Trade license fees in Dubai

The authorities responsible for developing the economy in Dubai make many demands from anyone who wants to do a new business in Dubai. One of the most important requirements is to obtain a business license so that the investor can start doing business, but the process of obtaining a business license is not a matter of progress.
They need further action and will go to several relevant government agencies. Before starting to extract a commercial license, everyone can ask themselves about the cost of extraction.
Business license fees in the UAE in general and Dubai, in particular depending on the type of business the investor starts. In this, you can use our company team to know the estimate of fees that you have to pay while using business licenses.


Trade license fees in Dubai


Commercial activities in Dubai

Many commercial activities take place in Dubai, which may number approximately 2,100 economic activities, and these activities are divided into many groups, including:

  1. Professional activities.
  2. Commercial activities.
  3. Tourism activities.
  4. Industrial activities.

If you want to start a business or activity in Dubai, you can use our company, which works to establish businesses and facilitate procedures for starting new activities in Dubai, as our company has extensive experience in this field to serve entrepreneurs and investors for a long time.


Types of Commercial licenses in Dubai

Commercial licenses vary in Dubai, and the fees for each company vary depending on the activity being started. There are five types of commercial licenses, including:

  1. General Trade License: This allows the practice of many different commercial activities without any restrictions.
  2. Event organizing license: This license enables its holder to organize meetings, hold parties, conferences and large exhibitions.
  3. Business operation permit: This permit is specific to companies that wish to obtain a lease contract or want to operate in the free zone.
  4. Professional license: It is a license that specifies a number of activities. Other activities are not permitted and are subject to the necessary local licenses and permits.
  5. Commercial license: This is the license that allows its holder to carry out the commercial activities specified in it, such as import, export, distribution, sale, etc.

Trade license fees in Dubai

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Tips to start investing in Dubai

There are some tips you can follow to help you invest in Dubai and review the biggest benefits you want. These tips include፦

You must conduct a feasibility study for the activity you want to start and prefer to consult economists in this activity

– They can know the success of the activity and provide many useful tips.

– It is not a good idea to borrow money to start a new business.

– You need to keep a portion of your money and not put all your capital into a project.

– You must accept loss at any time and do not expect to obtain more profits at the beginning of the business.

– Develop an alternative plan for another project in case the specified activity fails


Commercial license in Dubai:

In order for you to be able to practice any commercial activity in Dubai, you must first know the commercial license in Dubai and its different types. If you want to practice What kind of commercial projects can be practiced in Dubai? In this case, you must send an email to the activity classification website, with a clear statement of that commercial activity of yours that you want to practice so that you can obtain a license for it from the body responsible for issuing these licenses.

However, the Licensing Department, as well as the Commercial Registration Department, have provided many quick services by launching this initiative called the Instant License, which can make businessmen obtain that license very quickly and within a time not exceeding five minutes as well, and after that It is possible for all partners to come to these specialized centers to obtain the license in order to obtain this license.


But there are specific types of business licenses that can be practiced in Dubai:

  • A trade license in Dubai allows these companies to carry out those commercial activities that are clearly specified in the license.
  • The trade license in Dubai is also for practicing that general trade that helps businessmen to practice those commercial activities that are not restricted to a set of activities.
  • There is also a commercial license in Dubai that allows the provision of those services that are clearly mentioned in the license.
  • The license allocated for organizing these events and organizing these meetings and conferences.
  • Also, the license designated for operating a business, and this permit is specific to those companies that have a strong desire to obtain a contract in order to work in the free zone.


Cost of a business license in Dubai Free Zone:

It is now possible in Dubai to know the cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone by using this instant license, which enables you to avoid the many sufferings that you go through during the stage of obtaining the commercial license, but also saves you a lot of time and effort as well.

The method of obtaining an instant license makes you learn faster the cost of a commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone and enables you to obtain that license while saving a lot of time. This new project is part of the UAE’s developments to help citizens in the process of obtaining commercial licenses and thus helps citizens speed up these services. To them and make it easy and fast to find out the cost of a business license in the Dubai Free Zone.

