Ways to invest in the Emirates

The UAE is considered one of the first profitable investment countries in the world, which was proven by its Economic Development Authority when it gave it first place in 2019 in the world in successful investment, as it has become now. Whatever your ability or financial budget to invest your money in, there are many services in it and many requirements, and it has also become… An essential immigration center for skilled workers, which enables them to achieve the best field of investment.


Ways to invest in the Emirates


Why is investing in the UAE a continuous success?

The UAE has many advantages that make it the first country in global investment. This is due to its possession of several features that make it the first country in successful investment in the world. The most important of these features are the following:

  • Regarding the strategic location:

The UAE has an excellent strategic location between the East and the West, making it fully prepared to attract the majority of investors to it. It is considered the most important emerging global market, and it is also considered a center for various major and basic business centers in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and North America as well.

  • For advanced infrastructure:

The UAE has the most advanced infrastructure in the Arab world, which makes it a successful investment. This is due to the dedication of huge capital working to strengthen its infrastructure, to achieve the UAE Vision 2022 and achieve successful investment.

  • For various business facilities:

The UAE has many diverse facilities in all fields, including the diversity of shopping centers, various commercial towers, and multiple industrial areas such as the Jebel Ali area and the free zone. All of these places make them a successful investment. These facilities also work to establish businesses and establish companies, and according to the activity and capital available to them, It is possible to establish any commercial activity or establish an investment company in the Emirates in various regions of the country.

  • Regarding political stability:

The UAE is considered one of the most politically stable countries. Although most Arab countries are now in a state of multiple revolutions against all regimes, it enjoys stability and stability politically, and all of this is what makes it a source of attracting money and making it a successful investment, as it is a country in which there is security and security, and this stability helps to Establishing a company in the UAE.

  • Regarding social stability:

The UAE is considered one of the most important countries that have social stability and does not have any social problems, even in terms of the crime rate. It is considered the only country where the crime rate is very low, almost non-existent.

It is also characterized by the availability of multiple entertainment means, which makes investing in it in any field a successful investment, which also provides various means of work to allow the establishment of investment companies. It is a very comfortable country for anyone who wants to reside there, and the UAE government is working hard to provide ways to obtain residency. And investment in the Emirates.

  • Regarding ease of doing business:

The UAE was ranked the best country in facilitating and facilitating economic business in 2019. It also ranked first in the world in successful investment, and this also made it first in receiving successful investment and is considered one of the largest countries in establishing investment companies.

  • Regarding the protection of intellectual property rights:

The United Arab Emirates is distinguished by the fact that it puts intellectual rights first and is concerned with preserving them. It stipulates laws to protect all intellectual rights and prevent piracy, which leads to the distortion of any investment in any country, and this leads to all areas of investment being successful.


Steps to establish a company in the UAE:

Whatever your financial capacity or financial budget, you can now establish any project or provide any investment service in the Emirates due to the multiple needs of the country there and the ease of providing ways and means of establishing investment projects, but you must go through several basic steps in establishing a company in the Emirates, which are as follows:

Determine the nature of the company’s activity:

Determining the nature of the company’s activity is one of the most important procedures stipulated in UAE law for establishing companies in the Emirates. It works to facilitate procedures for each activity and then determines the parties associated with this activity and what the permitted legal form is.

The permitted economic activities in the UAE are numerous and vary, reaching approximately 2,000 economic activities. Economic activities are classified into three main types:

  • Commercial activity.
  • Professional activity.
  • Industrial activity.

Determine the legal form of the company:

Here we come to talk about the legal form of the company to be established. This form depends on the nationality of the company’s owners, and the type of company that you plan to establish in the Emirates, and they are as follows:

  • Solidarity Company.
  • Limited Liability Company.
  • Public joint stock company.
  • Private joint stock company.
  • Civil works company.

Regarding trade name registration:

The trade name when establishing a company in the Emirates is what distinguishes any license from another, and it is also related to the form and activity of the company. This name is achieved by several conditions that are stipulated and applied by the Department of Economic Development in the Emirates to the trade name before it is finally approved, namely:

  • The trade name does not contain any inappropriate words in the country.
  • The trade name does not violate public taste and country specificity.
  • The company name (trade name) must accurately and clearly reflect the business activity.

Regarding obtaining initial approval:

After completing the definition of the company’s commercial activity, its legal form, and knowing and registering its trade name, you must now obtain initial approval for its establishment from the competent authorities to practice your economic activity for the company and follow up in order to obtain the approval of the authorities related to the activity.

Regarding preparing the articles of incorporation and choosing a location for your business:

Conducting or preparing the designated contract consists of bringing the articles of incorporation by agreement between you and the competent authorities. You must also choose a location to establish a company in the Emirates. To conduct your business in the established companies, they must have an existing physical address located in the Emirates, and this location must meet the company’s specific requirements. In addition to having an existing and active license.

Regarding obtaining approvals from the authorities concerned with the facility’s activity:

Some commercial and investment activities and projects that take place in the Emirates require obtaining some additional approvals from the regulatory authorities and the competent authorities for those projects concerned with them, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, or approval from the Civil Defense if the activity is related to the activities of selling firefighting equipment, etc. …

Regarding obtaining the license:

After completing all these previous steps to prepare and establish a company in the Emirates, you can now receive the activity license after attaching many of the required documents, including the economic development steps and paying the fees for obtaining the commercial license for establishing companies, and then registering in the Chamber of Commerce as a member.


Costs of establishing a company in the UAE:

The costs of establishing a company in the Emirates are limited to several expenses, which are as follows:

  • The price of a commercial license (a license to practice business)
  • The price of the office location or the company through which you conduct business, regardless of whether it is rented or purchased.
  • The purchase price of items related to the furniture and decor of the office in which you conduct your business.
  • The price for obtaining work permits for sponsored employees and obtaining the required visas for them under the name of your new company.
  • The price of opening a new bank account in a bank in the name of the company and depositing the minimum capital according to the type of your business activity.
  • The price of the cost of the legal form of the company, meaning that it is commercial, industrial, or professional, has a fundamental role in determining the cost of establishment, so the costs of establishing industrial companies are higher than in establishing commercial and professional companies.
  • The price of obtaining a commercial licensein the Emirates and obtaining it.


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