Establishing companies in Dubai

Establishing companies in Dubai: The economy of the United Arab Emirates was initially based on trade, on extracting fish and pearls from the sea, and on sales, but when a change occurred and the United Arab Emirates was distinguished by its high economy.
Many investors have directed their attention to the United Arab Emirates due to the high economy, as the United Arab Emirates has become one of the richest Arab countries whose economy depends mainly on oil instead of the sea and its products, which has made many foreigners and visitors.< a i=2> This contributes to the success of all the business projects they create. As a result, many people tend to invest their money in it and start new business ventures to increase their income. However, several conditions are needed to start a business in the UAE, including the importance of establishing and owning a business. Our company works to help you start and start a business, as our company is one of the best companies working in the field of business creation and services for entrepreneurs.


Establishing companies in Dubai


Investing in Dubai

There are some factors that contributed to the success of commercial projects in Dubai and thus to the success of the idea of ​​investing in Dubai and making many investors invest their money in Dubai, as Dubai is distinguished by its strategic geographical location, which makes it a destination for all. Dubai is distinguished by its strategic geographical location, which makes it a destination for all investors, as Dubai has become Nervous center. It is comprehensive that many works are carried out, and there are many factors that contribute to the success of this work, such as a strong transportation network, whether air, land or sea. Its transportation network is distinguished by its connection to all countries of the world, and the United Arab Emirates is generally characterized by its dependence on oil in the economy, which makes it one of the richest countries and the most frequented by visitors, which also affects the activity of movement in it to give oil a specific place among the countries and carry Many investors invest their money in it, as it offers many services and features that contribute to the success of any project or investment in it, so if you have a business and you have it in the best locations in Dubai, all you need to do is use our company, which works In the field of enterprise formation for many years.


Establishing companies in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is one of the most important prerequisites for starting a new business in Dubai, as there must be a company prepared according to the conditions set by private companies.

Our company helps you build your business the way you want it in the best locations and locations that appeal to employees.

Because our company has a wealth of experience in this field and is considered the best company to start a business.


Starting a business requires many steps: 

Choose a company name for the company, because this name is used to distinguish the company from other companies.

Registration and obtaining a commercial license.

Complete all procedures and obtain permits from the competent authorities.

Pay the required fees to government agencies responsible for doing business in Dubai.


All of these requirements are completed by our company during the establishment of companies, making you own the company ready to work because it seeks your comfort and works to save you time and effort.


Establishing companies in the Dubai Free Zone

There are some areas located in remote locations called free zones. These are the geographical areas responsible for selling, storing, exporting and importing goods. There are many free zones in the United Arab Emirates, as the free zones of the United Arab Emirates have reached about 40 zones, in addition to many more zones occurring.


Its establishment and free zones have many advantages that have led most people to start their businesses in them and owning and starting a business in free zones is much simpler.

From elsewhere in Dubai, from companies in the free zone:

It does not need to be owned by any UAE national even it may be owned by a foreigner or a subsidiary of a parent company in another country.

All products in free zones have tax exemption.

Establishing companies in free zones does not require a sponsor. All goods traded in free zones are exempt from customs. You can start your business in the free zone and start your business effortlessly through our company, which ensures that you create the best companies with the best free zone services in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.


The cost of establishing companies in Dubai

Before starting a business or business, people are interested in knowing the costs and money they need to accomplish this task, because starting a business and setting it up well requires some money which the customer needs to know before starting, but because our company always takes care of the customer’s comfort and work to make them happy and get Whatever they want. They find top-notch companies, provide them with the best service and provide them with the best in-house approvals possible. All this happens at the lowest and most affordable prices, and this definitely leads the customer not to worry about the costs. Consumed by businesses during construction, our company is the cheapest company committed to starting and starting a business because it wants to serve customers and help them start your own business and you are not interested in taking advantage of it and raising money if you are one of those who want to have a business. In Dubai and do not know the steps it is necessary to start a business is all you need to use our company, because it is the best company and it is the cheapest company working in this field.


Establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai

Recently, the UAE has become a major shopping hub where people from all countries of the world flock to trade. Among the things that contributed to the rapid economic growth of the United Arab Emirates is the formation of companies in its free zones and the flexibility of the laws followed by the state. It helps organize and manage business and makes free zones the largest number of markets that everyone expects to go to. Free trade zones in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general are not subject to the laws of the Department of Economy that govern the operations of companies. The Dubai Free Trade Zone works to grant companies freedom of ownership, tax exemption, and exemption from fees. The benefits in free zones make it an ideal zone and an honorable face for international companies that do a lot of… Business. It is also useful that opening and establishing a business in Dubai and in the free zone does not require the presence of a partner or sponsor who is a citizen of the United Arab Emirates.


What is the free zone?

The term free zone varies in meaning and definition depending on the type of free zone, but most of the time the term free zone expresses a geographical area where goods are stored, stored, manufactured, marketed and re-exported according to a known and defined customs regime, but are not subject to customs. Homeworks. Free zones are also facilities that are completely independent from the country’s laws, which are not subject to the country’s trade laws and do not require a sponsor. A company based in the free zone can be owned by a person of another nationality without the need for a UAE national partner.


