Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Dubai is distinguished by its strategic location, making it a focal point for investors. All the factors leading to business success are available through the distinguished air, land, or sea transport network. Explore the steps for establishing a company in the free zone and leverage Dubai’s robust transport network for business success.
It connects it to all countries of the world, and the United Arab Emirates is generally distinguished by its dependence on oil in its economy, which made it one of the richest countries. Oil was a certain place among countries, and caused many investors to resort to it to invest their money in it. Since then, there are many services. The features that contribute to the success of the project or investment, but there are many procedures that must be completed before starting the project. It is necessary to create a company for this project as its headquarters. In this article, it will help you learn the basic steps to start a business in Dubai.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai


Trade in Dubai

Dubai Trade is one of the most important areas of investment that brings a lot of profits to its owners, as Dubai has many citizens of nationality and many foreigners who visit the country, and investors in what makes trade with it flourish. Many were inclined to invest their money in the region, but before that When you start investing in Dubai or anywhere else, you need to plan it well and take some important steps and measures, including:

  • Knowing the field you want to start in, doing a feasibility study for it, and consulting specialists in economics so that they can help you start in this field and provide you with their experience and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses in this field so that you can profit from it.
  • Knowing the requirements to start the project, including taking a main headquarters and establishing a company for your project.
  • The presence of an experienced team to help you work on the success of your project.
  • Finishing some government procedures and papers to be able to start the activity.
  • Obtaining a commercial license.
  • Having alternative plans in the event of any crisis in the project.

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The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

Before starting a business or project, all investors are interested in knowing the costs and resources they need to prepare for this business, since starting and preparing a business requires some money that the client needs to know before starting, but because our company always cares about the comfort of customers. He helps them and works to keep them happy with all their satisfaction.
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Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Establishing any business in Dubai may require many necessary procedures, and there are some necessary steps that make you able establishing a company in Dubai and these steps are:

  • Determine the nature of the activity that you will start working in (commercial, industrial, professional)
  • Registering the company’s trade name, as it is what distinguishes one company from another, and it must be registered before starting work.
  • Obtaining initial approval from the competent authorities is done after the previous steps.
  • Choose a headquarters for the work that you will do, which is a company with specific specifications. This is because any company must have a fixed location and address, and the headquarters must meet the specifications required by the Department of Economic Development.
  • Obtaining all approvals for the work you are doing. This is done through some of the authorities concerned with the work you are doing.
  • Issuing and obtaining the commercial license is done by sending documents stating that you have completed all the previous steps, and then you pay all the fees for obtaining the commercial license.
  • Register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.


Steps to establish a company in the free zone:

Now, regardless of your financial ability or what you set a financial budget for establishing and establishing any investment projects in Dubai or establishing a company in Dubai, you can now establish any project or investment service in Dubai due to the multiplicity of needs of the UAE and also due to the ease of providing methods for establishing investment projects. There are, but it is necessary to know the appropriate and basic steps in establishing a company in Dubai, which are as follows:

1- Determine the nature of the company’s activity:

Determining the nature of the company’s activity is considered one of the most important procedures imposed by the UAE Law of 2009 for establishing companies in Dubai. This facilitates the procedures and then determines the parties associated with the company’s activity and the permitted legal forms.

There are approximately 2,000 economic activities permitted in the UAE, and economic activities are classified into three main types: commercial activity (real estate, leasing, transportation, transportation, financial intermediation, wholesale, retail, storage, and communications), professional activity (agriculture, health, social work, education, and various service activities related to In society, any activity that depends on physical and mental activity to practice it), and finally industrial activity, which includes (conversion industries such as mining, water, electricity, and quarrying), and there are also some tourism activities.

2- Determine the legal form of the company:

Here we are talking about the legal form of the new company that will be established. This form depends on the nationality of its owners, and the legal form of the company that you plan to establish in Dubai is as follows:

  • Joint company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Public Shareholding Company.
  • Private equity company.
  • Civil works companies.

