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Dubai Mainland The Ultimate Hub for The Software Business



Software Hub Business Activity Includes firms specialized in computer systems software design, implementation, operation and maintenance based on analyzing the user’s problems and his/her need for economical solution and the programs necessary for realizing such a solution, it involves designing application software designed to run on smartphones and mobile devices.


Software Hub Business Activity is listed with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai and Grouped within the Consultancy – Management, Information and Marketing as a professional license.

Although this Activity allows companies to Design specialized computer and smart phones systems for all businesses without any restrictions of specific categories.


To give you a small example, a company with a Software Hub business activities can design a Computer Software and/or an application for a hospital to keep data and records of all their patients with their Medical Reports. This helps the organization to keep clean records of all data and provides an express ways of retrieving data without going back to the classical way of filing.

Of course the Classic filing is important to keep records, but the specialized programs will help having instant access from any location depends on the capacity and features of such program.


Majority of Businesses established in the Dubai mainland rely on some Software Programs to organize the data and keep records, hence, The Software house license is one of the good business ideas that can be established in Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates according to the unique benefits that can provide to established companies out here.

The Dubai Mainland Structure is always recommended to avoid having any restrictions with Office Location, Geographical Activity and sectors…etc

The Registration process of the Dubai Mainland Software House starts and ends within the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Having a Limited Liability form is more secured for all Dubai Mainland Businesses, and always recommended to reduce and limit the liability of companies.

Process of the Software House company starts with the Name Reservation, regular approvals, initial approval, followed by the office rent, Memorandum of Association and license issuance accordingly.

Make sure always to satisfy the government authorities with clear documentation to avoid any possible delay with the registration of your new proposed business, get in touch with alghaf golden business setup today.


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