Establishing a company in the free zone

The UAE features more than 40 free zones as well as a few built-up areas. Therefore, starting a business in a free zone is one of the difficult things for an investor as it is difficult to choose among many regions and hence our company due to its extensive experience in corporate governance. It helps many investors choose the appropriate free zone for their business activity and helps establish and establish a free zone company in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.


Establishing a company in the free zone

Starting a business in Dubai Free Trade Zone is much easier than opening a business in Dubai, as it can be 100% owned by any nationality and UAE nationals do not need any partner or sponsor because the company is registered as an establishment, free zone company in the free zone or branch. Dubai Franca Business District or Representative Office. In this case, the main company can be outside the UAE and does not have to be within the UAE. Companies located in the free zone are regulated by the competent authority in the free zone, which issues company licences. This depends on the location of the free zone and the activity derived from it. The type of license issued by the competent authority varies depending on the business activity. You can set up a company in the free zone by following a few steps, including:

  • Agreeing on the trade name, as it is the name that distinguishes one company from another.
  • Obtaining the company’s business license.
  • Obtaining initial approval to start work.
  • Commercial license registration.
  • Complete the requirements for a commercial license and obtain it.


Advantages of establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone

There are many features that distinguish companies located in the free zone from other companies, including:

  • The company in the free zone can be 100% owned by a person, even a foreigner.
  • Ownership does not require a partner or sponsor from the Emirates.
  • 100% capital and profits are recovered.
  • Exemption from taxes and customs duties.
  • Raising corporate tax and income tax costs.
  • There are no restrictions or conditions on the use of different currencies.


Types of companies in the free zone

The Dubai Free Zone works to provide different types of companies that can be established in it, and each type has different advantages that suit your business, and you can choose between:

  •  Free zone establishment

This is formed by one company or person and requires a certain capital, the minimum of which is one thousand UAE dirhams.

  •  A subsidiary of a company

As it is possible for any foreign company to establish a branch in the free zone, and in this case no capital is required


The best company for establishing companies in the free zone

Our company works to help clients establish companies in the free zone, as it is the first company that works to reduce the investor’s effort and save him time, helping him complete all the required tasks, starting from choosing the location necessary to establish the company until obtaining the commercial license, and all of this is done with minimal costs. Cost: Our company always seeks to serve you, so do not hesitate to contact us to obtain many of the services provided by the company.


Opening a company in Dubai for foreigners

The United Arab Emirates is considered one of the best places to make foreign investments because most of its residents, in addition to its distinguished location, are foreigners and provides many resources that make it a destination to start commercial activities in and increase that climate, as the climate has a promotion of the business environment resulting from stability in the political atmosphere. For the country, the UAE is working to create a rich investment environment both regionally and internationally, according to the World Bank’s activity report. In this report, the UAE leads countries in terms of ease of doing business globally. UAE is at level 11 all over the world, so many foreigners attract UAE and intend to start business activities in UAE. This requires opening a business in the United Arab Emirates, and our company works to provide many business establishment, training and equipping services so that everyone owns their business with maximum ease and minimum effort.


Steps to open a company in Dubai for foreigners

There are many steps necessary to open a company in Dubai for foreigners, and the most important of these steps are:

1- Determine the type of investment or project

So, by determining the type of investment and project you want to work with, you can find out what type of license you need, whether it is a professional, commercial or industrial license. These are the things that set out some of the necessary basics, but there are some things to keep in mind when deciding the type of investment, as there are some activities that require additional approval from other government agencies, such as food trading, jewelry trading, some veterinary activities and legal advice. Otherwise, there is a list of 2,100 activities in the Dubai Department of Economic Development that will help you find the activity you want.

2- Ownership

If you are a foreign investor and want to own the company 100%, you must establish your company in one of the free zones, as it is the only one that allows foreigners to own companies completely without the need for a partner or sponsor from the Emirates. There are some specific activities that you can do in the free zone, and there are about 45 free zones in the Emirates, in addition to more zones that will be opened.

If you need to work locally and obtain local licenses, you can obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development

3-Legal structure

It depends on your location and the type of work you do. There are some rules related to the formation of your company. If you want to establish a legal consulting company, you can do so as a subsidiary or as a stand-alone company. A single owner is not allowed to practice this activity.

4-Trade name

It is one of the most important things when working to establish a company. It is an important part of the legal procedures, as the name must indicate the nature of the company’s work, and this is what distinguishes one company from another.

5- Capital share

Sometimes, with some activities, the minimum capital is determined, but in most cases you do not need this step and you do not need to pay the minimum capital.

6- Buildings

After all these steps, which are the most important steps, it is necessary to find a suitable place to establish the company, and this place must have water, internet, and means of transportation passing through it, as the geographical location of the places has an important role in influencing the success of the company.

7-The work team

Sometimes, according to some laws of the Ministry of Economic Development, you need to appoint a manager to supervise the work and he will start work as soon as your company is registered, but in some activities you are not allowed to employ anyone, and this is according to the laws of the region in which you work.


Economy in Dubai

Dubai was a pioneer in tourism, trade and shopping. There are many reasons for this, including the discovery of oil in Dubai and the fact that it has become one of the most important sources, which has led to it becoming one of the richest countries and attracting many foreigners, as Dubai has an environment that promotes business creation due to its calm political environment. In addition to its geographical location, with some laws that promote startups, Dubai enacts two tax-free laws that encourage many to encourage new jobs in the country.



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