Renewal of trade license in Dubai

Renewing a commercial license in Dubai – Establishing investment companies in Dubai has now become faster and easier than ever before. In line with the expansion of the Department of Economic Development that is taking place in Dubai to help company owners expand their businesses without the need for lengthy and complex processes and procedures, we have created two licensing bodies in Dubai. Investment companies and obtaining a business license in Dubai.

As for the two entities, they are the Department of Economic Development, which is considered the main and only destination for registering establishments in general and investment companies within Dubai. Also, next to the Department of Economic Development, there are (more than 20 free zones). The two entities within Dubai and in the free zones provide multiple and different benefits to the owners of economic and investment establishments according to the type of establishment. Economic and its activities, whether commercial, professional or industrial.

Commercial license in Dubai You must go to the competent authority to review the details of obtaining the commercial license.

The Department of Economic Development in the Emirate of Dubai has followed an effective strategy to reduce the rate of complications and facilitate the procedures for establishing and registering companies and commercial institutions, as there are three categories of licenses to conduct commercial activities in the United Arab Emirates, which are: Commercial license – Dubai commercial license -, industrial license, and professional license. In order to ease these procedures and unify the window for their submission, the Department of Economic Development did this, which is the only body authorized to grant commercial licenses and register companies in the Emirate of Dubai.


Renewal of trade license in Dubai


Initial approval service requirements

  • Fill out the registration application form prepared for commercial licensing.
  • Bring your ID card, number, or passport number.
  • Submit a copy or true copy of the residence permit.
  • It is necessary to submit a letter acknowledging no objection from the sponsor for residents who are not citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to practice the activity, with the exception of a partner or investor.
  • Submitting a declaration of no objection from the free zone authority.
  • Submit a decision from the board of directors of the parent company approving the opening of a branch of the company in Dubai.


Request to issue a Dubai commercial license

It is an integrated service that allows its applicant to obtain the privilege of a Dubai commercial license through which he can practice his commercial activity, after he has fulfilled all external approvals and documented the lease contracts. Through the issuance of this license, the issuance of an incorporation contract or an electronic service agent contract is permitted accordingly.


Automatic renewal of trade license

The Deputy Executive Director of the Commercial Licensing and Registration Sector in Dubai stated that the automatic renewal of commercial licenses is considered one of the Dubai Economy initiatives for the sustainability of commercial companies with the aim of reducing the customer’s journey to renew the Dubai commercial license to reach his goal, indicating that the initiative was based on automatically renewing Dubai commercial licenses, This is done by sending the payment authorization via text message to the license holder, or to the facility manager, registered in the system with Dubai Economy, before the expiry of the commercial license, in order to avoid receiving a fine for delaying the renewal of the Dubai commercial license.


Text message

He also explained that, through this initiative, the investor can also renew the Dubai commercial license in just two steps by sending a text message containing the license number to be renewed to the number 6969, where the payment authorization is sent in a text message, if the lease contract for the license location is valid, and from this it is possible The customer can pay the fees at any of the manual or electronic payment ports, through the link provided in the text message.


One step

This is done by sending a text message to the customer, containing the payment authorization in the event that the company’s lease contract (license website) is valid when the Dubai trade license renewal date comes, and after that the license holder pays directly through the multiple approved payment outlets in Dubai, which the customer prefers. This leads to enhancing Dubai Economy’s implementation of its obligations by making it easier for its customers, providing an environment for them, and helping investors grow and develop.


Instant business license

Dubai Economy has introduced the instant trade license, which can be obtained in just one step without the need for the company’s contract of incorporation and its own website, for the first year only, provided that the location is determined and the company’s contract of incorporation is attached upon renewal of the trade license. The type of company must be limited liability, one-person company, sole proprietorship or civil business company.


How to obtain a commercial license in Dubai

Despite the many types of commercial licenses in Dubai, the procedures for obtaining them are the same:

  • Determine the company’s commercial or economic activity.
  • Determine its legal form and the parties or partners.
  • Determine and reserve the trade name.
  • Submitting an initial approval certificate.
  • Preparing the articles of incorporation and service agent agreement.
  • Choosing a location for the company and documenting the lease contract.
  • Obtaining approvals from the authorities organizing the activity.
  • Receiving the commercial license.


