How to establish a company in Dubai

How to establish a company in DubaiEstablishing a company in Dubai requires completing a series of procedures and approvals required by the Department of Economic Development and other concerned parties to properly register the establishment. Official. First, you must determine the type of activity you want to engage in, and this in turn will determine the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms.

Our work team will provide all support to you and your partners during all steps of establishing a company in Dubai starting from determining the type of activity, choosing the trade name, and obtaining approval. Security and then prepare all the documents required to completethe procedures for establishing the company in Dubai.

All you have to do is set a time to meet with our experts to discuss the details of the activity of the company you would like to establish and submit all the required personal documents to them. Then, on your behalf, we will complete all the steps with the various government agencies in order to obtain a business license in Dubai in the shortest possible time.

The period required to obtain a business license is closely related to the type of activity or activities you wish to practice, in addition to the legal form of the company. There are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one governmental or federal entity, but the Dubai government always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled services and facilities from In order to make Dubai the ideal destination for establishing a business.


How to establish a company in Dubai


Establishing a company in Dubai

In just a few years, Dubai has succeeded in becoming a destination for entrepreneurs and startups not only in the region, but also in the world. It has become referred to as an incubator for establishing companies, as it has been able, through a strategy of unlimited government support, to transform innovative ideas into giant entities whose value has been estimated at billions of dollars, becoming A fertile environment that gives birth to emerging companies rising to the top, and inspiring talents, entrepreneurs, and young people around the world.

ExpertsEstablishing a company in Dubai confirmed that the UAE government’s support for startup companies has created an unprecedented awareness among Arab youth of the many opportunities it holds for their future and the possibility of replicating The wonderful success stories achieved by companies established in Dubai and in other regional markets.


The experts pointed out the importance of the role played by companies established in Dubai in combating unemployment, whose rate in the region reaches 21% from a macroeconomic point of view, and the importance of entrepreneurship and establishing companies in Dubai in spreading education and knowledge to enhance the renaissance of the Arab world, noting that the UAE’s honoring of the best 100 companies were selected during the World Economic Forum for the Middle East and North Africa.

This reflects the extent of the UAE’s commitment to supporting talents, entrepreneurs, and establishing companies in Dubai, as they are the engine of innovation, supporter of economic diversification and foreign investments, and an important means of combating unemployment and achieving a better future for Arab and international youth. They pointed out that the companies established in Dubai that the UAE recently honored focused their activities on technologies and values. And proximity to people, which will have an important positive impact on the economy and the lives of people in the Emirates and the world.

Ammar Al Malik, Executive Director of Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsourcing City, said: The boom in the process of establishing companies in Dubai has made Arab generations realize that jobs are not the only option, and that entrepreneurship is a world without borders.

He added: “The UAE’s initiatives, such as “One Million Arab Coders”, which is one of the initiatives of “Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global”, which aims to spread education and knowledge to enhance the renaissance of the Arab world, have helped in promoting the concepts of entrepreneurship in Dubai, especially since we are living in our time continuous waves of… Technologies, which provide opportunities to drive innovation and create added value in various fields.

To keep pace with these changes, we are working to provide the best services and support to our creative partners, entrepreneurs and founders of small, medium and international companies in Dubai.

He continued: “In Dubai Internet City, we are working to create an environment in which entrepreneurs work in the field of technology and exchange ideas. Establishing a business in Dubai Internet City plays a very important role as it receives entrepreneurs and company founders in Dubai and provides them with administrative support and training opportunities. It also hosts more than two hundred events annually that enrich the business environment, which has made it attract pioneers from all over the world working in various fields.


Regarding the role of entrepreneurs in helping their communities overcome challenges, Al-Malik explained: “Here we can differentiate between two types of establishing companies in Dubai: the first, although its goal is primarily profit, while the second, whose primary goal is sustainable development and serving individuals and communities, and I believe that both types complement each other.” To improve communities and meet their needs.

Iyad Abu Huwaij, General Manager of United Partners Investment Company, confirmed that the increasing number of company establishments in Dubai and in the Arab world helps confront unemployment and creates jobs for marginalized citizens, especially since the Arab world depends on small and medium-sized companies to create job opportunities.

Government support plays a big role in creating a thriving ecosystem and culture for startups, through initiatives such as creating co-working spaces, incubators, and accelerators, and providing access to funding. Governments attract business founders in Dubai within their geographic areas, and access to funding is key as well. “The rate of company formation in Dubai has increased, as investors support startups by financing growth and financing trade at different stages of the startup’s life cycle.”

He pointed out that private sector jobs, in turn, may not be sufficient or meet the aspirations of young people, forcing them to find their own way. In the UAE, for example, it allows the establishment of a company in Dubai within only a few hours.

Of the successful exits, M. “The region is about to witness further growth in the number of successful Dubai-based companies, which will inspire more entrepreneurs to persevere, as well as push government entities, policy makers and investors alike to build more adaptive systems and regulatory frameworks.”

He explained: “For startup founders in Dubai to be able to achieve their full potential, they must be educated by companies looking to cooperate with startups or traditional investors, and improve the ease of doing business.”

He pointed out that most company founders in Dubai still face difficulty in expanding to other countries, and are often forced to reconfigure multiple aspects of their business to comply with new market regulations, which in turn hinders their growth. Deepak Jain, founder of the startup Make My Mail in Dubai, said that global investors are now viewing Dubai as a global incubator for startup companies, thanks to government support and legislative structure.


Costs of establishing a company in Dubai:

  1. The cost of a commercial license “The cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone” (a license to practice business).
  2. The cost of the company or office location from which you want to do your business (annual office rent or the cost of purchasing a new office).
  3. Costs related to office furniture and decoration.
  4. The cost of work permits and visas required for employees sponsored under your company name.
  5. Open a bank account in the name of the company and deposit the minimum capital required according to your type of business.

The legal form of the company also plays a fundamental role in whether the cost of establishment increases or decreases. For example, the costs of establishing industrial companies are higher than in commercial and professional companies. The trade license in Dubai is the most important document you need, and of course we help you obtain the trade license in the easiest way possible.

The most important initial steps are to know all the costs of establishing companies. If you are planning to establish a commercial company in Dubai, you must determine the options in order to be able to determine the cost, such as is the company large or small, how many employees, and what place do you want to establish the company in?

Therefore, you must know the required fees, because there are new commercial licenses that you must obtain for a fee and fees, in addition to obtaining visas for the company’s employees. There are costs to sponsor employees and provide them with the necessary visas and papers in order to be allowed to reside in the UAE.


Residency and investment in Dubai:

In order to combine residency andinvestment in Dubai you must know the best way to do so. There are many many ways through which you can reside in Dubai, but we will only discuss To reside in Dubai by establishing a company affiliated with the free zone, thus allowing you to reside and invest in the free zone, through which you can also invest in Jebel Ali, but at the beginning the matter requires obtaining a sponsor and then choosing the free zone in which you want to invest, and it will not take much time until You go to the immigration department to create a file through which you can recruit employees with your own visas to carry out the project.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

  • Choosing the appropriate company activity – which will determine the type of license required to obtain.
  • Choosing a national partner for a limited liability company or a service agent for individual enterprises.
  • Issuing initial approval and choosing a trade name – the trade name must contain the activity.
  • Preparing the articles of incorporation or a service agent contract and having it authenticated by a notary public in Dubai.
  • Obtaining a lease after finding a suitable office.
  • Obtaining external approvals from relevant government agencies.
  • Submit the final documents to the Department of Economic Development and issue the commercial license.



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