Trademark registration in Dubai

Embarking on the journey of trademark registration in Dubai involves navigating through various procedures, and understanding the Dubai Commercial Registry is fundamental to this process. The meticulous trademark registration procedures in Dubai demand attention to detail and compliance with regulations. To successfully navigate through the complexities of trademark registration, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Dubai Commercial Registry’s requirements and guidelines.

This comprehensive guide sheds light on the crucial aspects of trademark registration procedures in Dubai, providing valuable insights for a seamless registration process. Whether you’re an individual or a business looking to protect your brand, understanding the nuances of trademark registration in Dubai is pivotal for securing your intellectual property rights.


Trademark registration in Dubai


What is a brand?

A trademark is a distinctive sign or symbol of a company that carries all the data related to its identity, services or products. It is guaranteed the right to use this registered mark to protect its products from imitation and imitation. The trademark symbol is considered a visual identity for the company in front of consumers.

The primary goal of trademark differentiation is to differentiate products in the markets so that the consumer can differentiate between products and recognize your product easily. There are many benefits to entrepreneurs from trademark registration services in the Emirates.


Advantages of registering trademarks in Dubai

Promising companies are interested in obtaining trademark registration services from specialists with extensive experience in the foundations of building companies because of their importance in establishing the company. This is because choosing a clear and distinctive trademark results in the following successes:

  1. A brand is a perception and image in the customer’s mind about the quality of the product or the level of service, and the customer cannot take the initiative to deal with a company whose identity he does not know.
  2. An essential element in making a purchasing decision. The more familiar your brand logo is to the consumer, the smoother and faster the decision-making will be, which in turn supports the marketing process.
  3.  Your brand profile is a source of inspiration for the team and employees responsible for developing the company, as they can obtain clear responses from the audience to their various inquiries.
  4. This mark also protects your product from unfair competition that relies on imitation of products, as you have the right, under your trademark file, to sue anyone who uses your brand identity without joint cooperation.
  5.  On the other hand, the brand is one of the company’s most important assets and its value increases over time with the increase in revenues it generates, which enhances investment opportunities.

Therefore, it has become necessary for all entrepreneurs to verify all the conditions and requirements for registering a new and distinctive trademark as a first step in the procedure of establishing a company in Dubai


Conditions for registering a trademark in Dubai

Trademark registration services include preparing a brand profile, which consists of three elements:

  1. Design the distinctive logo and its official color list
  2. Data about the products or services that the company will provide
  3. The company’s vision, goals and mission

Note that the preparation of the trademark registration file is carried out in accordance with the conditions of the Ministry of Economy and Trade, which stipulate:

  • The mark must be clear and original, meaning that it is not similar to another mark that is already owned by other people
  • It does not contain names or geographical data that could create confusion about the country of origin or source of the service
  • All data attached to the mark must be returned to the applicant, and if the data of another person is usedwhether his name, title, picture or logo, his approval or the approval of the heirs must be clarified.
  • The use of marks that translate the names of well-known trademarks in other countries is also prohibited.

Some company founders face questions that may cause them problems in the future, so here are the most important questions regarding trademark registration services in the UAE.


Trademark registration in Dubai

When registering trademarks, you must know what can be registered and what is in violation so that you can avoid them and not be exposed to any legal problems.

The distinctive design of a trademark is considered to be a name, word, signature, drawing, symbol, seal, image, or logo that is coordinated in specific colors, provided that it does not conflict with the conditions of previous trademark registration, taking into account that there are some symbols and connotations that cannot be Use them to register a trademark in the UAE, such as:

  • Marks that do not have a distinctive characteristic or character, or carry symbols that are contrary to public order.
  • Symbols of the red crescent or cross, national and foreign decorations, or official currencies.
  • General titles, familiar drawings, ordinary pictures, or a picture of a person without his consent.


Who can register a trademark in the UAE?

Registering a trademark in the UAE is open to a diverse range of entities, including:

  1. Individuals: Any person can register a trademark to protect their unique identity.
  2. Unions: Trade unions and similar organizations have the eligibility to register trademarks.
  3. Companies: Whether small businesses or large corporations, companies can secure trademark protection.
  4. Legal Institutions: Entities falling under legal frameworks, such as law firms, are eligible for trademark registration.

Under UAE law, once a trademark is registered by an individual, union, company, or legal institution, any products or services offered by them receive full protection. This legal safeguard ensures that the registered trademark is respected and cannot be infringed upon by others within the specified categories. This comprehensive protection mechanism encourages individuals and entities to secure their trademarks, fostering a secure business environment in Dubai and the wider UAE.


Documents required to register a trademark in Dubai

To legally register trademarks in the UAE, there are several requirements stipulated by UAE law that will protect your company name and your private identity.

Here are the requirements for registering a new trademark in the UAE and the basic documents:

  • Black and white brand image.
  • A copy of the passport for the applicant.
  • Brand profile.
  • A copy of the commercial license.
  • A priority document for protecting the mark.
  • A legal power of attorney authenticated by a notary and certified by the United Arab Emirates.
  • If the mark is registered in any other country, the relevant documents must be submitted.


