Steps to establish a company in Dubai

That is, whatever your financial capacity or what you carry and budget for establishing and establishing any investment projects or establishing a company in Dubai , you can now establish any project or any investment service in Dubai due to the multiplicity of needs of the UAE and also due to the ease of providing means and methods for establishing investment projects in it, but it must Knowing the appropriate and basic steps in establishing a company in Dubai is as follows:


Determine the nature of the company’s activity:

Determining the activity of the company you wish to establish in Dubai is one of the most important procedures imposed by UAE law for establishing companies in Dubai. This facilitates the procedures according to each desired activity. It also determines the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms.

There are many economic activities permitted in the UAE, about 2,000 economic activities. Economic activities are classified into three main types: commercial activity (real estate, leasing, transportation, transportation, financial intermediation, wholesale, retail, storage, and communications), and professional activity, which is (agriculture and health). Social work, education, and various service activities related to society, i.e. every activity that depends on physical and mental activity to practice it), and finally industrial activity, which includes (conversion industries such as mining, water, electricity, and quarrying), and there are also some tourism activities.


Determine the legal form of the company:

Here we talk about the legal form of the new company founded by a woman. This form depends on the nationality of its owners, and the type of company that you plan to establish in Dubai, and they are as follows:

  • Solidarity Company.
  • Limited liability companies.
  • Public joint stock company.
  • Private joint stock company.
  • Civil works company.


Trade name registration:

The trade name in establishing a company in Dubai is what distinguishes one license from another. It is also related to the form and activity of the company and is fulfilled by several important conditions that the Department of Economic Development stipulates and applies to the trade name before it approves the name with which the company is to be registered, namely that the trade name must not contain any Words that are inappropriate for the country, and that it does not violate public and private taste in the country, and that the company name reflects the commercial activity accurately and clearly.


Obtaining initial approval:

After determining the activity to establish the company, the legal form for establishing the company as well, and registering its trade name, you must obtain initial approval for your economic activity for the company and follow up in order to obtain the approval of the authorities related to the activity.


Preparing the articles of incorporation and choosing a location for your business

Here we come to the role of convening or preparing the contract designated for establishing a company in Jebel Ali, Dubai. Bring the contract of incorporation in agreement between you and the competent authorities in Jebel Ali. You must also choose a location to establish the company in Jebel Ali or establish an investment company in the Emirates to carry out your business. All established companies must It must have an existing physical address in the United Arab Emirates, and this headquarters must meet the previously specified requirements and land allocation systems, in addition to having an existing license.


Obtaining approvals from the authorities concerned with the facility’s activity

Some activities and projects require obtaining additional approvals from the authorities responsible for those projects and activities concerned with them, such as approval from the Ministry of Economy, specialized approval from the Ministry of Interior, specialized approval from the Ministry of Justice, approval from Civil Defense if the activity, for example, is related to the activities of selling firefighting equipment, etc. . However, we do not need any additional approvals for activities that fall within the scope of the Department of Economic Development’s specialization.


Obtain the license

After completing all the previous steps to prepare and establish an investment company in Jebel Ali, you can receive the license for the activity for which you want to establish the company after attaching some of the required documents, including also the economic development steps and paying the commercial license fees for establishing the company, then after registering in the Chamber of Commerce as a member.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

  • If you want to establish a company within the free zone in Dubai, you must take into account that each free zone has different steps that must be followed in order to establish the company. There are a number of free zones that require a limit that this capital cannot be less than. The state of establishing a company or project, as opposed to the desire to open an existing company.
  • Among the other costs that you need in order to start this business, whether in Dubai or in any of the other free zones, you must calculate the fees for sponsoring citizens and the ability to provide them with the necessary visas and also issue residency papers for them in the country for the company’s workers from abroad.
  • Calculating the costs that the company will need in the future in order to import the goods it needs, whatever they may be. Dubai has special and clear instructions regarding the types of goods that you can import and the costs that you may incur.

Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Steps to establish a company in Dubai

Establishing a business in Dubai requires following a set of steps and approvals required by the Department of Economic Development and other relevant authorities to officially register the establishment. First, you must determine the type of activity you want to engage in, and this in turn will determine the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms. We will now review the complete and necessary steps to establish a company in Dubai:

  1. Determine the company’s commercial activity.
  2. Determine the legal form and parties.
  3. Determine and reserve the trade name.
  4. Submitting an initial approval certificate.
  5. Preparing the articles of association and a service agent agreement.
  6. Choosing a company location and documenting the lease contract.
  7. Obtaining approvals from the authorities organizing the activity.
  8. Receiving the commercial license.

Our work team will provide you with all support and carry out all the steps mentioned above, starting with determining the type of activity, choosing the trade name, obtaining security approvals, and then preparing all the documents required to complete the steps of establishing the company in Dubai in a few days.

Steps to establish a company in Dubai

The idea of ​​​​steps for establishing a company in Dubai is considered a halfway point to success, and why not Dubai is the most prominent global hub in the Middle East, Asia and Africa for entrepreneurship and attracting entrepreneurs and investments from all countries of the world. It is characterized by several advantages that are rarely found in one city.

Dubai occupies the heart of the Middle East and links the continent of Asia, Europe and Asia together, and facilitates the movement of goods through the giant ports located in free zones such as the Jebel Ali Free Zone. This distinguished location has made Dubai a prime destination for entrepreneurs due to its contribution to increasing the volume of business, whether commercial, industrial, or other investments.

It is also distinguished by its technological infrastructure that always keeps pace with the requirements for establishing companies in Dubai in this decade. It is characterized by the necessity of relying on advanced and smart communications to complete and accelerate business growth in Dubai. Dubai ranked eighth according to the Global Financial Centers Index, making it one of the top 10 global centers attracting entrepreneurship and rapid growth.

Dubai is also considered among the top 10 financial centers according to the Global Financial Centers Index, where the Dubai International Financial Center ranks eighth. However, this is not the only advantage. The United Arab Emirates has been able to confront the global challenges that greatly affect oil prices between rises and falls, and this was through a set of economic policies that enabled the gradual elimination of dependence on oil sources and the diversification of sources of income, which is the matter. Which added an element of sustainability to long-term economic growth.


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