Ways to invest in Dubai

Ways to invest in Dubai – Real estate investment is a recognized long-term investment in Dubai, and since 2002, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates has become a hub for real estate investors. Before committing to researching how to invest in Dubai, the investor is searching for how to invest in Dubai, a safe real estate investment in Dubai.


How to invest in Dubai

Residential investments in Dubai generate rental returns for investors and are a popular option. In 2017 alone, 69,000 real estate transactions were made in Dubai, exceeding a total of AED 285 billion. In 2016, total deals reached AED 259 billion through 41,766 deals.

Another outlet to invest in Dubai is investing in the hotel real estate market. The investor purchases a hotel room, and since the room is occupied by guests, the investor receives regular rental income. Investing in hotel properties in Dubai is a solid investment option.

This is because the tourism industry is on the rise and continues to hold a larger share in the country’s GDP every year. Hotel investment in Dubai is also a fully managed asset class. Therefore, the hotel management company is responsible for maintenance, advertising and other day-to-day matters.


Ways to invest in Dubai


The best places to invest in Dubai

One of the primary factors when choosing an investment property is its location. This may determine the amenities close to the property and is therefore an important aspect that investors should consider before deciding to invest in Dubai. Investing in a property in Dubai near landmarks, such as Dubai Marina or Business Bay, is a popular choice among new investors. Some of the best locations to invest in Dubai are offices, malls or tourist sites nearby.

Why miss the opportunity to join some of the world’s most successful investors? Investments in Dubai have never been more beneficial.


Investing in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina is a thriving business center with grounds decorated with eye-catching towers. According to Property Finder, it has consistently ranked number one since 2011, as one of the most searched areas for properties. Many people on business trips or short trips prefer to stay in Dubai Marina.

Besides the water views, Dubai Marina is a leading choice when it comes to investing in Dubai as it is located close to the commercial offices of Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. This attracts many business people who prefer to be close to their workplace and in a prestigious neighborhood that offers many community amenities and the famous Dubai Marina Walk.


Investing in Business Bay and Downtown Dubai

Home to the world’s tallest tower and largest shopping mall, Downtown Dubai’s landmarks are world-famous, attracting millions of tourists and visitors year after year. Business Bay, as its name suggests, is the business hub of Dubai. These areas are located in central Dubai, and are two of the main tourist destinations in the United Arab Emirates. Both locations have great potential if you are interested in investing in Business Bay, Dubai or Downtown Dubai.


Investing in Barsha Heights (Tecom)

Formerly known as Tecom, Barsha Heights hosts multinational corporations and 500 companies, which include BBC World, Microsoft, HP, CNN, Reuters, CNBC and others. The area includes an abundance of hotels and residential buildings suitable for anyone seeking to invest in Dubai. It is the best choice for visitors, because it is located in the heart of “New Dubai” and is considered a business center.


Investing in Dubai Sports City

Dubai Sports City was launched in 2003 as Dubai’s sports hub, hosting academies for golf, cricket, hockey, football, swimming and rugby to name a few. Close to Dubai’s main roads, and just 15 minutes from the much-anticipated Expo 2020 pavilion, this is a preferred choice for investors as millions of visitors are expected to arrive in Dubai for Expo 2020.


Investing in Jumeirah Village Circle

Jumeirah Village Circle is one of the fastest growing locations in Dubai, and is also located a short drive from the Expo 2020 Pavilion and Dubai’s major business attractions. In the first three quarters of 2015, it ranked second in terms of commute rates in Dubai, and is only 20 minutes from Al Maktoum International Airport.

According to the Bureau International des Expositions, Expo 2021 will attract millions of visitors to the country. JVC’s central location is expected to increase demand for hotel rooms during and after Expo 2021, boosting investment in Dubai.


Real estate investment in Dubai

Choosing a reputable developer is just as important as investing in a good website. Investing in Dubai with a company that is well known in the region and offers the best investment opportunities is crucial. After choosing the right real estate asset class, optimal location, and the right developer or hotel management company, an investor can be sure that you are making a safe investment in Dubai.


Ways to obtain a visit visa for a family member in Dubai

Sometimes we may have to leave our country and our families in order to pursue our dreams and travel to another country that provides better opportunities that suit our ambitions, such as the opportunities offered by the Emirate of Dubai in particular and the United Arab Emirates in general, as many people want to search for work in Dubai.

However, we miss our loved ones who are miles away from us, and sometimes we cannot travel and leave our work to see them. Therefore, the Emirate of Dubai provides the possibility of requesting a family visit visa that allows the concerned family members to visit you in Dubai and enjoy spending a quality time at the tourist attractions in Dubai. Therefore, we will review how to obtain a visit visa for a family member in Dubai, step by step, to help you bring and see your loved one at any time you want.


Steps for issuing a family visit visa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues family visas to residents who wish to bring a member of their family or a friend to visit the Emirate of Dubai. In order to issue a family visa for visit or tourism, it must be requested from one of the licensed travel agencies, airlines, or even approved hotels, and you must inquire about the validity of a visit visa. Family and its type before applying for it, as the types and cost of obtaining a visit visa for a family member in Dubai vary.


Types of family visit visas

We can classify the visas designated for family visits according to the validity period of the family visit visa in the Emirates, as the short-term visa is available and gives its holder validity for only 30 days, while the duration of the long-term family visit visa is 90 days.

We advise you, dear reader, to check the validity of your family visit visa periodically to avoid any problem or legal accountability. A transit visa and multiple entry visa are also available. Visitors and tourists in the UAE can request an extension of the family visit visa and all types of entry permits (long or short) for a period of 30 days, and only twice, without the need to leave the country.

The fees for extending entry permits and tourist visas are 600 dirhams for each extension, and the renewal application must be submitted before the expiry of the previous visa’s validity period. Violators who exceed the visa period without renewing it according to the rules and at the specified times will be subject to a fine of 100 dirhams for each day of delay, imposed 10 days after the expiration of the entry permit or visa, and the extension date is calculated from the expiration date of the previous entry permit.


Documents required to obtain a family visit visa

Those wishing to visit the UAE must prepare some papers and documents that do not differ depending on the duration of the visa, which are:

  • A clear copy of the sponsored person’s passport, valid for a period of no less than 6 months
  • A personal photo of the sponsored person
  • A valid employment contract for the sponsor
  • A certified and valid rental contract
  • A copy of the sponsor’s passport with a valid residence permit
  • Proof of kinship


Fees for obtaining a visit visa for a family member in Dubai

In this section, we will cover the fees for obtaining a visit visa for a family member in Dubai in the various ways that we mentioned previously. You can issue a 30-day tourist visa for 270 AED, while for a long-term family visit visa, which has a validity of 90 days, the fee for issuing it is 750 AED. You can also view the types of residency in the Emirates to learn more about the types of residency issued by the United Arab Emirates.

It is worth noting that visa and residency laws are constantly changing, so we advise you to always check with the UAE embassy in your country before you travel. One of the things that may interest you when searching for a visit visa for a family member in Dubai is the Tawajodi service for residents of the Emirates, which aims to facilitate the safe return of residents to the homeland. And complete ease in cases of crises and emergencies.

You can also check the golden residency system in the Emirates, which allows residency in the United Arab Emirates for a period of 5 years or 10 years, depending on the specific conditions and categories. In order not to confuse the matter, dear reader, you should check the difference between an entry permit and a residence visa.



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