In addition to some other documents that vary depending on the following cases:

First, for individuals:

A scanned copy of the passport and current residence address are attached, and proof of personal identity may suffice in the absence of a commercial license.

Second: For companies:

For any business company applying, the articles of incorporation, a scanned copy of the passport of the person authorized to sign, and the approval of all founders of the company to authorize this person to register the mark are required.

Third: For foreign companies:

Applicant companies must submit a copy of the certificate of incorporation, and only the passport of the person authorized to sign is approved as a representation of all the founders.

After we learned about the most important requirements for registering a trademark, you must know the steps and costs of trademark registration services in the Emirates.


Steps to register a trademark in Dubai

A trademark registration application in Dubai must be submitted through the website of the Ministry of Economy or the Department of Economic Development as follows:

  • Open the list of electronic services on the Ministry of Economy’s official website and choose to request a trademark registration.
  • Fill out all required written data fields, attach electronic documents in PDF file format and confirm sending the application.
  • The application will be reviewed within 30 days from the date of submission and a response will be made with approval or rejection, noting that:If the application is rejected, the reasons for the rejection will be explained to solve the problem and the registration will be re-registered, and the applicant has the right to appeal within 30 days. In the event of approval to register the mark, the issuance fee is paid and the mark is published in two local newspapers, one of which is published in Arabic.
  • After completing all publishing procedures, the final registration fees are paid and ownership of the mark is confirmed.


Trademark registration fees in the UAE?

The cost of registering trademarks in the UAE depends on several items that vary depending on the trademark category:

  • Fees for inquiring about the mark to ensure its exclusivity.
  • The application filing fee (1000 dirhams) is fixed for all categories.
  • Publication fees in the Trademarks Magazine (1000 dirhams).
  • The cost of publishing in local newspapers is due to newspaper fees.
  • Final registration fees vary depending on the category of the mark and start from 1,070 dirhams.

Trademark registration in the UAE is done through the Nice International Classification. Trademarks are classified into different categories. These classifications help you choose and register the trademark legally and correctly.


What are the trademark categories in the UAE?

The UAE Ministry of Economy uses the Nice International Trademark Classification, which requires choosing between two main categories of trademarks: the category of products or services. The registration application may not include more than one main category, and it is not permitted to amend the trademark category after its approval.

Under each main category, there are several sub-categories, numbering up to 45 classifications, depending on the type of products or services provided by the company. More than one sub-category can be chosen for a single brand. Examples of sub-categories for brands include: trade, advertising, tourism and hotel services, professional services, And others, and you can learn about them in detail through trademark registration services offices.


The importance of trademark categories in the UAE

Your trademark category explains the tasks and powers of the company and the products or services that can be provided. Accordingly, it is easy for you to determine the stages of company development and choose the most appropriate investment for your company. Note that trademark categories are updated annually by the WIPO World Organization, and from them you can obtain the necessary recommendations regarding the development of A list of your products or services.


What is the difference between registering a trademark under one class or multiple classes? Which one is better?

The preference for registering a trademark in the Emirates under one sub-category or multiple categories is due to the size of the company, its legal position, and its financial solvency. We cannot say that a single or multiple sub-specialization is better, because the priority of preference varies from one case to another.

Some of those wishing to establish a company in Dubai are foreigners who are not residents of the UAE, and therefore they find it difficult to follow the trademark registration process. Therefore, using a specialized trademark registration company is your best option.


How long does a trademark registration take?

The registration period depends on the pace of the procedures, which often ranges between 3-6 months from the date of submitting the application, depending on the size of the organization and the required documents. In all cases, the duration of trademark registration in the Emirates does not exceed one year.


How to inquire about registering a trademark?

Trademarks can be inquired about through the official website of the Ministry of Economy or the Department of Economic Development, by logging in and then indicating your application number or trademark to obtain the required data.


When is the trademark renewed?

UAE law stipulates that a trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of registration. Renewal takes place after the expiry of the period. It is preferable to pay the renewal fees in the last year. In the event of delay in renewal, UAE law gives a period of 3 months for renewal with a small fine.


What is the validity of trademark registration in the UAE?

The duration of trademark protection is legally estimated at about ten years only, calculated from the date of submitting the registration application, not the date of recognition of the mark. After ten years have passed, the owner must request renewal of the mark again. In the event of non-renewal, the mark is deleted from the commercial registry for non-renewal. Note that trademark activation fees are paid every year.


What document is submitted after registering a trademark?

After completing the registration of the mark, the owner receives a document bearing the mark’s registration number, the name and business address, copies of the mark’s conformity, a statement of the category of the mark and the products or services assigned to it, as well as the number and date of the international right of priority, along with the date of submission of the application and the date of registration.


Is it permissible to assign the trademark?

Ownership of a trademark may be transferred to another person or institution, but this must be noted in the UAE Trademark Registry, and the transfer of the trademark must be announced in accordance with the recommendations of the Executive Regulations of the Trademark Law.

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