The entity responsible for obtaining a commercial license in Dubai

Although the Department of Economic Development is the only entity responsible for licensing economic establishments within the Emirate of Dubai, it must be known that some economic activities are subject to other local and federal entities that work to regulate the practice of these activities within conditions and controls determined by the laws and legislation of these entities.

Accordingly, some economic activities require obtaining approvals from the authorities regulating the activity, including: Land transport activities, Roads and Transport Authority, petroleum and petroleum activities, His Highness the Ruler’s Court, law and legal consulting activities, His Highness the Ruler’s Court, communications activities, Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and contracting and engineering consulting activities, Dubai Municipality.


Instant Trading License Initiative

Dubai Economy has launched an initiative through the commercial licensing and registration sector. The initiative is an instant trade license to further facilitate procedures for investors and businessmen and enable them to issue a commercial license in less than five minutes and in one procedure, as it works to speed up the procedure and benefit from time while exempting from Bring a contract to establish a company in Dubai and rent the site for the first year, with the condition that it be attached at the time of renewal of the commercial license.

All commercial companies affiliated with the Economic Department in the Emirate of Dubai can benefit from this initiative, except for (public and private joint-stock companies, according to the following:

  • The presence of all partners or one of them if applying through service centers or customer happiness centers.
  • Submit a copy of the passport to all parties to the license.
  • Submit a copy or true copy of the residence permit.
  • Bring a no-objection letter from the national sponsor if the party is a foreigner.
  • Submit a copy or original copy of the visit visa for foreign investors.

To complete the procedures for obtaining general trade licenses via smart applications in the transaction hall or through the website, you must attend and create an account for the Dubai ID Smart Government Single Sign-On Program.


Licensing statistics for the year 2022

The Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector at the Department of Economic Development in Dubai issued a report on the transactions that took place regarding renewing the commercial license, as these transactions represented 74% of the net transactions and the total total, and license amendment transactions came next in line at 7%.


Costs related to obtaining licenses for the company’s activity:

  • As we mentioned before, the activity of any company differs from another. For example, the fees for obtaining a commercial or industrial license differ from obtaining a license to practice professional business. The cost of obtaining the first is six hundred UAE dirhams, and the cost of obtaining the second is five hundred UAE dirhams.
  • The fee for obtaining initial approval to conduct business and activity for the company in the Emirates from the competent authorities is one hundred UAE dirhams.
  • Among the costs of establishing a company in the Emirates are the fees for choosing and registering the company name. The fee is two hundred and ten Emirati dirhams.
  • We mentioned before that when establishing a company in the Emirates for Saudis in the Emirates, there must be an Emirati partner who owns a liability company, and the fee for having this partner is five hundred Emirati dirhams.
  • Also, one of the procedures for establishing a company in the Emirates for foreigners in the Emirates in the event that an Emirati partner is not available is to seek the assistance of an accredited agent, and the fees for seeking the assistance of an accredited agent amount to seven hundred Emirati dirhams.
  • The fee for obtaining and printing the license, regardless of its type of activity, is fifty UAE dirhams.
  • As for the cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone, it varies depending on whether it is a company or institution. The cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone for companies is ten thousand dirhams, while the cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone for an institution is fifteen thousand UAE dirhams.


Types of business licenses in Dubai

The types of licenses available in Dubai are different from each other and of course the costs differ from one type to another, as there are five types of licenses, which are:

  1. General Trade License:

It gives you the ability to practice many different types of business activities without any barriers.

  1. Event organizing license:

This license enables its owner to organize meetings, parties, conferences, large exhibitions, and much more.

  1. Business operating permit:

This permit is for companies that wish to obtain lease contracts or own some businesses in the free zone.

  1. Professional license:

It is a license whose purpose is to limit the number of activities. You cannot practice other activities and must be subject to the necessary local licenses and permits.

  1. Commercial license:

It is a license that allows its holder to carry out specified commercial activities, including import, export, distribution, sale, etc.


The most prominent commercial activities in Dubai

A huge number of commercial activities are constantly being carried out in Dubai, which can reach two thousand one hundred economic activities or more. All of these activities are divided into a huge number of groups, such as the following:

  • Professional activity groups.
  • Business groups.
  • Tourist activity groups.
  • Industrial activity groups.

