast-moving consumer goods, healthcare, aviation and shipping, education, media, and professional services. and financial services

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