emptions and facilities in order to promote investment and industry in the country. Among the most important facilities that were given was working to cancel the conditions related to the offer contract and exemption from subscription fees for investors. Saudis.


This is despite the fact that it provided more than a thousand square meters to them in order to carry out investment work by the Saudis and granted them a three-year grace period for these lands that may belong to the Supreme Corporation for the regions in which the Saudi investors are located. This is what spread during the previous period in order to improve the process of industrial and commercial investment. in the Arab world.


Investing in Dubai for Saudis


Various information about investing in Dubai

The head of the Department of Economic Development announced that he has taken a set of measures and procedures aimed at working to enable Saudi investors to work on establishing various projects, and has worked to provide investors with various investment incentives from the ports located in Abu Dhabi, and has worked to impose special discounts that have reached percent of the value. Related to the rent of lands in which investment is made, as well as the rent of warehouses, offices and other work stations, and this is what made the city of Abu Dhabi a window for the Saudi investor in order to facilitate business and facilitate the process of conducting various businesses related to investment.


Investing in Jebel Ali

Al-Mansouri stressed that there are many regional and international changes that are working to fluctuate and decrease the global price of oil and the economic and political challenges that require the two countries to work on coordination between them in a greater and clearer manner. This called for Saudi investors to work to uncover the various development opportunities that Emirati businesses are filled with. This is in order to achieve the greatest benefit from it.

The Saudi Minister of Commerce and Investment stressed that there is great importance in this forum, which may be represented in working to strengthen the existing relations between Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, especially in cooperation in order to build in all the vital sectors existing in the two countries, especially in the investment, commercial, economic and other aspects that are important. The basis for building states.


Investment costs in Dubai

  1. The infrastructure in the State of Dubai has been classified as the best in the world, as it may help investors and other business owners work to achieve all the goals related to excellence in their business. Dubai Airport has been classified as one of the best international airports in the world. It is distinguished by the fact that it is uniquely designed and may provide more than 130 airline companies to provide freight and transportation services to passengers from Dubai to any other country and from any foreign country to Dubai. It may enjoy a distinctive set of facilities, which are electricity, water and sanitation, designed in a professional manner that suits the level of visitors. in Dubai.
  2. The private trade sector has also been characterized by significant growth and has achieved high fame in the past few years. The best international brands in all fields can be found in the Emirates, and this is what made Dubai the distinguished center for trade and investment and has become a distinctive economic front, sourced from oil, which has made the entire world respect the Emirates. It is considered one of the European countries that occupies a high position in the middle of the world, and the Emirates is distinguished by many different industries of gold, diamonds, precious stones, expensive metals, pearls, fashion and jewelry, all of which carry distinctive and elegant tastes.
  3. The tax system in Dubai was based on a set of factors that are completely different from an individual’s salary in Dubai. Taxes on capital gains were prohibited and there are also no withholding taxes, but companies operating in oil are required to pay taxes on profits, and it has been There are a set of attractive financial incentives for them, such as tax exemption for 15 years, and this period can be increased. It also provides investors with 100% foreign ownership rights, which reduces the possibility of resorting to a local partner.


Establishing a company in the free zone

  • The investor gets a set of distinct privileges, which include his ability to establish any type of company, whether it is a commercial company, an industrial company, a service company, or a consulting company, according to his desire and experience in establishing the company.
  • He also obtains a residence visa in the country and has the full right to add a maximum of 5 companies with him.
  • He is also able to obtain any visa for his employees and those arriving from abroad.
  • Companies investing in Dubai are exempt from all taxes on the business they carry out in the country.


Conditions for establishing a company in the Gulf

  • The investor has the freedom to buy property in Dubai or own different properties
  • He can also transfer his money outside the country at any time, as the law may allow him to do so.
  • The investor obtains residency for himself and his family under the dependency system, along with providing many facilities in their travel procedures to foreign countries and Europe, and all of these facilities are in order to enhance trade and industry.


Establishing a company in Sharjah

This forum, which was held in the previous period, resulted in the distinguished and strong relations between the two countries, as it strengthened the vision of the Coordination Council between the Emirates and the State of Saudi Arabia. This agreement was signed in order to establish the Council to confirm everything that had been agreed upon in Saudi Arabia in the presence of King Bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince. The era of the city of Abu Dhabi.

In this forum, all the facilities granted to Saudi investors in the Emirates were announced, and these facilities are completely unprecedented in the economic circles of the two countries. A solid mechanism plan was developed that was agreed upon by both parties and they agreed to hold it every two years. This committee is formed by the Minister of Economy and Trade in the Emirates so that they By putting their vision at the forum and developing their own plans and ideas from time to time regarding programs related to the investment process.


Establishing a company in Dubai for Saudis

The UAE Minister of Economy discovered that the sessions related to air transport, limited to a known scope, which is the framework of the Retreat of Determination, which were held in Dubai resulted in the development of a group of The general frameworks that work to achieve cooperation in order to establish a joint aviation market between the two countries, despite the fact that it pointed out that Saudi Arabia is the fourth trading partner, but it is the largest partner in the Arab world.


He stressed that the oil trade exchange process witnessed a jump of 30 percent and rose in recent years until it reached 55 billion dirhams in 2011. The UAE has invested in Saudi Arabia with a large amount of 30 billion dirhams or $9 billion, and it owns more than 32 billion dirhams. An investment company in the Emirates is implementing the largest projects in the State of Saudi Arabia. In contrast, the balance of Saudi Arabia’s investment in the Emirates reached 16.5 billion in 2015.



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