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  1. Visa Quota Approval
  2. Job Offer Contract and Signature
  3. Work Permit: Approval of Application
  4. Employment Entry Visa

You might have to get an external approval whenever your business is somewhat handling or serving the subsequent industries: oil and gas, banking, insurance, some financial activities, legal consulting, some construction and engineering activities, road transport activities, telecommunications, fire-arms and defense, governmental or semi-governmental activities like mass cultural events, health and veterinary, mass media, publishing and a few other. Sometimes there could be a difference between the wants in obtaining an approval be it ministry, police, municipality, or other governmental body in several emirates – but beat all – the previously mentioned areas will certainly require additional approval everywhere within the UAE.

  • General Power of Attorney.
  • Specific Power of Attorney (in relation to litigation, receiving dues, follow-up on transactions, vehicles, commercial licenses, real estate properties, shares and endorsements of signature).
  • Declarations (monthly income, no objection certificate for travel, title deed acknowledgement, receipts, waivers).
  • Mortgage Contracts (commercial property, moveable assets).
  • Sales and Purchas Contracts (in relation to shares and boats).
  • Private Employment Contracts.
  • Service Agent Contracts and ancillary documents.
  • Settlement and reconciliation agreements, joint venture agreements, memoranda of understanding and undertakings.

Law No. 13 of 2011 states that the Department of Economic Development will be the body answerable for the regulation of economic movement for all organizations outside the free zones. DED’s responsibilities include licensing, classification of economic activity permitted within Dubai, issuing trade permits for marketing activities, and setting business work hours. The law also builds up a one-window system with a single entry managed by DED for giving licenses to organizations and dealing with investors.


Every emirate in the UAE has its own General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (recently called Department of Naturalization and Residency) to deal with immigration, visa, and entry permit related issues; look for and secure overstayers and illegal immigrants, and issue and renew UAE passports for UAE nationals. Most residents of the UAE are not immigrants in the typical feeling of the word (which means those wishing to move to a nation, settle there, and acquire citizenship of that nation), but resident exiles with a UAE residence visa (or permit) that permits them to live in the UAE for a while (normally 2 or 3 years between renewals, sometimes 1 year). For all issues to do with permission to visit and live in the UAE, contact the significant Immigration office in the emirate in which you live or plan to live. In the case of visiting the UAE, contact the immigration office of the emirate in which you expect to arrive. Note that Al Ain isn’t an emirate, it is a city in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Note also that although immigration rules are federal, they are not applied reliably in each emirate. Sharjah particularly seems to do their own thing.


Long term employee assignments in UAE require a work permit (also known as a Labour Card), and there are multiple detailed rules that have to be followed.  Some of these steps will take place prior to the employee entering the UAE, while others can be taken after arrival. Once finalized, a work permit is typically valid for two years.

For employment outside the free zones, there is no need to secure a work permit prior to traveling, but an entry visa on arrival must obtained. When the worker lands in UAE, an Employment Entry Visa is collected from a desk prior to the immigration checkpoint, which is valid for 60 days while the work permit is being processed.   

Here is a breakdown of each of the stages for obtaining the Entry Visa, as well as securing both a work permit and residence visa in the UAE. Estimated processing times are listed, which can total up to 40 days from start to finish.


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Companies typically use the subsequent two (2) sorts of powers of attorney:

  • General Manager power of attorney
    This type of power of attorney is granted by the owner(s) of the corporate to the general manager of the corporate to authorize the general manager to manage the day-to-day affairs of the company. This power of attorney also lists the specific transactions that the general manager could also be authorized to undertake on behalf of the corporate to make sure smooth operations.
  • Special power of attorney
    A special power of attorney is granted by a corporation to an employee or a 3rd party in situations where the corporate requires the individual to hold out specific transactions such as signing contracts or sale of assets.

As per the law of Dubai, Dubai Municipality or DM Dubai corroborates the method of approving the offices to be established within the Dubai region. There are various requirements and documents that require to be submitted before you’ll get any Dubai municipality approval. The first thing which will be put into inspection by the Dubai Municipality is the building in which the office is to be set and the purpose of the office. Dubai Municipality will cross check the legality of the building and the purpose of the office before getting to other documents.


Dubai Visa Types

  • 48-hour visa
  • 96-hour visa
  • 14 days Single entry short-term visa
  • 30 days Single entry short-term visa
  • 90 days visit visa
  • Multi entry long-term visa
  • Multi entry short-term visa

The first official step in obtaining a trade license is to reserve a trade name and obtain an initial approval from the Department of Economic Development. Getting an initial approval is an integral part of the setting up a new company in Dubai.

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