How to establish a company in Dubai

How to establish a company in Dubai: If you are thinking about establishing a company in the Emirates then Dubai is the appropriate and ideal place as it enjoys a thriving economic business environment that is attractive to investments. . Establishing a company in Dubai has become easier and faster than ever to help businessmen and investors establish a company in Dubai and expand their business.


How to establish a company in Dubai


Therefore, you must take a set of steps and procedures to obtain approvals from the Department of Economic Development as well as other government agencies. The following are the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai:

Determine the nature of the activity and the work of the company

1- Determining the nature of the activity is the first step in the process of establishing a company in Dubai and determining the type of activity you want to practice, which are 3 main types:

1- Commercial 2- Industrial 3- Professional – There is also a tourist license

The company’s activity entails choosing the legal form of the company. The following are the legal forms of companies and activities permitted to be practiced in order to establish a company in Dubai:

  • Limited Liability Company: It includes any commercial, industrial, or professional activity, with the exception of legal, auditing, and consulting activities.
  • Sole proprietorship: includes all industrial, commercial and professional activities.
  • Solidarity Company: includes industrial and commercial activities only.
  • Public Joint Stock Company: includes industrial, commercial and professional activities.
  • Private Joint Stock Company: includes any commercial or industrial activity.
  • Civil works company: limited to professional activities only.
  • Limited partnership company: includes most industrial, commercial and professional activities.
  • Branch of a local or Gulf company: All activities listed in the license include the parent company.
  • Branch of a foreign company: practicing professional activities, commercial representation office activities, and indirect commercial activities such as contracting.
  • A branch of a company in the free zone: includes industrial, commercial and professional activities licensed to the parent company within the United Arab Emirates.

2- The company’s trade name:-

There are several important conditions that must be adhered to when determining and choosing the company’s trade name, as it is linked to the company’s activity, and they are as follows:

  • The name does not contain inappropriate words.
  • Not violating public taste.
  • Do not repeat the trade name or use the name of another company.
  • The company name must explain its commercial activity.
  • Do not use the names of countries or government agencies.

3- Initial approval of the company:-

After completing the registration of the company’s trade name, initial approval must be obtained for the company’s economic activity. There are some activities that require external approvals from entities related to the same activity.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

After obtaining the trade name and initial approval, the company’s headquarters must be determined and chosen to carry out the company’s activity. The address of an actual office must be located in Dubai in order to obtain the license at the same office. The articles of incorporation must include the following:

  • Determine the names and nationalities of the partners.
  • Determine the permissible legal form, whether an incorporation contract or a service agent agreement.
  • Determine the name of the company, the purpose of its establishment, the company’s shares and paid-up capital.
  • Determine the partnership’s capital percentage and the partners’ percentage of profits and losses, then document it with a notary public.

These are all the details of the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

It is also possible to add many licenses on the same site, up to 10 licenses, provided that the national owner or partner is the owner or partner in the existing license for the same site.

After completing the trade name procedures, initial approval, writing the articles of incorporation, then choosing the location and obtaining the lease contract.

Submit all documents, pay fees, and then issue a license that enables you to practice the activity.

It must be noted that some activities require external approvals from certain bodies such as Civil Defense – Ministry of Justice – Ministry of Economy – Ministry of Interior.

After obtaining the license, the company’s membership will be registered in the Chamber of Commerce so that you can start your economic activity.

After obtaining the license, you can apply and obtain residency in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.


The idea of establishing a company in Dubai is considered halfway to success, and why not Dubai is the most prominent global hub in the Middle East, Asia and Africa in entrepreneurship and attracting… Entrepreneurs and investments from all countries of the world. It is characterized by several advantages that are rarely found in one city.

Dubai occupies the heart of the Middle East and connects the continent of Asia, Europe and Asia together, and facilitates the movement of goods through the giant ports located in free zones such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone. This distinguished location has made Dubai a prime destination for entrepreneurs due to its contribution to increasing the volume of business, whether commercial, industrial, or other investments.

It is also distinguished by its technological infrastructure that always keeps pace with the requirements for establishing companies in Dubai in this decade. It is characterized by the necessity of relying on advanced and smart communications to complete and accelerate business growth in Dubai. Dubai ranked eighth according to the Global Financial Centers Index, making it one of the top 10 global centers that attract entrepreneurship and rapid growth.

