While setting up a business in UAE, there are a series of mandatory documentation, processing and legal affairs that might be time consuming and gruesome. Even though Dubai is a country that welcomes entrepreneurs and their startups, proper legal documentation for every business is imperative. From approvals to collecting visas, application submission to signatures and stamps, Alghaf Golden Business Group is here to take all the stress off from your shoulders through efficient and expert PRO services in Dubai .

Businesses in Dubai have a dedicated set of legal requirements to be up and running. A thorough understanding of the local laws, procedures and guidelines is indispensable to get every last documentation to be done right. By delegating Alghaf Golden Business Group to manage your Business setup works in Dubai , you are speeding up your entire business setup timeline efficiently. We will analyse your business structure and get you the required licenses to operate in Dubai.

Some of the most common PRO services in Dubai are:

We analyze your business to identify the type of services offer, business structure and license type. There are three sets of jurisdictions to set up a company in Dubai which the three has a different sets of rules.

Why Choose Alghaf as Your P.R.O Partner in Dubai?

The main objective of Dubai PRO services is basically government Liaison services. Astrong and solid business idea with proper knowledge of admissible business prospects, trendsand practices in Dubai is obligatory. By choosing Alghaf Golden Business Group as your PRO,you are getting adept services and guidelines to set up your business in Dubai.

    1. Save your Time and Money:
      To be engaged in the PRO procedures, one should have to endure a great deal of hassle if one is completely ignorant of the endorsements and the administrative work. Alghaf will handle your PRO works, you are saving yourself to hire in-house PRO division. In this case, you save your time, money and just be focus with your business.
    2. Hassle-free and Timely Delivery:

      By working closely with the Dubai government, our professionals will ensure that your approvals and clearances pass through without any delays. Master administrations are devoted to structure the work process, organized appropriately and react effectively. Our diligent PRO will craft the workflow effectively and will ensure a proactive response to every communication necessary.

How Our PRO Services Will Benefit Your Business?

Alghaf Golden Business Group has extensive knowledge in the legal procedures and government rules to set up a business in Dubai. Every business needs professional P.R.O service to support them with collecting all the right documents so that they’re always on the right side of the law. Our expert panel will guide you with visa and business procedures, public relations services, and other government-related processes. With a collective experience of more than a decade in the business setup in Dubai, we craft excellent P.R.O strategies and solutions for your business.

Business Setup in Dubai

Setting up a business in Dubai is your dream? Not sure where to begin? Then, we are the answer Alghaf Golden Business Group has got your back to make your dream into reality.


The primary and the most relevant question when it comes to setting up a business in Dubai is ‘HOW?’. Being in the business of helping startups and enterprises to set up their business in Dubai, we’ve got a great deal of network, knowledge and experience.

Here’s the procedures:

1. Finding A Sponsor

The first step for every company formation in Dubai is to find a local sponsor who will be your service agent in UAE. Your sponsor can be an individual (UAE national) or an organization that is completely owned by UAE nationals and will be a silent partner in your business. An agreement issued by your sponsor is essential in maintaining your business exercises.

2. Setting Up the MOA (Memorandum of Association)

The next step is to set up a MOA (Memorandum of Association) which states the major workingconditions like the main purpose, capital investment and issuance of shares of your organization.

3. Acquiring a Primer Endorsement and Trademark

Getting a primer endorsement by authenticating the MOA at DED, Dubai is the next step. Choosing a business trademark that leaves an impression on the business world and registering it with DED is really important. Alghaf Golden Business Group offers these legal services along with our company formation in Dubai.

4. Finding an Office Space

Office space is essential to get your business license in Dubai. The office space can be a business center office, virtual office, flexi desk and etc. The workplace occupancy or possession contract fills in as the evidence for an enlisted office address.

5. Acquiring Trade License

Applying for your trade license based on your business is the next step. The Types of Licenses are Industrial License, Professional License and Commercial License. Presenting the necessary documents at the DED and Commercial Registration Department Dubai and directly pay the license fee. Once the processing and documentation are done, you will receive your Business License and your business dream in Dubai turns into reality. The experts of Alghaf will guide you through every single step and will take care of the formalities at the authorities for your company formation in Dubai.

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