Opening a commercial register in Dubai

Open a commercial register in Dubai and explore its emergence as a crucial shopping hub. Investors, renowned for trade and industry, flock to various flourishing sectors in the United Arab Emirates. The discovery of oil marked a turning point, propelling the economy into prosperity. From natural gas extraction to construction, real estate, and more, Dubai attracts diverse investments. For anyone investing in Dubai, starting and owning a business is imperative. This involves obtaining a business license and completing the company registration process, as detailed below.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

A few steps are needed for every investor to own their own business. This is enforced by the Dubai Economic Development Authority. One of the steps needed to create a company is

  • Determine the economic activity of the company.
  • Determine the parties, companies, capital ratio, and profit and loss ratio between the parties.
  • Select a business name and select it. Request a preliminary approval certificate.
  • Locate the company  and document documents indicating that they rent or own the location and extract a business license that you can use to carry out the activity.


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Steps to open a commercial register in Dubai

Establishing institutions also has necessary requirements and measures to be taken. There are also measures to open the commercial register. The steps to open a business register are:

After completing all the above steps necessary to obtain a business license and open a business, you must attach the necessary documents and papers to the Dubai Economic Development Authority. Licensing.

  • Register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Add the net present value to your business history documents.
  • Receiving the commercial register.


Our company works to extract and open the commercial register in a short time and at the lowest possible prices. Our company is one of the companies that has been working for decades to support entrepreneurs. He has gained extensive experience to help you provide support in the company’s performance:

Prepare several large companies and carefully equip them to set them up in the best locations. Prepare, rent and equip offices at the best time.

  • Open the business register.
  • Obtaining commercial licenses.
  • Documentation documents from the competent authorities.


Opening a commercial register in Dubai

Opening a commercial register in the Emirates

Opening a business register in the United Arab Emirates is one of the important and necessary steps that must be taken when owning a company or institution in the United Arab Emirates. There are several conditions imposed by the UAE Economic Development Authority, including the need to own and establish a business. This requires obtaining a license because all these steps take time and effort. In our company, we do this work and make it available to our customers as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost.

It is no longer a secret to investors and capital owners that the safest place in which their money can be invested is the United Arab Emirates, which enables the investor to open a commercial register in Dubai for foreigners.

The reason for this is that the UAE occupies advanced positions among countries in terms of economic, commercial and tourism prosperity, as well as because it is a first-class oil country.

All of these reasons have made the UAE the desired country and the fulfilled dream of all investors and traders to establish their businesses and commercial projects to obtain a license to open a project in the Emirates.

In order to be able to establish commercial projects or investment companies, you must first obtain a commercial register, or what is known as a commercial license, in order to establish a commercial company throughout the Emirates, and we choose the Emirate of Dubai in this field.


Steps and conditions for opening a company in the UAE and Dubai in particular

To establish and establish a company or open a grocery store in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai, you must first:

  • Determine the economic activity of the company
  • You must also know the amount of the company’s capital, the names of the partners, and also know the percentage of profit and loss
  • The company’s trade name and abbreviation code must also be announced
  • Obtaining a commercial license in order to facilitate commercial activity
  • Obtaining a commercial register authorizing investment throughout the Emirates
  • You must also specify the company’s location and submit the required documents and documents in order to own or rent the property


Today, the commercial registry in the UAE is an integral part of the commercial license issued by the Department of Economic Development. In the past, all merchants conducting business in the country were required to obtain a commercial register from the Ministry of Commerce, as the commercial register includes all data and details about the merchant’s transactions and the names of suppliers and companies with which he deals, but now it has become a commercial license or a license to conduct business.

This is the only legal document that includes all the data required to register companies in the Emirates, and the Chamber of Commerce certificate has become a document added to the commercial license, which serves as a commercial record.

Our work team will provide all support to you and your partners during all steps of establishing and registering the company, starting from determining the type of activity and providing the necessary economic feasibility studies to support the selection of the appropriate project, then choosing the trade name and obtaining security approval, all the way to preparing all the documents required to complete the commercial registry procedures and establishing Company in Dubai.


All you have to do is set a time to meet with our experts to discuss the details of the activity of the company you would like to establish and submit all the required personal documents to them. Then, on your behalf, we will complete all the steps with the various government agencies in order to obtain a business license, which includes the commercial registry in Dubai, in the shortest time. maybe.

The period required to obtain a business license is closely related to the type of activity or activities you wish to practice, in addition to the legal form of the company. There are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one governmental or federal entity, but the Dubai government always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled services and facilities from In order to make Dubai the ideal destination for establishing companies and doing business.

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