Dubai is also considered among the top 10 financial centers according to the Global Financial Centers Index, where the Dubai International Financial Center ranks eighth. However, this is not the only advantage. The United Arab Emirates was able to confront the global challenges that greatly affect oil prices between rises and falls, and this was through a set of economic policies that enabled the gradual elimination of dependence on oil sources and the diversification of sources of income, which is the case. Which added an element of sustainability to long-term economic growth.

All of this prompted investors to trust more and more in the strength of the UAE economy, and why not, when it has grown beyond the various economic conditions that affected major countries. This is what made foreign direct investments wishing to establish a company in Dubai flow more, and this is not evidenced by the Dubai Economy issuing 42,640 new licenses in 2020 alone, and it comes on top of these forms, the increasing ones in the Jebel Ali Free Zone.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

The procedures for establishing a company in Dubai are considered easy if implemented and followed up by a company with long experience in the world of establishing companies and providing support and technical and legal consultations. And periodic follow-up at every step of establishment. Therefore, many investors preferred to complete the procedures for establishing their companies in Dubai through our company because of the services it provides, starting from the mere idea and working to achieve the maximum benefit from it, to daily follow-up and providing technical, legal and financial support even before the investor reaches Dubai and many others. The work of facilitating the establishment of a company in Dubai, as it is the most important step in the company building stage.

Entrepreneurship begins by studying all types of risks and taking them into account, in order to make the best use of all available opportunities for development. Therefore, our company explains the types of companies in Dubai, then carefully studies with the investor his project and prepares for him the necessary feasibility study to adopt a specific type of the known types of companies.

After this, our company prepares the documents required to establish the company according to the type of company to be established. Below we list the most important steps:

  1. Determine the type of company from among three main types: mainland companies, free zone companies, and offshore companies.
  2. Carefully prepare the necessary papers according to the type of company chosen, and this is one of the most important procedures for establishing a company in Dubai.
  3. Choosing a trade name for the company. This name must be unique and must not contain any word that may violate public taste. It must express the legal form and activity of the company. It must not be similar to the name of any government agency name and must not contain any religious word.
  4. Obtaining initial government approvals.
  5. Searching for a place that suits the nature and aspirations of the company and effectively contributes to its rapid growth in global markets.
  6. Signing legal contracts at our company headquarters.
  7. Then comes the last step of establishing a company in Dubai, which is issuing a trade license in Dubai.

The procedures for establishing a company in Dubai are not as long as they seem at first glance, but they take place within a very short period. This is our role in our company, where Assisting in all procedures for establishing a company smoothly and accurately.


Residence and investment in Dubai

As for residency and investment in Dubai, the government of the United Arab Emirates supports investment in Dubai, whether through the facilities it grants when establishing a company in Dubai or by supporting means that support the growth of global investments located in Dubai. This lies in overcoming all obstacles and the permanent construction and development of the infrastructure and the permanent provision of the latest communications technology in the world, as well as the development of public bodies and the provision of all services and the provision of means and means of security and safety and attention to both health and education, as well as means of transportation with many other services.

Investment in Dubai is always at the forefront, as its government seeks to provide a very wonderful business and investment environment, by facilitating all needs and services that will Make a quick and tangible impact when you start investing in Dubai. All of this has made Dubai the capital of the modern and advanced world of entrepreneurship, making it attract capital and huge international companies, due to the prosperity of life and investment in Dubai and the provision of all services, security and comfort, making it the ideal city not only for investment but also for living.


Residence in Dubai and obtaining an investor visa in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular allow the Dubai Investor Visa to investors in Dubai, which allows the investor to reside in Dubai. This visa, i.e. the Dubai Investor Visa, is granted by the United Arab Emirates according to a set of conditions.

How to obtain a Dubai investor visa

This visa entitles the investor to reside, live, and work in the UAE. It is also known as the partner visa in Dubai. The validity of this visa is 3 years, renewable if the percentage of real estate to the investor is proven. An investor visa in Dubai is granted to investors who own shares worth more than 72 thousand UAE dirhams, or who own a private investment of the same value.

Documents required to apply for a Dubai investor visa

  • Personal photo (white background)
  • An original and copy of the contract of incorporation of a company in Dubai or a service agent contract issued by the court with a value exceeding 72 thousand UAE dirhams.
  • A copy of the company establishment card in Dubai.
  • passport copy.
  • A commercial license to practice business in the UAE.
  • An appendix with the names of the partners (if the visa requires the presence of a partner, unlike investment in the Jebel Ali Free Zone, for example).
  • Company bank statement for the last three months.

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