If you want to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners, you can do so in one of the free zones in Dubai , and there are many free zones that allow foreigners to establish companies on their own without a partner, so we explain to you the most important steps that must be taken so that you can establish your company in Dubai. The most important procedures that you must take, and many important details about establishing companies.



Steps to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners

There are many steps that must be taken to be able to establish a company, the most important of which are:

Determine the type of investment

Determining the type of activity is the first step that must be thought about before establishing the company, because the activity must be compatible with the company location that you choose, and the activity must also be compatible with the consumers of the product in the location that you have chosen.

You can specify the type of activity to determine the type of license you need, and you must also specify the type of activity to identify the additional steps that must be taken, because there are some activities that require obtaining some approvals from various government agencies.


 commercial register

The step of choosing the trade name for the company you aim to establish is one of the most important steps that must be taken, and choosing the trade name that expresses the nature of the company’s work is the most important thing that distinguishes one company from another.



If you want to own the company completely, you can choose to locate your company in one of the free zones in Dubai, because they are the places that allow foreigners to own companies on their own without the need for partners. However, if you want to work and obtain local licenses, you must obtain a license. From the Department of Economic Development.


The company’s website

Determining the geographical location of the company is one of the most important steps that must be taken when establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners. Various services must be available in the place, and there must be transportation to this place, because these factors have an important impact on the success of the company.


Legal structure

The legal structure depends on the type of activity you want to practice, and depends on the location of the activity, because there are some rules related to the company, as a single company owner is not allowed to establish a legal consulting company, for example.



In most activities, a minimum capital is specified, but sometimes you will not need to pay the minimum.


work team

You can hire a manager to supervise the work and he can start work immediately after registering the company according to some laws affiliated with the Ministry of Economic Development, and there are some laws that do not allow this in some other activities.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners

Dubai is one of the countries that most encourages investment, and is considered one of the countries that make it easy for investors to carry out some commercial activities. Because it facilitates for them the procedures that must be taken to establish a company. If you want to establish a company in Dubai , you must do the following procedures:

  • Start determining the activity you want to practice within your company, and you must choose the distinctive geographical location of your company.
  • The activity must meet the needs of consumers in the area you specify.
  • Choose the appropriate trade name that suits the nature of the business or product you offer to consumers. You must choose an easy name to facilitate circulation among customers.
  • Fulfill all requirements of the Department of Economic Development so that you can register your company.
  • Obtaining initial approval from the General Administration of Foreigners Affairs, and approval must be obtained from various governmental bodies concerned with establishing companies.
  • You must choose the company’s location, because the company’s location must be fixed so that foreigners can establish the company.
  • It is required to obtain a lease contract from the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority, and this contract must be notarized.
  • Initial approval must be obtained from various authorities, including transportation authorities, insurance authorities, and some entities concerned with companies, and approval must be obtained from the Legal Consultation Authority.
  • It is required to obtain an immediate license in order to establish a company, and you can obtain it by paying the cost of the commercial license.
  • All documents related to the company must be submitted, and these documents must be submitted to the Department of Economic Development in order for you to obtain the immediate license.

The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

The costs of establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners vary depending on many factors, including:

  • The activity you want to invest in is the most important factor that helps vary costs.
  • The location of the company has a role in changing costs from one company to another, and the area of ​​land on which the company is established is an essential factor in the difference in establishment costs.
  • The amount of land rent or the total price of purchasing the land on which the company is established contributes to determining construction costs.
  • Pay the permanent license fees or pay the immediate license fees.
  • Studying the feasibility of the company and determining the average capital that the company needs is an important factor in determining the costs of establishing the company.
  • Pay fees related to commercial registration.
  • Paying all financial dues imposed by the government regarding company establishment procedures.
  • Paying all additional fees is an essential factor in determining the costs of setting up a company.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

If you want to establish a company in Dubai for foreigners in one of the free zones, you must be well aware that the cost of a commercial license varies from one region to another. There are also some regions that require a minimum capital and do not allow the capital to be less than this limit. However, Dubai often has many additional features that make investing in Dubai enjoyable, and these features are as follows:

  • The government in Dubai contributes to providing support in particular to foreigners who wish to invest, and provides them with obtaining licenses in the easiest ways.
  • The government is also working to facilitate obtaining residence visas for founders of companies, as well as their employees.
  • The Dubai Government provides comprehensive support to companies that have demonstrated strong success.


Opening a company branch in Dubai

You can establish a company in Dubai for foreigners via the Internet in just 15 minutes through the Start Your Business portal, which serves as an electronic platform integrated with local government agencies and federal agencies concerned with issuing licenses for various economic activities. You can obtain a virtual commercial license for foreigners through the electronic license.


Conditions for obtaining a virtual commercial license

There are some conditions that must be met in order for foreigners to obtain a virtual commercial license, which are:

  • The person applying for a virtual license must not be a resident of the United Arab Emirates.
  • The applicant must be subject to tax, whether he is a citizen or resident of one of the countries subject to tax, because there are 112 countries around the world that are subject to it.
  • The applicant for a virtual business license must practice any international commercial activities.
  • The applicant must not be carrying out a commercial activity subject to specific sectors that focus on technology, service provision and creative industries.



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