Costs of setting up a company in Dubai

Requirements for setting up a company in Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai is one of the processes that requires a lot of money due to the documents, documents and other documents required. Anyone who wants to own a business can research the costs associated with starting a business, because this is one of the most important steps to understanding the costs, and in our company we work to help our clients understand the cost of starting a business in Dubai.


Costs of setting up a company in Dubai


Establishing a company in Dubai

Many people try to start a business in Dubai, as Dubai is one of the largest business cities and has many benefits that have attracted many people to it. Dubai enjoys a distinguished location, high economic efficiency, and the availability of many human and natural resources. Modern means of transportation have a strong communications network that has led many people to move to Dubai to invest money in it and work on various business projects to achieve the highest possible profit rate. In our company, we work to help our clients create and establish the best companies on the best sites at the lowest prices.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Establishing a company in Dubai requires many important steps without which a person cannot own a business and start a new business in Dubai. One of the necessary steps to own a company in Dubai

It is the work to choose the trade name and register it because the trade name is the most important step. It serves to distinguish companies from those operating in the same region, and there are several conditions under which a trade name is chosen.

  •  Choose a suitable and qualified place to establish the company.
  • Registration of a business license, which allows people to perform various activities.
  • Pay the fees imposed by the Government Economic Development Authority.


Our company is working to finalize all the necessary papers to set up a business and meet all requirements as soon as possible. Our company is one of the largest companies that has been working for decades to create companies and documents. With this work as quickly as possible and at the lowest cost, do not hesitate to contact us on the company numbers to receive our diverse and distinguished services.

If you are thinking about an encouraging start for your business that guarantees you a strong investment environment and climate, fortified with effective laws, high-quality infrastructure, and encouraging commercial advantages, then you should immediately go to the Dubai Economic Department to start establishing a company in Dubai at a low cost, as these are advantages that are only available in Dubai.

Not only is Dubai the most famous destination for businessmen in the world, it also ranks high in the field of establishing a business, but also because there are several reasons that make Dubai your best choice for establishing your business.


Company registration procedures in Dubai

The goal of Federal Law 2 of 2015 regarding commercial companies is to encourage and develop the business environment and the country’s economic capabilities by regulating the work of companies in accordance with global changes, especially those that were concerned with regulating the rules of governance. The Commercial Companies Law in the Emirates was a strong supporter of the flow of foreign investment from Through encouraging provisions, simple procedures, low cost and quick completion.


Investment and marketing opportunities at Expo Dubai

A major historical achievement achieved by the UAE at the level of the Middle East and Asia, after winning the organization of Expo 2020. The World Expo is a promising opportunity for investors and businessmen to enhance marketing and investment plans, and Dubai provides additional advantages that encourage many entrepreneurs to invest and establish their companies in Dubai.

Many investors went to Dubai to invest their money because of the many advantages that Dubai’s geographical location provides, the most important of which is the location of the Emirate of Dubai, which connects the European and Asian markets and the Middle East and Africa markets, as Dubai is distinguished by an advanced and multi-modal transportation network of air, sea and land transportation that has made it a permanent commercial activity. This requires the presence of international companies that make Dubai the main headquarters for conducting their commercial business.


Requirements for setting up a company in Dubai

Establishing companies in Dubai requires complex procedures, but it is necessary to know its requirements and how to accomplish them. Establishing a company in Dubai is not complicated, as some steps You can accomplish it in one day, all you have to do is know the necessary steps, including:

  • Choose a distinctive trade name for your company according to the conditions stipulated by the Economic Department, as it is the name that distinguishes your company.
  • Choose the type of activity and legal form with which you will start the business.
  • Registration of a commercial license. There are a number of types of commercial, professional, industrial, agricultural, tourism and other licenses.
  • Pay the fees prescribed by the state according to the commercial activity
  • Completing the required and necessary registration procedures.


Establishing companies in Dubai

What is required to establish a company in Dubai – Establishing a company in Dubai – has become an easy and quick matter, as there are two bodies in Dubai that grant companies licenses and the procedures related to By establishing companies there, you may have chosen the Department of Economic Development in Dubai, or you wanted to establish your business in the Dubai Free Zone, which provides broad privileges.


Determine the trade name

Determining the trade name is one of the most important steps that must be taken, as the trade name of your company distinguishes it commercially. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai sets some conditions for registering the trade name so that it does not violate public taste or contain inappropriate expressions and do not take into account traditions or religion.

It must be translated into Arabic, and the name must be written in the same pronunciation in both Arabic and English. The name must not indicate the word Majesty or an attribute of the symbol of Majesty, and must not bear the name of a country or government, or an emblem or flag of states and governments. It must be closely linked to the activity and bear the type of activity. The trade name must not be prohibited or affiliated with of a religious sect and is not similar to any other trade name.


Type of activity and legal form

UAE law, in Article Nine (9) regarding commercial companies, specifies five legal forms of company, and stipulates that every company that does not take one of these forms is not permitted to practice commercial business and is considered invalid. It specifies the types of companies as follows:

  • Solidarity Company
  • Limited partnership company
  • Public joint stock company
  • Private joint stock company
  • A limited liability company

Facilitating licensing procedures that determine the type of activity

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai has determined an economic strategy, which will be implemented by the Commercial Registration and Licensing Sector, by facilitating the procedures for obtaining a corporate license, developing services to encourage the start of commercial activities, and creating more job opportunities through the Economic Activities Guide, which explains the mechanism for conducting business and commercial activities. In the Emirate of Dubai.

There are several areas of business licensing in Dubai, but most of them focus on the following activities:

  • Commercial license: It enables companies to carry out commercial activity, import, export, sale and distribution.
  • Industrial licence: This includes industries in which work is permitted according to UAE law.
  • Professional license: It includes all activities and fields of professional crafts, carpentry, blacksmithing, etc.
  • Tourist licence: includes hotels, restaurants, resorts, nature reserves, etc.
  • Agricultural licence: includes all agricultural activities.

In addition to licenses to organize events, conferences and exhibitions, and a business operating permit, it is a good corporate option for companies wishing to work in the free zone. The guide to economic activities in Dubai contains all the information related to licenses, establishing and registering companies in various commercial activities, and legal forms.


Establishing free zone companies in Dubai

The free zone in the Emirate of Dubai is considered a valuable opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors who want to have their own companies. Dubai is distinguished by one of the largest free zones in the world, which is the Jebel Ali Free Zone, which provides you with encouraging advantages without the need for a local sponsor, and is characterized by easy establishment procedures. companies, its speed, and low costs, as the free zone provides the following:

  • Full ownership of the company without the need for a local service agent
  • 100% is the tax exemption rate
  • Ease of establishment procedures, speed of completion, and low costs.
  • Flexible solutions in all areas of business establishment.
  • Benefiting from the business community in the free zones and the services of the free zone authorities through technical support, infrastructure support and legal support.


Privileges provided by Dubai for businessmen

In addition to the tax exemption that motivates businessmen and a package of other opportunities and makes them willing to invest andestablish a company in Dubai, entrepreneurs are also granted the privilege of residency. In the country for a period of five years, renewable, for themselves, the family and three employees, provided that the entrepreneur or investor owns a previous and successful project in an approved field with a value of 500 thousand dirhams as a minimum, and is authorized to work from an approved business incubator. The UAE does not impose any taxes on establishing a company in Dubai, as businessmen receive a complete exemption from any tax at a rate of 100%. Company registration procedures in Dubai


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