Issuing an instant license in Dubai

Issuing an instant license in Dubai – The instant license service launched by the Dubai Economic Department provides 6 vital advantages to investors and businessmen, saving time and effort in the business licensing process.

  1. Exemption from rent for the headquarters for a full year.
  2. Providing the option of electronic articles of incorporation.
  3. Obtain a license, commercial register, and Dubai Chamber membership immediately.
  4. Obtaining the establishment card from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in real time through a text message.
  5. Obtain the establishment card from the Department of Naturalization and Residence immediately.
  6. Only minutes to issue a license and exemption from the lease contract for a full year.
  7. 90% is the percentage reduction in the time required to conduct transactionsregistering companiesand obtaining animmediate license.
  8. The time required to obtain an immediate license is 5 minutes, in one step, without the need for a contractcompany establishmentand a site rental contract for the first year only. .


Issuing an instant license in Dubai


Issuing an instant license in Dubai

Dubai Economy explained that the process of issuing each “instant” license from Dubai takes only five minutes in one step without the need for a memorandum of incorporation of the company and its current location, for the first year only, provided that the location is specified and the memorandum of incorporation of the company is attached upon renewal. She added that the instant license service reduces the time required to conduct company registration transactions and obtain a license by 90%.

She pointed out that through the instant license, project owners can obtain a general commercial license online, explaining that the instant license includes general commercial activity, in addition to all activities that do not require external approvals, and are allowed for both citizens and residents. She pointed out that the legal forms of licensing include four types: a limited liability company, a one-person company, a sole proprietorship, and a civil business company.


Establishments category

An immediate license can be issued for all legal forms of companies and establishments, except for public and private joint-stock companies.


Instant licensing is available for all activities that do not require approval from other government agencies, and for general commercial activity, it is necessary to use electronic services and choose a limited liability company as the legal form.

Issuing an immediate license through electronic services does not require any documents. Dubai Economy stated that if other channels are used, all partners or one of them must attend the service center and submit a copy of the passport to all parties to the license (partner and manager), in addition to a copy of the residence permit. A letter of no objection from the sponsor to foreign parties, in addition to submitting a copy of the visit visa to foreign parties.

Dubai Economy indicated that immediate licensing provides the option of issuing an electronic articles of incorporation, obtaining the license and commercial register for the company, in addition to membership in the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the same procedure immediately, in addition to obtaining the incorporation card from the Naturalization and Residency Department immediately, in addition to Obtaining an establishment card from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation through a text message indicating the possibility of employing three employees.


Advantages of establishing a company in Dubai

The Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector in Dubai Economy issued 2,531 direct licenses during 2019, indicating that the process of issuing an instant license takes five minutes, without the need for a company incorporation contract and website.

The sector indicated that the immediate licenses issued during the past year were distributed according to activity, led by commercial activities with 1,459 licenses, representing 58% of the total licenses, while the number of professional licenses reached 1,072, representing 42%. He explained that the instant licensing service provides an ideal solution suitable for international investors, who can now obtain the license in the shortest possible time, to enable them to establish and conduct business inDubai easily. .



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