Residence and investment in Dubai

Residence and investment in Dubai are significantly influenced by various factors that position the city as an ideal destination for investment. One pivotal aspect is its strategic geographical location, evolving into a global nerve center. Dubai features a robust transportation network that seamlessly connects air, land, and sea routes, facilitating efficient connectivity to all corners of the world. This strategic positioning enhances the appeal for residence and investment opportunities in Dubai.

Exploring Residence and Investment in Dubai

Dubai’s economic strength, rooted in oil dependence, makes it one of the wealthiest countries globally, attracting a steady stream of visitors. This economic vitality contributes to the success of businesses and investments. Residence and investment in Dubai are particularly lucrative opportunities, given the city’s dynamic environment and favorable business climate. Dubai offers an array of services and features that amplify the potential for success in any project or investment. If you own a business and seek optimal locations in Dubai, our company, with years of expertise in enterprise formation, can be your strategic partner.

For foreigners aspiring to reside in the United Arab Emirates, securing a residence visa is crucial, especially for Residence and investment in Dubai. Various types of residence visas are available to facilitate residence in Dubai. Acquiring these visas involves specific procedures and fees. Additionally, residency can be obtained through property ownership or investment in Dubai, further incentivizing foreign investors to explore business opportunities in the Emirates.

Navigating the investment landscape, understanding the investment laws in Dubai becomes paramount. In this guide, we will delve into the intricacies of establishing a company in Dubai for foreigners, providing valuable insights and step-by-step information for those navigating the dynamic landscape of Dubai’s business environment.

Residence and investment in Dubai


Documents required to obtain an investor residence visa in Dubai

When contemplating a move to the UAE and considering investment, it is essential to anticipate future challenges and gain an understanding of potential visa issuance issues.

Here is some important information you should know before investing in Dubai:

First: Types of residence visas in Dubai

If you own a property within the city of Dubai, or want to enter the field of real estate investment, you can submit an application to obtain residency in the UAE through the office of the real estate and immigration authorities within the Emirate of Dubai. Residence and investment in Dubai are particularly lucrative opportunities, given the city’s dynamic environment and favorable business climate. The residency visa costs about 1,100 UAE dirhams, and enables you to reside within the country. UAE within a period of no less than six months.

Some of the procedures of the Land Department have been amended by the state in order to extend the residency period to two full years and also grant you a commercial license but it is not recognized. It is available on a visit visa and is not reliable for business, although it is recognized by the UAE government, and you can benefit from this property for renting for housing and benefit from the huge Dubai real estate market. So that you get an investment and a financial return, and we provide you with this service in our company.

You must prepare the following papers:

  • Licensing the company as a first step.
  • Four passport photos.
  • Obtain a visa application form.
  • A copy of a valid passport (the original passport will be requested later)
  • Visa application fees.

If you are in the UAE, you must attach a copy of your entry stamp or any other visa valid within the UAE.

Self-employment visa

On a self-employment visa, if you have talent and skill and have a commercial license in Dubai for freelance work that you can do, you are not required to work for anyone or be present within a company, so you can obtain a special visa and it may cost you from 2,500 UAE dirhams to 16 thousand UAE dirhams, depending on For the length of time you want to stay and the area you want to work in within Dubai.

There are places within the Emirates where you can work independently in Dubai – specifically – there is Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City and Dubai Knowledge Village, at a very reduced cost during one year.


Investor visa for three years

You can acquire this visa for a three-year duration, renewable without an expiration date, provided you don’t stay outside the country continuously for more than six months. This versatile visa is applicable to various situations, whether you’re a company owner, property holder, investor, or partner of a local individual, including Residence and investment in Dubai. Additionally, it extends to all family members.

Delegating all legal and paperwork responsibilities regarding the visa to government agencies is a service we offer. Our team ensures all necessary actions are taken and submits the required documents to the Immigration Office accurately and promptly, facilitating your Residence and investment in Dubai.

The UAE presents numerous investment opportunities, making it an attractive gateway. However, thorough research is crucial before making significant decisions like investing in the UAE, especially regarding Residence and investment in Dubai.

We help you with this in our company by conducting a feasibility study for your project… and also finding appropriate investment opportunities for projects in Dubai through investors dealing with us or through already existing projects, catering to your Residence and investment in Dubai needs.

By establishing your own company in the Emirates, you can obtain residency within Dubai, and in our company you can assign all the legal and paperwork related to your company before government agencies to us. Our staff will do what is necessary and we will facilitate all procedures for establishing the company, and it will not take much time. Until you start creating it; This is because the state provides and facilitates the construction process without complications.

The UAE has provided you with approved and designated places to build any commercial activity you want, and this area is called the free zones, as establishing a company in the free zone in the UAE is considered the best and most suitable for establishing small companies from several aspects, whether technical or flexible office options, and these options help you in Access your office area within the company. It provides you with important and basic general services, such as: the company’s receptionist, meeting room, offices, and voice mail services, through some principles and standards.

After completing the establishment of the company, especially for Residence and investment in Dubai, you need to visit the local immigration department and the Ministry of Labor. This involves preparing files for hiring workers, requesting visas from the free zone authority, and, once work permits for employees are issued, we initiate residency procedures in accordance with UAE labor laws. It is imperative not to appoint individuals for employment in the company who have not obtained a visa beforehand, as that would violate the laws stipulated by the Ministry of Labor.


Business accommodation

There is also another type of these visas, which is the business visa, specifically designed to assist business investors with their requirements within the Emirate of Dubai, including Residence and investment in Dubai. It is not required that they have their own company in the Emirates or even have an office branch, as the Dubai Authority provides licenses. To establish a commercial project for businessmen, the Authority runs the Incubator Program for Government Projects, offering visas at reduced prices to those who wish to establish a commercial project in Dubai.

Empower your business journey with our expert guidance! As your dedicated business setup consultant in Dubai, we offer innovative solutions tailored to your needs. From navigating free zones to thriving on the mainland, Al Ghaf Golden Business Group provides comprehensive services. Elevate your business within global incubators. Partner with us for seamless business setup – Your key to success in Dubai and beyond.

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