Opening a commercial register in the Emirates

Opening a commercial register in the Emirates? Many people may need to do private business and new commercial activities, especially in the United Arab Emirates, as the UAE has become one of the most important and wealthiest Arab countries. This is due to its dependence on oil for the economy and the rise of industry and trade with it, making it a target for all investors and businessmen. In addition to the availability of many success factors that help generate benefits. It is rare to find this in a city or country. In order for everyone to be able to carry out special work or new activities in the United Arab Emirates, all conditions imposed by the UAE Economic Development Authority must be applied. Converting any person who wants to establish a business, owns a business, withdraws the business license, and opens a commercial registry.
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Opening a commercial register in the Emirates


The importance of the economy in the Emirates

Due to the excellent location of the United Arab Emirates, in addition to many other advantages that have made the Emirates one of the most popular countries that many people and businessmen resort to, everyone seeks and among the most famous countries that investing in it is a great success, but it is one of the most Benefit, well-known countries are the most successful steps that a person can start with, because investing money in the United Arab Emirates is due to its owner with many benefits and advantages. With patience, a person makes a major transformation in his standard of living, as the UAE has many foreigners, in addition to its population increasing recently and this number enhances the trade in the UAE and this increases the benefits for the people.


Opening a commercial register in the Emirates

Opening a business register in the United Arab Emirates is one of the important and necessary steps that must be taken when owning a company or institution in the United Arab Emirates. There are several conditions imposed by the UAE Economic Development Authority, including the need to own and establish a business. This requires obtaining a license because all these steps take time and effort. In our company, we do this work and make it available to our customers as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost.


Opening a commercial register in Dubai for Saudis

Many Saudis want to establish an economic entity in Dubai, but a commercial register must be opened in Dubai for Saudis, so that you can practice commercial activity in Dubai, but You should know that establishment methods are different in different regions. It is assumed that Dubai is now embracing the idea of ​​establishing companies in it easier and faster than ever before in order to help those who wish to expand their activity and business.

Dubai is considered one of the most important countries that many investors seek to establish businesses and companies there, because of its advantages in terms of its many fields of work, whether industrial or commercial. Therefore, it is considered one of the most important current economic countries. If you want to establish an economic facility, you must first Knowledge of ways to establish businesses within Dubai, and how to open a commercial register in Dubai for Saudis.


First: Ways to establish businesses within Dubai

You must determine the nature of the activity, and this is considered the first step to establishing your entity within Dubai, specifying the type of activity you want to engage in, in addition to identifying the parties responsible for the activity.

In addition to the permissible legal form, along with the classification of the nature of the economic activity whether it is professional, commercial, or industrial. The choice of activity depends on the type of establishment of the company itself. Here are the steps in detail:

  • Determine the type of economic activity of the company.
  • Identifying the parties involved in the partnership, knowing the percentage of capital and the percentage of losses and profits for the partners, and indicating the legal form of the company.
  • Choose and reserve the trade name for the activity as follows:
  1. Reserve a new trade name.
  2. Use an automatic trade name – You can use the reservation number as a trade name temporarily.
  • The customer must apply for the initial approval certificate.
  • Preparing the incorporation document and service agent agreement.
  • The customer must choose the company’s location in addition to documenting the lease contract, and submitting the initial approval certificate to the service centers along with the papers and documents required by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.

After obtaining the certified lease contract document, provided that the area of ​​the site is not less than 100 square metres, it is submitted to the Department of Economic Development to complete the procedures for issuing the license.

  • The client must obtain approvals from the authorities regulating economic activity.
  • Receiving the commercial license.


Second: Opening a commercial register in Dubai for Saudis

After completing the previous steps, the customer can receive the business license, and he can then take the following steps.


Opening a commercial register in Dubai for Saudis

  • Send all required documents according to the previous steps to the Department of Economic Development to open a commercial register in Dubai for Saudis.
  • Pay all commercial license fees within a period of no less than 30 days from the day the payment authorization is issued. However, if the commercial license fees are not paid within 6 months from the date the payment authorization is issued, they will be automatically cancelled.
  • The customer must register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.
  • The client, before starting his economic activity, must join the Chamber of Commerce in the Emirates, especially Dubai.
  • The client must obtain an official commercial license for the lease contract for his company’s location when applying for the commercial registry.
  • The client must add the capital value to the company’s commercial registry data, and fill out the rest of the fields.
  • A fee payment permit is issued with only one payment permit containing both the initial approval fees, the trade name reservation, and the license issuance fees, which are estimated at 3,000 UAE dirhams, and this value is fixed in the markets.
  • The customer who applies for a commercial license must take into account all the required documents, and the date of the license is calculated from the date of issuance of the payment authorization.

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