Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for Establishing a Company in Dubai One of the profitable investment projects that investors from all over the world have turned to thanks to the laws and regulations that support the city of Dubai. Investors and provides all the privileges for a profitable investment process. The regulations and laws in the UAE stipulate several necessary legal steps and procedures for establishing a company in Dubai.
In this article we discuss the most important incorporation procedures. Company in Dubaiand the legal papers necessary to obtain acommercial license in Dubai with many important points for foreign and local investors such as a through the platform, start your electronic business within minutes. Establishing a company in Dubai


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

  • Determine the nature of economic activity

First proceduresEstablishing a company in Dubai Determine the nature of the economic activity in which the company will operate, and the rest of the procedures necessary to establish the company are determined on its basis. There are several types of activities. Economic (commercial, industrial, service, tourism, agricultural, craftsmanship).Since the economic activity is determined on the basis of the commercial license, it is possible for the same license to include more than one activity. The city of Dubai includes thousands of economic activities. From which you can choose the most appropriate for your company.

  • Determine the legal form

The legal form of the company depends on the activity that was chosen before. The legal form of the company is considered one of the most important steps in the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai because it determines the laws and regulations on which the company will operate. The legal forms of companies vary as follows:

  • Solidarity Company.
  • Simple recommendation company.
  • A limited liability company.
  • Public contribution.
  • Special contribution.
  • Commercial representation office.
  • Civil works company.
  • A branch of a local company.
  • A branch of a Gulf company.
  • Branch of a foreign company.
  • Branch of a free zone company.
  • Individual Foundation.
  • holding company.
  • Trade name reservation 

Below we learn about the conditions for choosing a trade name:

  • It must express the nature of the company’s activity.
  • It does not contain inappropriate expressions and does not violate public taste.
  • Not be registered for another company.
  • The legal form of the company is briefly followed.
  • It does not contain the word majesty.
  • It does not include the name of a government entity or political logo.

Once the company’s trade name is reserved, the responsible authority “Department of Economic Development” issues the payment authorization and transaction number as a document to be used as a reference when making payment.

  • Obtain initial approval

Obtaining initial approval is an essential step in the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai, because establishing a company first requires the approval of the relevant authorities in the country on the trade name, nature of activity, and legal form of the company, which is an initial approval in order to complete the rest of the procedures and obtain the commercial licenses necessary to start work.

  • Memorandum of Association and Local Service Agent Agreement

One of the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai is to sign the articles of incorporation and conclude a local service agent agreement. The agreements and contracts are documented in one of the courts of Dubai, according to the form The legal form of the company if it is one of the following forms:

  • Civil works company.
  • One person company.
  • A limited liability company.
  • Limited partnership company.
  • Public joint stock company.
  • Private joint stock company.
  • Solidarity Company.

All company owners who are not Emirati citizens or non-citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council require a local Emirati service agent.

  • The company’s workplace

Where will you work? One of the most important procedures for establishing a company in Dubai is choosing an actual workplace for the company to be established in accordance with the laws and regulations, ensuring that the company’s headquarters complies with those laws and conditions stipulated by the Department of Economic Development, as follows:

  • Providing a lease contract for the office (company headquarters) certified by the relevant authorities.
  • Registering the lease contract through Ejari offices.
  • Additional approvals

Some economic activities require obtaining additional approvals from the bodies regulating those activities, examples of which include the following:

  • Ministry of Interior.
  • Ministry of Justice.
  • Municipality Department in Dubai.
  • The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.
  • executive board.
  • The Ministry of Economy.
  • Dubai Health Authority.
  • Supreme Petroleum Council.
  • Obtaining a commercial license


  • All company documents.
  • Initial approval receipt.
  • A copy of the lease authentication certificate.
  • The articles of incorporation are certified by the responsible authority.
  • Additional approval from the government authorities responsible for the activity.
  • The contract for appointing a service agent is certified by the relevant authority.

Establishing a company through Basher services

One of the methods that support investment in Dubai is establishing companies via the Internet, the “Business Business Service” provided by the UAE government so that investors of all nationalities can establish investment businesses within a few minutes and without the need to visit Dubai and waste time and money, and the completion is complete. From all the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai, just by pressing a button.The investor can obtain the commercial license appropriate to the nature of his activity in just 15 minutes through the “Basher” platform, which is an integrated electronic platform connected to the Department of Development. Economy in Dubai in a safe and effective manner.The “Basher” platform includes many services that are in the interest of investors, examples of these electronic services include the following:

  • Obtaining and renewing the commercial license appropriate to the nature of the activity.
  • Extracting the Chamber of Commerce membership number.
  • Establishment card from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.
  • Establishment number from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.
  • 3 work permits from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.


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At the end of this article, we would like to have shed light on what you are looking for about the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai, which includes 8 basic steps that end with obtaining a commercial license, and we have learned about the legal documents necessary for the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai, in addition to the method of establishing a company via the Basher electronic platform.


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