The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

One of the most important steps in starting a new and implementable business plan is trying to know the costs, even if only initially. Therefore, all investors and businessmen strive to try to know the costs of establishing a company in Dubai. Taking into account that there is a tax exemption feature available in the Emirates, which makes many people go to the Emirates to start their work, but there are a lot of fees required to obtain commercial licenses, and Al Ghaf Golden Company works to help investors and businessmen know the company’s costs. Before starting to work on it.


If you are one of the investors who want to start establishing a business in the free zone in Dubai, you should know that each free zone has some fees that differ from one region to another. There are also some regions that impose a minimum capital in order for you to be able to own a company in them, and this is different from doing so. By opening a subsidiary of a main company in another place, there are some other costs that you pay, which are related to sponsoring employees and obtaining the necessary visas and papers that allow them to reside in the Emirates.


There are also some other costs that the company and its owner pay, which are the costs of importing goods that are paid to customs in Dubai. There are some instructions regarding goods entering and leaving Dubai, but if your company will carry out commercial activity in the countries affiliated with the Gulf Cooperation Council, then customs duties will be much lower. Among other fees, this is due to the laws of the common markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, which facilitate commercial dealings and cooperation between citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.


If you are looking for the lowest costs for establishing companies, all you have to do is seek help from Al Ghaf Golden Company, as it helps you own a company equipped with the best equipment and at the lowest possible costs.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai

  • If you want to establish a company within the free zone in Dubai, you must take into account that each free zone has different steps that must be followed. In order to establish a company, there are a number of free zones that require a limit that this capital cannot be less than in the event of establishing a company or project, in contrast to the desire to open an already existing company.
  • Among the other costs that you need in order to start this business, whether in Dubai or in any of the other free zones, you must calculate the fees for sponsoring citizens and the ability to provide them with the necessary visas and also issue residency papers for them in the country for the company’s workers from abroad.
  • Calculating the costs that the company will need in the future in order to import the goods it needs, whatever they are. Dubai has special and clear instructions regarding the types of goods that you can import and the costs that you may incur.

The cost of establishing a company in Dubai


The cost of establishing a company in Dubai

  • Knowing the cost of a business license, or what is known as The commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone,
  • Practicing a commercial license in Dubai is one of the most important documents that an investor needs and obtaining it in the easiest ways possible.
  • Find out the cost of the company’s location where the investor wants to do his work and determine whether he wants the cost of purchasing a new office or annual rent.
  • Determine the costs of furnishings and decorations for the office and the company in general.
  • Determine the cost of visas and papers required for work permits for all employees sponsored by the company.
  • The investor must open an account in the bank in the name of the company and deposit the minimum capital required according to the type of business activity of the company.
  • The costs of establishing a company vary according to its legal form in terms of an increase or decrease in costs. For example, industrial companies cost more than professional and industrial companies.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai

The city of Dubai embraces many large companies and successful entrepreneurs and provides them with a wonderful climate for success. The beginning is through companies that facilitate the procedures for establishing a company and help entrepreneurs start their businesses and move towards success.

We at the Golden Ghaf Company can begin the procedures and save time and effort for entrepreneurs by implementing the procedures for establishing a company and starting it even before the client reaches the Dubai. Entrepreneurship begins with the procedures for establishing a company while exploiting all available opportunities for development, taking all types of risks into account in order to achieve certain goals.

The procedures for establishing a company in Dubai are easy and not complicated. Therefore, many people prefer to complete the procedures for establishing a company through Al Ghaf Golden Company for their convenience and distinguished services.

In order to complete the procedures for establishing a company, entrepreneurs must be familiar with the types of companies before starting the procedures for establishing a company. When you decide to start the procedures for establishing a company, choosing the best consultant for establishing companies in Dubai is no less important than any other process, and hence the name of the Golden Ghaf Company in the world. Establishing companies and facilitating the procedures for establishing a company, starting with the cooperating advisory team, paying attention to the smallest details when completing the procedures for establishing a company.

The procedures for establishing a company, after preparing the required documents according to the type of company to be opened, begin with reserving the trade name. The trade name must be of quality and uniqueness, and this is a difficult process as the easy and common trade names have been reserved, but this step of the procedures for establishing a company is considered the most important and requires thought, consultation and research.

Then the second step in the procedures for establishing a company is obtaining a national sponsor.

The third step in the procedures for establishing a company is to issue the initial approval, with special follow-up by our team at Al Ghaf Golden Company until the approval is issued.

The fourth step in the procedures for establishing a company is finding the appropriate location to start the company’s activity and move towards global markets.

The fifth step in the procedures for establishing a company is to sign legal contracts, as Al Ghaf Golden Company is located in the heart of Dubai in the Dubai World Trade Center, providing a great place to discuss business and sign contracts.

The last step in establishing a company is issuing a license, and after that, the entrepreneur’s mission will be to succeed in his chosen field.

The procedures for establishing a company may seem long and complicated to some, but they are completed in approximately two weeks. The procedures for establishing a company may require security approval for some nationalities at the time of application.


Open a company in Dubai

Many people seek to establish a company in the Emirates, due to the energy it provides at low prices and a number of advantages related to tax deductions and all the other services it provides, foreign ownership, the freedom to dispose of capital assets and the profits resulting from them, with the freedom to move and transfer funds from inside and outside the country. Dubai.


Steps to establish a company in Dubai:

  • Starting with the first steps for establishing companies is to choose the activity that the company will practice. The word company means the agreement of the will of one or more people to achieve a specific goal for which the company will be established.
  • The activity based on which the company is determined determines the appropriate classification for it, as well as the type of company, whether it is a limited liability company, a joint-liability company, a public or private joint-stock company, a private joint-stock company, a civil works company, and others.
  • The legal form of the company must also be determined based on the nationality of its owners, and it must also have a trade name that must be distinct from all existing names.

Conditions for choosing a company name in Dubai

  1. The name must be free of any words that may violate public taste.
  2. The name is dependent on what indicates the legal form that the company represents.
  3. The company’s trade name must reflect the activity practiced by the company.
  4. The name must not be similar to the name of any government entity.
  5. The name must not contain any divine connotations or religious terminology.


Choosing the appropriate location for establishment:

One of the important steps for establishment is the step related to the appropriate location in order to have the company’s headquarters in the location. This is very important. This is in addition to the technological development in means of transport and communication in the city of Dubai, which facilitates movement within the city with the least effort and the least time that can be wasted in transportation. Dubai is characterized by traffic regulation. And there is no crowding.

Also, the necessary licenses for establishment take less time and less effort. The Ministry is now seeking to provide a remote registration service without the need to move between government offices.

Al Ghaf Golden Company has a professional team ready to help you establish your business easily (commercial register – equipped offices – investor residency). Thanks to our integrated services, you can establish your company using models specifically designed to suit your needs.


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