Opening a commercial register in Dubai

Unlock the process of opening a commercial register in Dubai. Because Dubai has become one of the most important shopping centers, investors are known as trade and industry and all the areas that have recently flourished in the United Arab Emirates, after the discovery of oil and its dependence on the economy, and its discovery led to the prosperity of many other areas, such as Natural gas extraction, sales, construction companies, real estate and other things have brought many foreigners and investors to Dubai to invest money in Dubai, but for anyone who invests money in Dubai, they have to start and own a business to be specific to the business they are doing and to own a business, that means necessity. Obtain a business license and open the company registration, which we explain. Learn how to open a commercial register in Dubai.


Opening a commercial register in Dubai


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

A few steps are needed for every investor to own their own business. This is enforced by the Dubai Economic Development Authority. One of the steps needed to create a company is

  • Determine the economic activity of the company.
  • Determine the parties, companies, capital ratio, and profit and loss ratio between the parties.
  • Select a business name and select it. Request a preliminary approval certificate.
  • Locate the company  and document documents indicating that they rent or own the location and extract a business license that you can use to carry out the activity.


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Steps to open a commercial register in Dubai

Establishing institutions also has necessary requirements and measures to be taken. There are also measures to open the commercial register. The steps to open a business register are:

After completing all the above steps necessary to obtain a business license and open a business, you must attach the necessary documents and papers to the Dubai Economic Development Authority.

  • Licensing.
  • Register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Add the net present value to your business history documents.
  • Receiving the commercial register.


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How to open a commercial register in Dubai

If you want to establish a company in Dubai, you must first open a commercial register in Dubai a>, it is known that Dubai has become one of the most important commercial centers in the world due to the large number of fields in it, whether industrial or commercial.

As the discovery of oil in the recent period led to the prosperity of the economy, and opened many fields such as extracting and selling natural gas, in addition to building companies and real estate, which was the main reason for attracting investors and foreigners to open companies and invest their money in Dubai. But in order to be able to create their own business, they must first obtain a commercial license and open a commercial register.


Ways to establish a company in Dubai

In order to be able to establish a company in Dubai you must first take the steps imposed by the Dubai Economic Development Authority, for anyone who wants to own a company or Making an investment in the Emirate of Dubai, which are as follows:

  • Determine the economic activity of the company you wish to open
  • Identify all parties in the company, indicating the percentage of gain and loss and the capital ratio
  • Choose a trade name for your company
  • Apply for the initial approval certificate
  • Choosing the company’s location and preparing papers proving ownership of the place or if it has been rented
  • Sixthly and finally, he must obtain a commercial license so that you can practice your activity


Ways to open a commercial register in Dubai

In order to be able open a commercial registry in Dubai, specific steps must be taken, as was done in establishing Companies in Dubai This is done through the following:

  • First, you must attach the documents and papers that were previously extracted to apply for a commercial license and send them to the Dubai Economic Development Authority.
  • Secondly, he must pay all fees for applying for a commercial license.
  • Thirdly, he must register with the Chamber of Commerce as an active member.
  • Fourthly, he must add the value of the capital to the commercial registry papers.
  • Fifthly and finally, he must receive the commercial register.


Reasons to invest in Dubai

Many people seek to establish a company in Dubai, or start investing in the Emirate of Dubai for many reasons, which are as follows:

  1. Dubai is considered one of the countries that has different living conditions, and this encourages investment there, regardless of your budget and financial ability to start your own project, as the cost of establishing companies varies from one class to another.
  2. According to what was reported about the residential density in Dubai, and that it is considered one of the countries with high population density, this has made it in constant need of more different projects that serve the community.
  3. The Dubai government’s support for investors and those wishing to start their own business in Dubai must be taken into account, by facilitating all the services and needs required to establish a business for them.
  4. Dubai is known for its many trade and industry events, including the largest event in the world, Expo 2021.
  5. Dubai is interested in education and health, in addition to its safety, which has made it one of the most suitable countries to invest in, in addition to permanent development in terms of developing services and means of transportation.
  6. The speed of providing government services makes establishing companies easy and quick. You can open a company within a week and obtain a commercial license within a day.
  7. Dubai gives you the opportunity to obtain residency, which gives you many advantages, including traveling to European countries, entering the Gulf countries without the need for an entry visa, while establishing a company in Dubai gives you residency there for 3 years. If your activity is important to society and useful, this increases your chance of obtaining residency. On a large permanent residency… on the commercial registry in Dubai.


A company in Dubai, and starting a lot of businesses and activities within Dubai because it is one of the countries that many investors seek to invest in, due to the prosperity of industry and trade in it and the rise of the economy there.

In addition to its distinguished location, modern transportation, and security stability, Dubai has many advantages that attract many businessmen to invest in it. Despite this, owning a company or establishing a business in Dubai requires special conditions that have been set by the Dubai Economic Development Authority, including the necessity Obtaining a commercial license and registering a commercial registry.

The Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector at the Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Dubai provides many services to investors and those wishing to engage in economic activity in Dubai, including the procedures, steps and complete information you need to conduct the activity, and the legal rules that suit each category.

Below we review for you the conditions and requirements related to commercial, industrial and professional licenses that will help you practice commercial activity in the Emirate of Dubai:


The most important requirements for opening a commercial register in Dubai

  • Initial approval:

This is considered the first step in issuing a commercial license in Dubai, as it allows the customer to complete all procedures in other government departments by requesting electronically through the Dubai Economy website, the smart application, or visiting Dubai’s outsourcing centers.

  • Obtaining a trade name:

After the step of obtaining initial approval, you can reserve the trade name available for the trade license through the website or visit the Economic Service Center in Dubai, or you can also reserve the trade name before initial approval.

  • Obtaining a commercial license:

After obtaining initial approval and reserving the trade name, the customer can submit an application for a trade license through the website or visit the economic service centers in Dubai.

  • License renewal:

This is done via text messages and writing the license number in it, and the Department of Economic Development will respond to you with a payment authorization for the renewal, or through its website. In order for all legal procedures and forms to be completed, the following documents are required:


Firstly, documents related to the initial approval of all legal provisions, including:

  • Print the commercial registration and licensing form available in Dubai Economic Centres.
  • A copy of the identity of the license or passport holders.
  • A copy of the residence permit or visit visa for non-GCC citizens.
  • No-objection statement from the sponsor for non-citizens.
  • Policy of the company.
  • Economic feasibility study of the project.
  • A decision from the parent company’s board to open a branch in Dubai.
  • Authorization statement of the responsible director.
  • A copy of the parent company’s commercial registration certificate.
  • A copy of the parent company’s articles of incorporation.
  • A copy of the parent license.


Secondly, documents related to issuing licenses in all their legal forms, including:

  • Receipt of initial approvals and all previously submitted documents.
  • A copy of the lease contract authentication permit issued by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.
  • Articles of incorporation according to the principles of companies of all types.
  • A statement of approval from government agencies to practice the activity.
  • A contract appointing a service agent or agent for the company according to the assets owned by resident companies and institutions.


Thirdly, the places through which you can provide the service of opening the commercial register in Dubai are as follows

  • Dubai Economy website.
  • Smart application.
  • Text messages for renewal service.
  • Happiness Lounge in the main economic building Dubai.
  • Service centers approved by Dubai Economy.

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