Establishing companies in Dubai

Establishing companies in Dubai becomes a seamless and lucrative venture for entrepreneurs, new investors, and business owners worldwide. The UAE offers an inviting environment for businesses, making the process of setting up a company in Dubai straightforward and highly profitable. With various tax exemptions, free zone establishments, and exclusive business privileges, this dynamic city provides unparalleled opportunities for growth and success. Explore the advantages and discover why Dubai is the preferred destination for those looking to establish thriving companies in the heart of the Middle East.

What are the steps to establish a business in Dubai?

Your decision to set up your business in Dubai is the right one as you have government support and the set up costs are also reasonable. Below are the steps you must follow to register a company in the UAE

  1. Determine your business activities and legal structure

The first step in setting up a business in Dubai is to decide on your business activities. You can choose the required activities from the list maintained by the Department of Economic Development or any other economic authority, depending on the location and legal structure of your business

  1. Choose the company name

What should the name of your dream business be? Are you thinking of some names? Write it down and send the list to the relevant authority for approval. Make sure that the names you finalize (no more than 4) must be free of derogatory terms or words that are offensive in any way.

  1. Finishing the job site

The UAE is a land of opportunities. However, a lot also depends on the business location you choose for your business. For example, a media house should prefer to launch its business in the DMC (Dubai Media City) Free Zone and enjoy the benefits of a conducive business environment.

  1. Office space rent

Renting office space in Dubai is beneficial in many ways. You do not need to shell out large amounts of money to buy real estate and the same amount can be invested in other growth-related activities. Additionally, you are freed from the worries of selling the office building when you decide to move in the future.

  1. Complete all incorporation papers

Paperwork is another important aspect of business registration in Dubai. Ensures a safe business environment for local investors as well as aspiring expatriates in the UAE. Therefore, exercise due diligence for all documentation procedures and retain all payment receipts and approvals for future reference.

  1. Apply for a business license

You can apply for the required business license by contacting the Department of Economic Development or the relevant administrative body. The business license provides legal confirmation for conducting business activities in the UAE mentioned in the license. A Local Service Agent (LSA) will help you obtain the license without any legal involvement in your daily activities.

  1. Opening a bank account and managing visas

The final step in setting up a company in Dubai is to open a bank account for your company. Choose a reliable bank whether local or international depending on your needs. Make sure that the bank you finalize for your business offers top-notch banking facilities and robust services.

What are the documents required to establish a company in Dubai?

You must have all the required documents and approvals to obtain the required license and create your dream project in Dubai. Below is a formatted list of documents you need to register a company in Dubai:

  • Descriptive document for the business plan
  • The application form is duly completed
  • MoA and LSA agreements
  • Receipt of payment for reservation of the trade name
  • Copies of passports of all shareholders in your company (if applicable)
  • No objection certificate for your current sponsor (if any)
  • A valid lease contract (sustainability contract)

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