So, if you want to start any group or business activity in Dubai, you can start now by seeking help from Emirati companies. Our company is considered a company specialized in the field of establishing companies, obtaining commercial licenses, preparing legal papers, financing projects, and much more. The company provides all its services to the fullest extent due to its extensive experience in these fields and its constant work with major businessmen and investors for a long time.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

To know the commercial license fees in Dubai, it is usually necessary to specify the type of license, the nationality of the partners, etc., and in general, these are the fees for commercial licenses in Dubai.

Our company works to obtain all types of licenses necessary to start any activity in Dubai, and this is done as quickly as possible and at the lowest costs, as the company has sufficient experience that makes it capable of completing all papers, documenting them, and obtaining commercial licenses, as the company has been working in this field for more than 10 years. Therefore Please feel free to contact us to get the services you want as quickly as possible.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

The cost of a business license in Dubai is something that everyone who plans to start a business in Dubai needs to know, because the authorities concerned with economic development in Dubai have imposed many requirements on those who are thinking about establishing activities. A new business in Dubai, and one of the most important requirements is for the investor to obtain a commercial license to start his business, but the process of obtaining a commercial license is not easy, but it involves more steps, as you need to go to a competent government agency before starting to obtain a commercial license. At the expense of obtaining the license.

Commercial license fees generally vary in the United Arab Emirates, especially in Dubai, based on the type of business activity started by the investor, and you can find the fees that are estimated to be payable to obtain the commercial license.


Types of business activities in Dubai

There are many commercial activities in Dubai, which number up to 2,100 economic activities, but this number is divided into a number of groups such as:

  • Professional activities.
  • Commercial activities.
  • Tourism activities.
  • Industrial activities.

If you want to start a business or activity in Dubai, there are some companies that specialize in helping you advance in this field, such as our company, which is a company that works to establish companies and speed up the complex steps to start the activity that you want to build. This area is a long-term contribution for entrepreneurs and investors. Cost of a business license in Dubai.


Cost of a business license in Dubai

Our company helps you obtain the commercial license at the lowest possible cost and in the fastest possible time, as the company is distinguished by its great experience and extensive relationship that enables it to complete all procedures for obtaining the commercial license at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time. Therefore, if you want to obtain the commercial license for your business with the lowest fees and without any With your effort, you have to write to our company’s team or call our number, and you will get all the services you want with the highest efficiency, lowest cost, and fastest time.

Our company is one of the first companies that helps everyone obtain a commercial license as quickly as possible due to its experience in this field, its many relationships, and the presence of specialists capable of taking the necessary procedures that help complete the issuance of the commercial license with the utmost ease and with the least effort.


What is an instant license Dubai:

The UAE always seeks to provide all means of comfort for the investor to reside and invest in Dubai, and the Dubai instant license is considered one of the most important facilities provided by the UAE to encourage investment there.

The Dubai instant license summarizes all the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai for Gulf nationals in one step, by issuing only one exchange permit, which considers the costs of establishing a company in the Emirates for Gulf nationals. The cost of issuing the Dubai instant license is three thousand UAE dirhams.

However, there is a condition when obtaining the Dubai instant license, which is that the investor should know that it is issued only once, which is the first year when establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, and when renewing the Dubai trade license, all papers and documents related to the company must be submitted, in order to obtain the trade license.


Types of business licenses in Dubai

The types of commercial licenses in Dubai are diverse, and each type has specific fees specific to each company. These fees are calculated according to the commercial activity in which you wish to work. Given the utmost importance of this matter, we have chosen it to talk about it in detail in This article, in order to benefit greatly from it, you must read the following article very carefully.

The most prominent types of commercial licenses in Dubai are as follows:

1. General trade license

The general trade license is the license responsible for allowing the practice of a huge number of diverse commercial activities without any restrictions.

  1. Commercial license

A commercial license is a license that allows its customers to carry out a specific number of commercial activities such as selling, importing, exporting, distribution, etc.

3. Professional business license

A professional commercial license is a license responsible for defining a group of activities and allowing them to be practiced. It is not permitted to practice any type of commercial activity other than that specified, and these activities are subject to the necessary local permits and licenses.

4. Business operating license

A business operating license or business operating permit is for companies that require a lease contract or require operating in a free zone.

5. License related to organizing events

An event organizing license is a license that allows its owner to hold and organize large parties, conferences, and exhibitions.

If you need to own one of the types of commercial licenses in Dubai of the types mentioned here, you can obtain it with our company without having to make a lot of effort and in the shortest possible time, as the company always strives to provide you with the best services to the fullest extent.




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