The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

Cost of setting up a company in Dubai Setting up a company requires a lot of money, because creating complaints is labor intensive and requires a place to start the company. This is in addition to the internal formation of the company and all this requires a lot of money. In our company, it helps you determine costs. We start calculating all the things with you to take this money into consideration when starting a business.


The cost of establishing a company in Dubai


Establishing companies in Dubai

Business establishment in Dubai has increased steadily as Dubai’s economy increases and the process of business establishment also increases in the economy. This is due to the discovery of oil in the United Arab Emirates and its complete dependence on the economy, which led to it becoming one of the richest Arab countries in the world, and in which many individuals and businessmen around the world wish to carry out various activities, but according to the country – Laws No one can undertake new activities unless there is a company or office that needs to be established in it. Therefore, every company must start and we are here to help you establish the best companies for your area in the best locations and at the lowest cost, so do not hesitate to contact us to get the services you want.


The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

Dubai stands out for its excellent location and good infrastructure, as well as its moderate environment and stable political situation, which has made everyone look forward to building business there. Setting up a business in Dubai is one of the things that requires a lot of money to achieve the desired goal. However, if you seek help from our company, you can benefit from all services, including setting up and equipping the company, and everything is done at the lowest possible price. So don’t hesitate at the lowest possible prices. Contact us to receive our services.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai 

Starting a business in Dubai requires many important steps that must be established legally and smoothly. One of the steps that must be taken to start the business is to determine where the company will be located and obtain documents stating the property of the place.

  •  Determine the trade name and register it with the competent authority.
  • Determine the company’s activity and apply accordingly to the business license.
  • Obtaining commercial licenses, because it is the most important thing for people to start a new activity.
  • Pay all fees required by government agencies.
  • Document all documents.


To complete these steps, a person needs more time, effort and money to start a business. Therefore, it is preferable to hire a specialized company committed to creating companies. This is what our company does that helps its clients set up businesses and complete and document all documents. In addition to obtaining the business license necessary to start an activity, the company provides all of these services at the lowest possible prices.


Conditions for a good investor:

In order to be a good investor, you must have some qualities that distinguish you from other investors and also take some steps that qualify you to achieve the conditions of a good investor necessary to achieve success.

  • Determine your goal: You must focus towards the goal you have chosen for successful investment and also strive to make the project successful in the long term and not rush for large and quick profits.
  • Plan well: You must develop a good plan, make a strong feasibility study for the project, and study all the expected possibilities. You must also study the investment costs in the Emirates well and the extent of expectations for the success of the chosen idea. Also, consider the possibility of failure.
  • Choose the appropriate field: When you choose a different field, i.e. a field that many people do not tend to, you must be careful and do a good and accurate study of the market.
  • Be persistent and patient: You must be patient, as patience is known to be the first key to success and achieving all life goals.
  • Take advantage of opportunities: Some modern companies work to exploit the crises of larger companies, as the modern company dominates the field as soon as any major financial crisis or economic bubble occurs, as the Emirates Investment Authority works to provide all the data in order to achieve success in your investment.
  • Capital management: You must know the good methods of managing capital and how to distribute it appropriately, and not put all the capital in one project, and deal with the appropriate investment body that supports your project strongly, and it is preferable to distribute the capital over many, in order to protect your company from sudden crises. What may happen to it if it depends on a field, there must be alternatives, and every investor must also have a diversified financial portfolio.
  • Be careful: If the money used in investment is money taken from bank loans, you must be very careful and not risk it.
  • Consult investors: You must consult economic consultants who have a lot of experience in various fields of investment and determine the field on which you have settled your choice.


Conditions for establishing a company in the free zone

In order to invest in Dubai, you must follow some conditions for establishing a company in the free zone .

  • Choosing the activity: It is the first step to establishing a company in the free zone. You must begin by determining what is the appropriate activity, and this will be determined by the place where you will create the broad base that will choose from all economic fields, professional, commercial, and industrial, the appropriate field for you.
  • Commercial registration: This is the second step and is linked to the first stage. The trade name in establishing companies is what distinguishes them commercially from other companies in the same field as yours. There are some conditions in order to obtain the approval of the Department of Economic Development for commercial registration, which are:
  1. The trade name you have chosen is against public taste and must not contain inappropriate phrases or profanity.
  2. The legal form of the company must be linked to the trade name.
  3. The company name must not be registered by another company.
  4. It must also reflect the trade name of the product or activity it provides.
  5. The trade name must be free of the word “God” or “the Lord” or any other name. One of the most beautiful names of God.
  6. The trade name should not include the name of government institutions or external or party logos.
  • Initial approval must be obtained: This is the third step in establishing a company in Dubai after specifying the activity and commercial registration and choosing the name of the activity, and before initial approval to establish a company in the free zone, you must obtain the approval of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs.
  • Choosing the company’s headquarters: All companies located in the UAE must have a fixed address in the Emirates. Whether establishing a company in the free zone in Dubai, such as establishing a company in Jebel Ali, or outside it, will require you to provide a lease contract certified by the Dubai Real Estate Regulatory Authority. You can add a license to your current activity, but taking into account the following conditions:
  1. The partner in the new company must be one of the shareholders or owners of the existing company.
  2. The number of licenses owned by one citizen shall not exceed 10 licenses for the same location.
  3. The area of ​​each license site must not be less than 200 square feet.
  • Obtaining approvals from the relevant authorities in the facility: such as legal consultations, insurance and transportation activities.