3- Trade name registration:

The third step of establishing companies is specifying the trade name in establishing a company in Dubai, which is what distinguishes one commercial license from another. The trade name is also related to the form and activity of the commercial company and is met with several important conditions that the Department of Economic Development stipulates on the trade name before it approves it. The name is that the company’s trade name does not contain words that are inappropriate for the country, that it does not contravene the public and private taste of the country, and that the trade name reflects the commercial activity accurately and clearly.

4- Obtaining initial approval:

After determining the legal activity of the company and its legal form as well, and registering its trade name, you must now obtain initial approval for the economic activity of the company and follow up in order to obtain the approval of the authorities related to the activity.

5- Preparing the articles of incorporation and choosing a location for your business:

Here comes the moment of concluding or preparing the contract designated for establishing a company in the Dubai Free Zone. The contract of incorporation must be presented in agreement between you and the competent authorities in Jebel Ali. You must also choose a location to establish the company in the free zone or establish a company in Jebel Ali to conduct business. All established companies must It must have a physical address located in the United Arab Emirates, and this headquarters must meet the specified requirements and land allocation regulations before, in addition to having an existing license.

6- Obtaining approvals from the authorities concerned with the facility’s activity

Some commercial activities and projects require obtaining additional approvals from the competent authorities for those projects and activities concerned with them, such as approval from the Ministry of Economy, or specialized approval from the Ministry of Interior, or specialized approval from the Ministry of Justice, or approval from Civil Defense if the activity, for example, is related to the activities of selling equipment. Firefighting.

7- Obtaining the license

After completing all the previous steps to prepare and establish an investment company in Jebel Ali or establish a company in the Dubai Free Zone, you can now receive the commercial activity license, attach some of the required papers and documents, including also the economic development steps and pay the commercial license fees for establishing the company, then after registration is completed in the Chamber of Commerce. As a member.


Establishing a company in the free zones in the Emirates

A person begins to establish in order to achieve a specific goal, even if that company is established by one or more individuals, but the desired goal of establishing that company is the same, even if there are multiple partners, and the conditions related to establishing the company differ from one country to another, as well as the facilities granted at the beginning of the establishment and during Company building.

Establishing a company in the Jebel Ali area allows the establishment of three types of companies, and each type of these companies has features and options that suit the business you wish to do. We will show you a number of features and offer a number of facilities in the Jebel Ali area. We offer you the cheapest offices in places with features and spacious spaces in addition. To provide the founder with the freedom of choice to divide the company’s space, in order for the division to be made in a way that suits its special character.

The investor wishing to establish his company in the Jebel Ali region must provide the legal documents for establishing the company, as well as the data of all partners, if any, and specify the activity for which the company will be established.

Papers you need to establish the company:

  1. The form must be submitted as an application for incorporation.
  2. An original and a copy of the passport must be presented to all partners in the company.
  3. A partial explanation of the project and its goal.
  4. There is a minimum capital that cannot be less than.
  5. A certificate from the sponsor that the sponsor does not object to those in charge of the project.
  6. A declaration relating to the commitment to environmental, health and safety management.
  7. An explanation of the shareholder’s personality is provided in addition to a decision issued by the Board of Directors and authorization.
  8. A statement signed by the director.

This is in addition to a number of additional papers provided by the company’s managers. All of these papers do not require a lot of time or effort, as the Jebel Ali system provides advantages and facilities in taxes and customs facilities, as well as the provision of trained workers with high technical expertise, and low-priced energy, which it provides makes… Among them is a fertile field for investors, in addition to the laws related to investment protection and the right of ownership for foreigners within the framework of the law or investment.

Our company has a professional team ready to help you establish your business easily (commercial register – equipped offices – investor residency). Thanks to our integrated services, you can establish your company using models specifically designed to suit your needs.

Our office provides you with the support you need to establish your business by giving you a range of options that allow you the freedom to determine the optimal path that suits your personal requirements. In addition, you will receive assistance in every step of the establishment, starting from submitting the application, through registering company information, choosing the activity, and ending with renting the headquarters and obtaining the license.



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