Steps to register a company in Dubai

Steps to register a company in Dubai. Registering a company in Dubai is now one of the easiest steps, because Dubai has become one of the cities that will help people the most. On the success of their projects, because it contains all the auxiliary factors that help the success of all commercial projects, many people are searching for the best companies and commercial projects to register and employ in them in order to help them improve financial income and increase profits.

Now the UAE has become one of the Arab countries that people from all countries of the world resort to. Therefore, we offer you in our company business services, which is a company specialized inestablishing companieswith issuing commercial licenses, clearing legal papers, and financing all projects. It is a website belonging to an Emirati company.


Steps to register a company in Dubai


Steps to register a company in Dubai

The individual must go through several specific procedures in order to be able to register a company in Dubai, so we will learn about the most important procedures that the individual must complete in order to be able to own a company in Dubai And these steps include:

  1. Determine the company’s location and apply to the competent authorities to register the site, taking all proof of ownership of the place.
  2. It is choosing and determining the company’s trade name, which distinguishes companies from each other, so it must be determined and registered.
  3. Applying for a commercial license that helps the investor start working in the company, because with this license, the work activity that the investor wants to carry out will be determined.
  4. Pay all fees imposed by the competent authorities.
  5. Finally, the commercial license is received.


What are the success factors for companies in Dubai?

  • The strategic location that Dubai enjoys among all countries of the world is one of the most important reasons why its trade routes are easy, whether to or from it.
  • There is a modern transportation network in Dubai that connects all countries of the world, making transportation between Dubai and other countries easy.
  • Dubai is known for its moderate climate, which helps all investors come to it.
  • Dubai is distinguished by its availability of all means of security and safety.
  • It is characterized by political calm, which makes many investors come to it from different parts of the world.

All of these previous factors led to attracting many people to seek refuge in Dubai, with the establishment of many commercial projects there.


Initial steps in registering a company in Dubai

One of the most important initial steps that you must take to establishing companies in Dubai is knowing all the costs and how to determine the cost in terms of determining whether the company is small. It is large, how many employees it has, and determining the location where the company wants to reside, etc. Therefore, the investor must be fully aware of the fees required for new commercial licenses, in addition to obtaining visas for workers to reside in the UAE, the required papers for the company’s employees, and sponsoring employees and others.


Costs of establishing a company in Dubai

  • Find out the cost of a business license, or what is known as a commercial license, in the Dubai Free Zone.
  • Practicing a commercial license in Dubai is one of the most important documents that an investor needs and obtaining it in the easiest ways possible.
  • Find out the cost of the company’s location where the investor wants to do his work and determine whether he wants the cost of purchasing a new office or annual rent.
  • Determine the costs of furnishings and decorations for the office and the company in general.
  • Determine the cost of visas and papers required for work permits for all employees sponsored by the company.
  • The investor must open an account in the bank in the name of the company and deposit the minimum capital required according to the type of business activity of the company.
  • The costs of establishing a company vary according to its legal form in terms of an increase or decrease in costs. For example, industrial companies cost more than professional and industrial companies.


3 steps to register companies in Dubai

The Department of Economic Development in Dubai said that establishing companies in Dubai takes place in three steps, and it requires a time ranging between two and three hours. days, to receive a commercial license. She pointed out that some cases of issuing licenses do not exceed 20 minutes in individual institutions, but it may take about three days, if obtaining the license requires approval from other local or federal government agencies.

The Executive Director of the Commercial Licensing Sector at the Department, Mohammed Shael Al-Saadi, told Emirates Today that “the Department is keen to create an attractive climate for investors, by facilitating company registration procedures,” noting that “reducing the time period for issuing licenses and dealing with Professionalism with investors is one of the most important reasons behind Dubai’s attractiveness.”


Establishing a company in the free zone

At our business services company, we provide you with the support you need to establish your business in Dubai and give you a set of options that allow you the freedom to determine the optimal path that suits your project.


Why our company?

At our company, we help you achieve your dreams of forming your company in the United Arab Emirates, saving you operational expenses and time. As well as providing all aspects of support to foreign investors, whether from within the country or coming from abroad, and facilitating all difficulties for them in order to facilitate the procedures for foreign investment in the Emirates and starting to establish a business, starting from determining the type of activity and providing the necessary economic feasibility studies to support your choice of the appropriate project, choosing the trade name and obtaining Obtaining security approval and preparing all the documents required to complete the procedures for establishing your investment project.


An overview of the free zones in the UAE

Free zones in the Emirates are not subject to the commercial laws established by the Ministry of Economy to regulate the commercial activities of companies within the city of Dubai, for example. They also provide foreign investors with 100% ownership, in addition to exemption from customs duties and taxes. Opening a company in the free zone does not require the presence of a partner or sponsor from Citizens of the United Arab Emirates.


What is a free zone?

A free zone is an area where goods can be unloaded, stored, traded, or even manufactured or remanufactured, and then re-exported under a specific customs law, and generally not subject to customs duties.

Free zones are considered separate entities, not governed by UAE labor law. Companies located in the free zone have a set of rules and regulations that govern them and are specific to them. Also, a local sponsor is not needed to open a company in the free zone, and the open company can be 100% owned. By nationalities completely other than the United Arab Emirates, or the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


Free zones in the United Arab Emirates

Not only does the UAE have more than 40 free zones, but more are under construction.

Establishing a company in the free zones of the UAE can be difficult; Due to the presence of many free zones and the difficulty of choosing between them, we at our business services company will help you determine which free zone is suitable for your business, and we will also help you establish your company in the agreed-upon free zone in the shortest possible time.


How to establish a company in the free zone?

We assure you that establishing a company in a free zone is not difficult, as companies can be registered as a free zone establishment, or a representative or branch office in the region. Free whatever.


Steps to establish a company in the free zone

  • Choose the preferred legal entity.
  • Choose a trade name, and we make sure it is a distinctive name.
  • Business license application.
  • Renting office space or land.
  • Obtain initial approval.
  • Commercial license registration.
  • Obtaining a commercial license.


Advantages of establishing a company in the free zone

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • There is no sponsor or local service agent.
  • 100% return of capital and profits.
  • Total exemption from corporate tax, as well as from income tax.
  • Also, no duties must be paid on imports or re-exports.
  • There will be no restrictions on the use of the currency.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Full right to request residence visas in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Allowing the ownership of shares in other companies in the UAE and around the world.

We at our company seek to help you start your business in the free zones, by making the steps for establishing your company easy and simple, and without administrative expenses.



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