The best area for investment in the Emirates

In order to know the best area to invest in the Emirates, we must follow the most important areas in which you can invest in Dubai.

Transporting products: It is considered one of the best economic projects in Dubai, as it carries out the process of transporting products from the place of their production or manufacture to the place designated for marketing them. This project has proven its success not only in Dubai and the Emirates, but in the whole world, but it requires a wide spread area and also gaining customer trust and dealing. With the right investment body that carries good products and also adequate publicity should be done for the project.

Investing in real estate: This distinguished field is considered one of the best investment fields in Dubai, given the tremendous development in the rate of construction of new buildings in the country, and also that the UAE has recently achieved a major breakthrough in this field. There are many examples of this success, such as Silicon Oasis Dubai, which From a very short period of time, it was considered just a barren desert until now, thanks to the urban expansion in Dubai, it has become a huge and prosperous residential complex, full of modern and wonderfully designed buildings. It is smart to invest in real estate, as the total amount of rent in the Emirates is sufficient for them to obtain a residential piece of ownership that you can rent and benefit from. This includes purchasing a new plot, converting rent into regular income, or starting a commercial project on the plot.


What is the cost of establishing a company in Dubai?

The cost of establishing a company is calculated by conducting a study of any specific project. Depending on the activity or field that you have chosen, the value of investment costs in Dubai is determined and also according to the extent of expansion in the field, as the costs differ whether they are small projects for shops or the like and whether they are The investment idea is to establish a factory or company. Also, with small amounts, you can invest in Dubai by contributing to already established companies.


Invest in Dubai

Dubai is considered a distinctive emirate in terms of many things that make it the best choice for investment in terms of location and also attracts many tourists and investors who greatly wish to establish a company in the free zone located there. Also, the Emirates Investment Authority supports investment in Dubai in particular and the establishment of a company in Mt. Ali is located in Dubai, as it also has a strong infrastructure that allows you to establish a company in Dubai, and with the help of the Dubai Investment Authority, you obtain privileges such as tax exemption. Not only that, but you can reside permanently in Dubai by establishing a company in Dubai or establishing a company in Jebel Ali.


The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

One of the most important steps in starting a new and implementable business plan is trying to know the costs, even if only initially. Therefore, all investors and businessmen strive to try to know the costs of establishing a company in Dubai, taking into account that there is a tax exemption feature available in the Emirates, which makes many people turn to… Emirates to start their work, but there are a lot of fees required to obtain commercial licenses, and our company works to help investors and businessmen know the costs of the company before starting to work in it.


If you are one of the investors who want to start establishing a business in the free zone in Dubai, you should know that each free zone has some fees that differ from one region to another. There are also some regions that impose a minimum capital in order for you to be able to own a company in them, and this is different from doing so. By opening a subsidiary of a main company in another place, there are some other costs that you pay, which are related to sponsoring employees and obtaining the necessary visas and papers that allow them to reside in the Emirates.

There are also some other costs that the company and its owner pay, which are the costs of importing goods that are paid to customs in Dubai. There are some instructions regarding goods entering and leaving Dubai, but if your company will carry out commercial activity in the countries affiliated with the Gulf Cooperation Council, then customs duties will be much lower. Among other fees, this is due to the laws of the common markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which facilitate commercial dealings and cooperation between citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

If you are looking for the lowest costs for establishing companies, all you have to do is seek help from our company, as it helps you own a company equipped with the best equipment and at the lowest possible costs.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

