Steps to invest in Jebel Ali

Steps to invest in Jebel Ali: It is one of the most important economic regions in the Middle East and plays a pivotal role in feeding global markets with goods. It also contributes fundamentally and significantly to the UAE economy.

In this free zone, there are more than 5,000 warehouses for international companies through which all types of goods are displayed, from precision products to heavy equipment. There is also Jebel Ali Port, which is the largest sea port in the Middle East and is classified among the 10 largest ports in the world. The world, through which goods are shipped and exported to more than 180 ports around the world.


Steps to invest in Jebel Ali


How to create a company in Jebel Ali Free Zone

Request advice on company formation procedures, international taxes, company structuring, asset protection, or guidance on wealth management.

After this stage, we will send a quote for approval and upon approval, we will send an invoice for payment. We will begin work as described below after receiving payment.

  1. Reserve and approve the trade name.
  2. Gaining legal status and initial approval.
  3. Renting a commercial facility (e.g. store, office, warehouse).
  4. Drafting agreements and legal requests.
  5. Documentation, obtaining legal status, and submitting a final approval request.
  6. Follow up and receive the commercial license from the Jumeirah Lake Towers authorities.
  7. Company Seal.
  8. Meet the person responsible for opening the bank account.


Documents and licenses required to establish companies in free zones in Dubai

Every investor who wishes to establish a company in the Dubai Free Zone must submit an application that includes a set of documents, the most important of which are:

  • passport copy
  • the summery of project
  • Necessary legal documents
  • Trade Name

After approving the application, the investor must begin the process of determining the required licenses and products.

Pay fees and costs ranging between 2,500 and 9,000 UAE dirhams, depending on the number of shareholders involved.

If a company has a wider range of products and services it offers, fees can cost up to AED 30,000 for a general business licence.


The time period for establishing companies in free zones in Dubai:

The time period that an investor or businessman needs to establish his company in a free zone ranges between one and two months, and the possibility of accelerating this process depends on the speed of providing the required papers and documents as well as the payment of fees and costs by the owner or investor.


The financial cost of establishing companies in free zones in Dubai:

Expenses and costs added to the fees for obtaining permits, such as: annual rental fees, residence fees, and sponsorship fees, which may start from 1,000 UAE dirhams and reach up to 3,000 dirhams. The cost of establishing a company in the free zone naturally includes the amount that must be paid as rent for the property that will be the company’s headquarters, and this amount varies according to the location, area and type of the property (offices, showrooms, or a vacant plot of land).

For reference, the costs of obtaining licenses and residence visas are paid only in the first year, as their validity lasts for three years, while the investor must pay rental expenses and the value of services and facilities on an annual basis. But on the other hand, it must be noted that the costs of establishing a company in the free zonesin Dubai during the first year are higher than in the case of establishing the company outside the free zones. Incentives to encourage investors and businessmen to create a plan to establish companies within the free zones in Dubai.

  • Enjoy 100% foreign ownership
  • Benefit from the possibility of importing and recovering all capital and profits to and from the original home country of the company owner.
  • Tax exemption for both companies and individuals.
  • You can benefit from the business community/network through which the services of these free zone authorities can be used in terms of support services, sponsorship, or other services.


Free zones in the United Arab Emirates

The UAE is considered one of the best commercial markets for investment in the world because of the facilities and advantages it offers to foreign and Gulf investors in particular. The UAE and Dubai in particular are characterized by free zones, so investors aspire to establish a company in Jebel Ali in Dubai and other free zones in the Emirates.

Dubai is considered the first emirate to implement the free zone model, which provides foreign companies with attractive privileges and many investment incentives. Free zones in Dubai seek 100% ownership rights for foreigners in addition to total tax exemption.

There are currently 23 free zones operating in the emirate, which were established to serve specific sectors and industries, including information technology, real estate, communications, media, finance, gold and jewelry, and health care. With the presence of this number of free zones in the Emirate of Dubai, each of which offers advantages and capabilities different from the others, the importance of knowing all the conditions and controls for establishing companies in this region becomes apparent. Regions, and the necessity of reviewing all possibilities and offers and calculating all costs before making the decision to invest in one of them.


Steps to invest in Jebel Ali

The steps to invest in Jebel Ali Free Zone are as follows:

Determine the company’s type of activity

One of the first steps to investing in Jebel Ali is to obtain a license and determine the type of activity desired in the company because specifying the type of activity helps determine all parties associated with this activity and also the legal forms allowed for this activity.

Determine the legal entity of the company, which may be either:

  • Free zone and limited liability.
  • Free zone establishment.

Also, the difference between the two depends on the number of shareholders or the nature of the shareholder, whether it is a natural or legal shareholder. Therefore, the client must refer to the relevant authorities to find out the appropriate legal entity for the activity he wants to establish. There are also branches of establishments in free zones, where branches of local and foreign companies can be established in all free zones.

Choose a suitable trade name for the project

Whereas, when the legal entity for establishing the company is determined, its trade name is chosen, and an appropriate and suitable name must be chosen for the company. Before choosing the trade name, the investor must refer to the relevant authorities of the free zone to confirm the trade name used and whether it has been used before or not. It must not violate public morals in the region, and it must not be used for the same type of activity, and it must be compatible with the nature of the company’s activity as well as its legal entity, and it does not include any names or logos of bodies and institutions, whether local, Arab, or international, and finally, it must not be identical to any local or international trademark. International and Ministry of Economy.

Applying for a commercial license

The investor obtains a license to practice work in the project, according to the basic activity in which the project is based. The investor then obtains initial approvals for establishing the company from the relevant authorities and then pays the registration fees and license fees, which vary according to the type of license required.

Licensing and work permits procedures:

  • The agreements for renting the work site are prepared by the relevant authorities.
  • The investor then issues the commercial license.
  • After that, it issues the required work permits and visas in order to start working properly.


Establishing a company in Jebel Ali

Establishing a company in Jebel Ali, which is considered a free zone, is one of the goals most sought by many Arab and international countries, given what this region offers. There are great facilities for investors to establish their companies, as well as services that have been designed next to the project sites, which helps customers meet all their needs, as these areas are distinguished by their design on roads that pave the way for the possibility of establishing a company in them, such as establishing a company in Jebel Ali.


The cost of establishing a company in the Jebel Ali region and in the free zones in Amma is not high, but it is also profitable for customers due to the ease of procedures in these areas. As it does not have restrictions or impose 100% taxes on customers’ income.

Establishing a company in free zones such as Jebel Ali represents significant economic development and growth in the United Arab Emirates due to the ease of laws that regulate and manage businesses within these areas, making the establishment of these companies in free zones a major reason for significant development and growth in the UAE economy. For the Arab and international countries of the world, the free zone is considered a separate entity that is not governed by any UAE labor laws or restrictions because there are no customs duties, which makes it easier for the investor to establish a company in it.



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