One of the simplest ways to help you get that simple estimate for the commercial license in the Dubai Free Zone is to use this portal for estimating the cost of issuing the license, which is in Dubai Economy. This portal enables you to get that approximate estimate of all the expenses and fees that you must pay from In order to obtain a commercial license.


Procedures for establishing a company in Dubai :

In order to carry out your activity in Dubai, you must know the procedures for establishing a company so that you can complete all the procedures for establishing the company as well as obtain all the necessary approvals to obtain this company. Therefore, the procedures for establishing a company are:

  • Determine the type of activity you wish to practice. After determining your type of activity, you can now identify those parties who are associated with you in your business activity and the legal form assigned to it.
  • One of the procedures for establishing a company is to determine the activity according to the type of your company. It may be either a joint-liability company, a limited liability company, a public or private joint-stock company, or many other types of companies.
  • After that, the procedures for establishing a company are completed by determining the legal form of the company, which depends on the nationality of the company owners and the type of activity they wish to practice.
  • After that, your company’s trade name is registered, which distinguishes your license from any other license, as each company has its own activity and its own commercial license.
  • It is also necessary to complete the procedures for establishing a company by obtaining that initial approval for your commercial activity, so that you can then obtain the rest of the approval of other parties related to the same activity.
  • After that, you can choose the headquarters in which to conduct your business, because all companies must conduct their work through an actual and existing headquarters in order to conduct their business.
  • After that, approval is obtained from other parties concerned with the activity of your company. There are some activities that require the approval of certain parties, such as insurance activity, transportation activity, as well as activities that are specific to those legal consultations, as well as the activity of selling that fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Completing the procedures for establishing the company, the license is now obtained, which gives you the right to practice your activity freely and without any restrictions on you. After completing all the previous steps, all documents are submitted in order to obtain a license to practice commercial activity, and after that you can register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce until You can start practicing your economic activity.


Investment costs in Dubai:

In order for you to be able to invest in Dubai and start practicing your activity, you must know the costs of investing in Dubai. With the advantage of tax exemption available in Dubai, this has made This is an attractive factor for all investors, but you must take into account the costs of investing in Dubai and be aware of the fees that are required in order to obtain the commercial licenses necessary for you to practice your activity in Dubai.

Therefore, the Dubai website of the Department of Economic Development has provided this data through which the investor can estimate the amounts required to obtain licenses. One of the costs of investing in Dubai is that the company owner must have a minimum amount of capital in the event that he practices his activity in the free zone. You must also know the amounts related to sponsoring the employees working in this company and all the possible amounts for importing its own goods in order to start practicing the activity, as all of these are considered investment costs in Dubai.


Conditions for establishing a company in the Gulf:

Dubai now has the opportunity to launch many companies, one of these easy and quick things so that they can be compatible with the economic development department located in Dubai, and one of the conditions for establishing a company in the Gulf. When an investor wants to establish an economic activity in the Gulf, he must know: One of the conditions for establishing a company in the Gulf is that it must be registered in the Department of Economic Development, which specializes in registering licenses for companies established in Dubai, and after that, among the rest of the conditions for establishing a company in the Gulf, one must determine the economic activity to be practiced, as well as determine the specific legal form. With it and its limbs.

After that, as a continuation of the conditions for establishing a company in the Gulf, we must determine the trade name and reserve it, after which the rest of the procedures specified for establishing companies in the Gulf are completed.


How to invest in Dubai:

In order to learn how to invest in Dubai, you must know the best ways to invest in Dubai, which is real estate investment. Dubai has become one of These are distinguished centers for real estate investors. In order to learn how to invest in Dubai, you must know that real estate investment achieves many good business gains for investors. You can buy that room in a hotel and then rent it, and through that you can obtain rent on an ongoing basis. I have tried one of the methods of real estate investment in Dubai and learned how to invest in Dubai.


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