  • If you want to establish a company within the free zone in Dubai, you must take into account that each free zone has different steps that must be followed in order to establish the company. There are a number of free zones that require a limit that this capital cannot be less than. The state of establishing a company or project, as opposed to the desire to open an existing company.
  • Among the other costs that you need in order to start this business, whether in Dubai or in any of the other free zones, you must calculate the fees for sponsoring citizens and the ability to provide them with the necessary visas and also issue residency papers for them in the country for the company’s workers from abroad.
  • Calculating the costs that the company will need in the future in order to import the goods it needs, whatever they may be. Dubai has special and clear instructions regarding the types of goods that you can import and the costs that you may incur.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Establishing a company in Dubai requires following a set of steps and approvals required by the Department of Economic Development and other relevant authorities to officially register the facility. First, you must determine the type of activity you want to engage in, and this in turn will determine the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms. We now review the complete and necessary steps to establish a company in Dubai:

  1. Determine the company’s commercial activity.
  2. Determine the legal form and parties.
  3. Determine and reserve the trade name.
  4. Submitting an initial approval certificate.
  5. Preparing the articles of association and a service agent agreement.
  6. Choosing a company location and documenting the lease contract.
  7. Obtaining approvals from the authorities organizing the activity.
  8. Receiving the commercial license.

Our work team will provide you with all support and carry out all the steps mentioned above, starting with determining the type of activity, choosing the trade name, obtaining security approvals, and then preparing all the documents required to complete the steps of establishing the company in Dubai in a few days.


Establishing a company in Dubai

All you have to do is set a time to meet with our experts to discuss the details of the activity of the company you wish to establish and submit all the required personal documents to them. Then, on your behalf, we will complete all the steps with the various government agencies in order to obtain a business license in Dubai in the shortest possible time.


The period required to obtain a business license is closely related to the type of activity or activities you wish to practice, in addition to the legal form of the company. There are commercial activities that require approvals from more than one governmental or federal entity, but the Dubai government always guarantees to all investors the provision of unparalleled services and facilities from In order to make Dubai the ideal destination for establishing a business.


Trade in Dubai

Trade in Dubai is one of the things that brings people a lot of profits due to the presence of all success factors in the Emirates, as the Emirates is located in a distinguished location among the countries of the world and has a transportation network linking it to all countries of the world, in addition to the presence of many foreigners in it who help to Promoting, marketing, and purchasing products, which makes the country active in trade. Therefore, trade in Dubai is thriving, and this is also helped by the prosperity of the economy in Dubai, especially after the discovery of oil in Dubai and the state’s dependence on it for its economy, which made it one of the richest countries in existence, and which many people resort to. To invest in it and profit from it.


Costs of establishing a company in Dubai

  1. The cost of a commercial license “The cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone” (license to practice business).
  2. The cost of the location of the company or office where you want to do your business (the annual rent for the office or the cost of purchasing a new office).
  3. Costs related to office furniture and decoration.
  4. The cost of work permits and visas required for employees sponsored under your company name.
  5. Open a bank account in the name of the company and deposit the minimum capital required according to your type of business.


The legal form of the company also plays a fundamental role in whether the cost of establishment increases or decreases. For example, the costs of establishing industrial companies are higher than in commercial and professional companies. The commercial license in Dubai is the most important document you need, and of course we help you obtain the commercial license in the easiest way possible. The most important initial steps are knowing all the costs for establishing companies.

If you are planning to establish a commercial company in Dubai, you must determine the options in order to be able to determine the cost, such as is the company large or small, how many employees, and what place do you want to establish the company in? Therefore, you must know the required fees, because there are new commercial licenses that you must obtain for a fee and fees, in addition to obtaining visas for the company’s employees. There are costs to sponsor employees and provide them with the necessary visas and papers in order to be allowed to reside in the UAE.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

  1. Determine the nature of the company’s activity.
  2. Determine the legal form of the company.
  3. Trade name registration.
  4. Obtain initial approval.
  5. Preparing the articles of association and a service agent agreement.
  6. Choose a location for your business.
  7. Obtaining approvals from the authorities concerned with the facility’s activity.
  8. Obtaining the license.


Investment opportunities in Dubai

In the beginning, you must create a different and distinctive CV for yourself. With the presence of electronic recruitment sites, many people are getting job opportunities in Dubai, and this is because they display their CVs through those sites in order to apply for that job.


Do not miss your opportunity to apply for work through the sites, as the occupancy rate of the sites has reached about 75 thousand people per year. You must communicate with professional people. You must get to know people from outside the country so that if you go to Dubai, you will have owners who live in that area. So that it is not difficult to obtain it, which makes it easy to exist and coexist in Dubai .

You must prepare and prepare for the personal interview with the specialist in the company, and this is considered one of the most important stages that must be paid attention to. When you interview the employer, you must make him feel confident in yourself in order to get the job, and for the owner of the organization to trust you.


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